sample condolence letter

Sympathy and Condolence Letter

There is nothing more painful in the world than the death of someone you really loved or spent a lot of time with. That person can be a friend, relative, close family member, or someone you know from work. Death is a reality of this world and everybody will have to face the death of his loved ones and friends. We can’t run from the pain we feel in our hearts when someone we really loved died. That person, who has died, is free from the world and its problems but his family and remaining members have to deal with the tenderness after him and in that situation, they need their surrounding people to encourage them and stay along with them in their hard times. As we know that happiness increases as we share it with others and pain decreases when we discuss our problems with our close ones that’s why when a family is grieving from the death of one of their member, it’s very important to say a few words to them to make them realize that in this hard time, they are not alone and there are thousand people out there who loved that person as much they do. Also, people say condolences and sympathies not only when a human being dies but also when a family pet dies. For example when you hear that your cousin’s family has lost their dog due to an accident; you say sympathy sentences to share their sorrow and support their kids in their hard times.

It’s not an easy thing to say condolences or sympathies by face so people use to send out sympathy cards to the family members who have lost one of their members. You can find a number of cards in a bookshop and choose according to the occasion and your relationship with that person and his family. For example, if your friend’s father has died, you will choose a different sympathy letter as compared to a death of a pet of your work buddy. As this letter shows that you really cared about that person and still do, it’s better to design this letter on your own. This is not a difficult job and the surviving family will feel more sympathy if you spend some time with the letter and handwritten it instead of getting a printed one. You can also add a poem, sympathy quotes, or a beautiful memory with the one person that will keep his family warm for a while. Also, some people use to send special gifts with sympathy cards such as flowers or something else.

General guidelines to write a letter of sympathy and condolences:

  • Start with buying a condolence card or colored paper if you want to design it by yourself. You should choose the letter or color scheme just according to your relationship with that person and his family.
  • This letter is just a way to stand alongside a family in their hard time so it shouldn’t be too long and one side of the paper is enough.
  • Start the body of the letter by telling how you know the person who died and what your relationship with him or her was. It’s best if you don’t use words like dead, murdered, or suicide because it will again remind them of everything and that’s only the opposite of the purpose of the letter.
  • In the second paragraph, you share your good memories with that person. If you don’t know that person, you can add a sentence such as “I wish I knew your grandma because she seemed a very good person.”

Finish the letter by adding a line such as “He/she will always be remembered” or “It’s not possible to forget such a nice person”.

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sample condolence letter

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Sample Excuse Letter

Sample Excuse Letter

Right here are six excuse letter examples that you can recommend to, anytime you have to current 1 in school or work. These examples for jury obligation, ‘absent around school’ as well as ‘absent from organization’ can make your work a lot simpler, the following time you require to post them. Maintain them useful!

An excuse correspondence is generally anticipated from an individual who has all of a sudden skipped each day or even more of work. This letter is a proof and/or validation for deficiency, in anticipation of becoming comprehended. The correspondence is a proper notice of the deficiency, from the absent individual, stating time and purpose for his/her deficiency.

Types of Excuse Letters:


  1. Excuse Letters for Business

A worker is anticipated to post this letter in case he/she all of a sudden stays absent from his/her working day at work. If you are a worker, this letter will be a proper notice to your employer stating the explanations for your absence. Keep in mind, you require maintaining the letter brief, and do not consist of particulars that are not required. Pointless particulars can make the letter shed its official contact, and allow it to be look unprofessional. Right here are a couple of examples that you can refer to whilst distributing your personal.

  1. Excuse Letter for Jury Obligation

This letter for jury obligation can be offered in two situations. 1, if you are the one who is invited as being a juror or two, if your worker has been invited as being a juror. In each the situations, you are politely decreasing the excusing yourself from the obligation. This letter generally entails expert company writing, and does not require the addition of every other paperwork. It is only an easy 1 web page drafted correspondence. If you are writing the correspondence for yourself, inquire your business if you can reveal the companies particulars. Right here are two examples for jury obligation that you can undergo.

