Child Support Confirmation Letter

After divorce, depending on the situation the Court Orders the father of the children to Support them even if they are living with their mother separately. The court examines how much Money the child or children will need in order to make a Good Living and orders their father to provide that figure as a Monthly Allowance. This allowance is called Child Support. In particular cases, the mother of the children is asked to Confirm if the children are receiving their child Support Fund from their father. The Letter that the mother writes to a particular department to confirm this Allowance is called the Child Support Confirmation letter.

Brief description of Child Support Confirmation Letter:

It is a rule in most of the countries that when you divorce your wife and you have kids and you are the father of those kids; you are required to support them and provide for them even if you don’t live with them anymore. This is done just to make sure that even after Separation of their Parents, the kids live a Proper Life and they are provided with Enough Money for their studies and other needs. It depends on each particular situation that what amount the court orders to the father to pay as Child Support i.e. it depends on how much the Father earns and if the Mother also works full time or not.

Later, there are many Situations when you are asked to confirm that you pay the Child Support Allowance and as the Legal Guardian and mother of your children, you are asked to get a signed letter from your ex-wife indicating that your kids are getting child support money on monthly basis. Then, the mother of the children writes this Child Support Confirmation Letter and verifies that she is getting money from her ex-husband to support the children.

Sample Child Support Confirmation Letter

To whom it may concern,

My name is Catherine Donald and I am the mother of Judy McKay. I am divorced and because my ex-husband Jeremy McKay filed for the divorce, court ordered him to pay Child Support for our daughter. I am writing this Letter just to confirm that my ex-husband is making all the Monthly Payments on time for the past two years and he has never delayed any payment. As per the orders from the court, he sends me payment of $1000 per month in my bank account with # 8825-342-5322-5-534. He always deposits the above said amount around 2nd or 3rd of every month.

I have provided the Account Number with the deposited Payments and the dates so that if anyone wants to verify, it’s made easy for that person. Please note that this Letter Confirms to the human rights department that my ex-husband Jeremy McKay is supporting our daughter with the Monthly Allowance that was ordered by the court and has never created any problem for me or our daughter.


Catherine Donald

Date: 25 August, 2015