  1. Excuse Letter for Absent in College

A baby can skip his/her college for a quantity of factors. The most typical 1 is when the kid is not maintaining nicely. This could occur unexpectedly, because it nearly always does. As soon as the kid resumes college, he should current an excuse correspondence for his absence from college, stating the length and purpose for his/her deficiency. Excuse letters for lacking college are anticipated to be created by the mother or father or guardian. This letter serves as being an official notification, inquiring the category instructor or principal to generously excuse the kid for these working day(s).

At 1 stage or an additional, you may require the assistance of these excuse correspondence. These examples will certainly be of assist at the moment, and can make your job of getting ready an excuse letter easier. I really hope these letters had been of assist to you. Now, you understand when and the way precisely, you are intended to, or instead anticipated to, post them.

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Sample Excuse Letter

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Sample Good-Bye Letter

Probably the most difficult and painful thing in life is to say good bye to someone you really love and can’t stay away. But at some point we all have to deal with this kind of tender yet necessary situations which just make us sad and lonely. Although we know that our loved one is going away from us but it’s harder to say good bye in person as compared to a written letter because this way you don’t have to bear the pain of seeing him walking away from you and the thought that you can’t stop him. This separation may include a few days trip to a year of stay due to work, study or some family conflict. The message in the letter depends upon a number of factors like your relationship with that person, span of his or her stay and the reader’s age too. If your cousin is going abroad for further studies you can’t use a letter you wrote to your girlfriend when she was going out to visit her grandma.

People use the good bye letter besides family relations like when one of your teammate is going to another country or just resigned from the job and going away forever or when one of your female work friend is getting married and can’t continue her job, you write good bye letter to those persons. Although here the letter is used inside the workplace but the nature of the letter is still informal and personal so there is no need to make it formal or official. These types of farewell letters are not only written among young people but teenagers and youngsters also use to write these letters to each other. For example some kids write good bye letter to their friends at the last day of school and sometimes they make it more beautiful and hard to forget by adding a sweet, chocolate or a flower with the letter.

General Guidelines to write a Good Bye Letter:

  • The most important thing is that it’s not a business document so there is no need to use a letterhead or computer to compose it.
  • Although there are thousands of designs you can find in a bookshop but it would be better if you spend some time and design your own letter. It will be less fancy than a readymade one but this shows how much you care about that person you are writing to.
  • You can always use a trick to make it less painful such as making funny drawing randomly in the letter or just reminding the reader about a funny memory that made you laugh even in tough times.
  • You can use poems or quotes but it’s recommended to use your own words and copy paste only important things.
  • It’s already a very hard and complicated situation so don’t make it more difficult and straight come to the point. There is no need to write a dense and lengthy paragraph just to say that you are going to miss that person or you wish if he or she could stay a little longer with you.
  • Finish the letter with your own words such as “I will always remember you” or “Its hard to imagine a life without you in it.”

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Sample Good-Bye Letter

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Get Well Soon Letter

This is an informal letter written to your friends, relatives and your loved ones who you care about the most and want to say a good luck wish to them so that they get well soon and stay healthy after. There are no definite rules or regulations to write this letter but the written material inside this letter totally depends upon your relationship with that person. For example if it’s a close friend, you can use something else besides just wishes such as jokes or some previous memorable moments or you can also discuss about addition in your family like a new born baby or a wedding. Although the get well messages vary according to the relationship with the receiver but if it’s a close friend or a family member, it’s easy to pour your thoughts on the paper as compared to a person who is just a work buddy from your office.

Wishing that ill person is also whole other story in which you have a number of choices such as you can use a poem, a quote or just your own words that truly describes your feelings towards that person and show the real sensitive side of you. There are a thousand of websites out there where you find number of poems and quotes according to the relationship and situation. For example if that person is one of your cousins and got injured during a soccer game, it won’t take him long to get recover and discharge from the hospital so you wish him good health according to the frankness of you with him but if he is your brother or sister and having the same injuries, the situation is different here and in the letter you are sending him or her, would be more close and easy going because there is no need to obey rules in this type of close relationship.

People also fashion the get well letters with flowers, extra wish cards, a gift or box of chocolates to show that the receiver is very important to them and they really care about him a lot. Unlike older times, now you find a variety of get well soon cards in a bookshop which means you don’t have to write an extra handwritten letter and you can just put the poem or quote on the readymade card. There are special flower bouquets which are made to send with a get well letter but you can design one by your own choice and imagination and keeping in mind the choice of the person on the other hand too like if he likes roses or tulips or some other type. You can find very cute gifts like teddy bears or Barbie dolls to send with the letter to cheer up the ill person if he is a small kid of some piece of jewelry like a bracelet or watch if he or she is a grown up.

How to write a Get Well Letter:

  • This is not a formal letter so it’s not necessary to make it formal like by using a company letterhead or typing on computer. You can use a colored or designed paper with various pictures like flowers or cartoons. If the reader is a child you can also fashion it with glitter or extra stickers.
  • Put the date on the top of the letter and start with proper salutation like “Dear” or “Sweet” and after that use only the first name.
  • Start with “Hi” or “Hello” and start the body of the letter. You can make it real simple and short or spread it up to two to three pages totally depends upon your choice and your relationship with that person.
  • To make it sweeter, you can draw pictures like little starts of hearts on the letter too at different points which will brighten it up.
  • After wishing him soon health or best wishes to stay healthy, you can discuss other things too such as little incidents happened to you or your family or some other relative like weddings or births.
  • Finish the letter with something like “Yours sincerely” or “Best wishes”.
  • It will be more beautiful if you add a little note at the end such as “P.S. I love you.”

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Sample Get Well Soon Letter

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Apology Letter

Sample Apology Letter

As we are all human and we are meant to make mistakes and we can’t change that however if we have done something wrong intentionally or unintentionally, the thing we can do is to apologize for our behavior or act. Although it’s not easy to say sorry to someone even if you love them very much or it was entirely your fault, sometimes it’s just so hard to down yourself in front of that person and make him realize that he was right and it was only you who did wrong. Sometimes even if it’s not our fault, if we love the other person we apologize just to make the things right again as they were before. Sorry is just an act to show the other person that you care about him more than you ego or self-respect but it’s still so hard to face that person. That’s why people use apology letters in which they show that they are really sorry for what they did and they really want to make everything okay once again so they are apologizing so that the other person forgives them and gives them another chance to prove that they are not going to make the same mistake again in their lives.

When you have a chance to make things better by writing an apology letter, you shouldn’t wait too long and just do it. There is a saying that “there is no need to say thanks or sorry in a relationship but sometimes these are the two words that save a dying relationship”. Although it would be really better if you apologize personally but sometimes it’s just not possible to meet that person so you write him or her apology letter. In this letter, you describe the situation about what happened and why did you do what you did, actual reasons of your bad behavior or mistake and other factors or persons involved in that situation. After that you write about your situation after that incident as he or she is not talking to you or listening to you. Then you apologize and promise that you will not do that act or make that mistake again in your life.

General Guidelines to write an Apology Letter:

  • It’s an informal and very personal letter so keep it that way. You don’t need to type it or compose it on computer but we recommend you write it by hand as it makes it more emotional.
  • Before you start writing the letter, think about the things or factors that you are going to discuss or provide in the letter.
  • Address that person properly and with love so that he does read the entire letter and doesn’t just throw it away the moment he sees your name.
  • It’s not a good idea to start explaining yourself in the very start but you have to start the letter with saying that what you’ve did, was wrong and you are really ashamed about that. Keep the first paragraph on apologizing and showing that you are really sorry for what you did or what happened due to you.
  • Once you have proved that you are really sorry, start to provide some fact or things that led you to that mistake in the second paragraph. Here you can smoothly state that it was also a fault of another person or thing like you were drunk that time or someone else forced you to do that.
  • In the third paragraph, you state that it won’t happen again and you will be extra careful from now on. In this part you also state that you are sure that the addressee will forgive you and everything will be alright one again.
  • Finish the letter with some good deeds and at the end, put your signature and close the letter.

Sample Apology Letter:

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Apology Letter

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Reunion Letter

Sample Reunion Letter

It’s a sample letter written by one to his family members, friends or former classmates to meet after a long time. A person who wants to meet his relatives or friends arranges a party and sends out invitations to let them know that he wants all of them to be at his place to catch-up after a long period of time. Generally reunion letters are sent out to former classmates to meet and sit together to see who is doing what and what’s new with everyone. Once you have passed your high school or graduate school, there is no way that you stay in contact with your friends continuously once everyone is spread in different states or countries. And reunion is probably the most appropriate to thing when you want to sit with those friends to share your life events with each other. Although it’s not possible to invite each one of your class fellows but you by this letter you invite most of them. You organize a party at some beach or club where you meet all that friends, remember all the memorable moments to spent together in the past, listen to each other’s stories and have fun for a while. It’s a tradition in most of the countries like America or England where classmates provide their permanent addresses to each other at the end of the school so when a reunion party comes up, they get invitations.

A reunion party can be inside a family too where only family members and close friends are invited at some ceremony like birthday of a kid or to celebrate engagement of your child. Also there are many other social events when you can send out reunion letters to your relatives like Christmas, Easter or thanksgiving. This would be such a nice occasion when family members from all the states or other countries have a chance to meet, sit together, eat dinner and share their stories with each other.

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Reunion Letter

General guidelines to write a reunion letter:

  • The first paragraph should contain such words that immediately attract the reader’s attention. If you are sending invitation by email, it’s better to start the letter with good-looking words so no one thinks it’s just a junk mail. You can talk about the fun you had at the last reunion or a joke that is very famous among your friends. You can also talk about a member in your house or in your family and welcome that child with a poem or something like that. There is no need to be formal in these types of letters and you can use as simple language as you want.
  • The second paragraph should contain all the information necessary for the reunion party. Here you include the time, date and the place where the party is going to be organized. If you have decided to make it a costume party, include that here that every guest has to wear a different kind of clothes or have to become some personality. If the members are supposed to put money at the end of the party or bring a dish of their own choice, include that too.
  • Finish the letter by asking the guests to participate in the party. If you have planned to play games or something like picture boards, ask for their assistant. Also ask if they have any other ideas to make it more fun and remind them to send those ideas 2 to 3 day before party so there is enough time to schedule.

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Grievance Letter

Sample Grievance Letter

Grievance letter is like a complaint letter which is written to the employer, head of the department or the owner of the company about dissatisfaction, on job problems, misbehavior of an employer or employee or sexual harassment by an employee. This is a formal letter and a routine work in business world. Most organizations deal with this type of letters on daily basis where they take effective actions and eliminate that employee’s problems and dissatisfaction. If an employee feels that one of his employer or head of the department doesn’t give him respect that he deserves or some other employee at the work misbehaving with him, he is immediately asked to file a report to the management. Management then form a committee which investigate the whole matter and presents a conclusion is the complainer is right or wrong and if he or she is actually having problems or not. When a lot of people with different ages, genders, religions and colors work together in a workplace, they are supposed to have misunderstandings and disputes among each other and it’s totally normal if they any of them can’t stand the other one. At that moment if the issue between then is not resolved, this problem affects the whole organization and its progress so it’s a immediate duty of the supervisor to take notice of that problem and try to solve it as soon as possible.

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Grievance Letter

Some of these disputes and problems are little and harmless like if someone has ate you lunch, you tell that to your supervisor who then warn all the workers to not to do this type of thing again and as a punishment to the convicted person, he asked him to give money to the victim so that he can buy a sandwich or a hamburger. But there are some problems that are quite serious and affect the whole organization and force other people to take a second and think about it. Problems such as sexual harassment are very serious and sometimes can ruin the whole career of a person. When men and women work together under one roof, it’s possible that they have issues and misunderstanding which sometimes comes out in form of sexual harassment cases. These cases are often filed by female employees against one of their teammate or their employer. When a female worker realizes that his employer is taking advantage of his gender and wants her to do a little more for him, she is immediately required to file a complaint against him by sending out a grievance letter to the administration. Unlike other disputes and issues, this particular issue can take as much time as months and even a year because once the grievance letter has received, it’s now a problem of the court and law enforcement agencies to investigate the whole incident.

General guidelines to write a grievance letter:

  • The first and most important thing is to analyze the whole incident carefully and think if it’s a genuine case and it’s not result of a big misunderstanding. Such as in case of a sexual harassment complaint, you better realize if that person really came on to you or was he drunk at that time and unconscious. Once that thing is clear, you can write the letter.
  • Also you have to realize that what the seriousness of the matter is. If someone just used a bad word, you can’t blame him that he actually assaulted you or if someone just tried to hug you, you can’t say he was going to rape you.
  • Start the letter and without any useless or unnecessary information or irrelevant detail. Straightly come to the point and discuss the problem in detail. Explain it as much as possible and don’t miss anything which means you have to add everything which is relevant.
  • If you have hired a lawyer, discuss that here and if you didn’t, ask for a lawyer too and the company will get one for you.
  • At the end provide a few suggestions to solve the matter or a way of settlement which will help both of you to get over this problem in no time.

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Sample Farewell Letter

A farewell letter is the best way to say goodbye to someone you love or know for a long time and it would be very difficult to live the life without them. Saying goodbye and seeing someone walking away from you probably for the rest of your life is not an easy thing or might be the most difficult thing to do in life. This letter provides you a way to do this without actually standing in front of that person and this letter also serves as a personal document to remind that person for the rest of his life that you are really going to miss him and it will be a tough thing to fill his shoes. Life is so uncertain that we can’t predict the next moment even if we have planned it for years but you know what, this is the beauty of it. Sometimes not knowing something is the best thing and passing the moment is easy this way. There are number of ways that you can use to send this letter such as you can give it by yourself, use the mail, compose  the message on computer and send it through email  or use a phone to text the draft of the letter.

There are number of occasions when you are required to write this type of letter. Some of them are casual and doesn’t involve much consideration or emotions but the other would be very hard to handle. If one of your colleague is retiring, got terminated, changing the career or just want to take a long break, you are required to send him a farewell letter to support him at that time and to make him realize that he is not alone and you are standing right in the side of that person. There will be times when one of your old and close friend will go to another city or country for study, job or research and the duration might varies from a few weeks to permanently. It won’t be an easy thing to say goodbye to that person without dropping some tears and won’t be easy to write a letter according to the situation as well. But you have to do this, you owe this to your friendship and you have to give a farewell letter to that friend to remind him for the rest of his life that you will keep him in your heart for the rest of your life.

The situation will be much tougher if the going away person is one of your family members i.e. aunt, uncle, sibling, parent, child or your spouse. It is not a casual thing to see the  person walk away from you either for a short period of time or for the rest of your life, the person who you spent a life time with and you never imagined what your life would be like if that person is not with you. Writing the letter in this situation is toughest of all kinds and you can’t do this in one sitting. It could happen that you write a few lines and when you can’t bear the emotional pain you stop writing and do it after a few hours in another sitting. There is no easy way to do this but it would be a little easy if you know how to do this and what steps you are supposed to take when writing a farewell letter. Some of those steps are as bellow:

General guidelines to write a farewell letter:

  • The situation is already very hard and complicated, so don’t make it more difficult. Keep it simple and short.
  • Start the letter with a proper salutation and full name of that person.
  • In the first paragraph, you describe that it’s really hard and depressing that he or she is going away and you can’t imagine what it would be like without them.
  • You share some good memories with them, the moments that you two spent together and the great things about your relationship.
  • Close the letter by saying good luck to them for their new journey and the new life they are about to start. Advice them to keep in contact with you via phone or letter. put your name at the end and close the letter.

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Sample Break Up Letter

So you are about to break a relationship but feeling hesitant to tell your partner. Do not worry as you can write break up letter because it is a right way to break the news and explain the reason of break up. It will prevent you from worst question like “Why” because it is breakup is really hard to do. No one feel pleasant after breakup and it is a sad process that can diminish pleasure of every person. It is an effective and soft way to blow of a break up and to give some closure to your ex-partner. Through this letter, you can provide useful information to your ex-partner so that he/she can read and reread it at the time of need.  It is written by middle scholars or people in rude relationship. It is important to remain honest about your feelings and be clear about your reasons.

Tips to Write Break Up Letter

Break up letter is important for that person who wants to end an abusive relationship. Following are some tips that will help you to write an effective break up letter:

  • If you want to write an effective break up letter then it is essential to brainstorm your ideas and thoughts on a rough paper. Write reasons of your split up but use nice and polite tone while writing everything. It will be good to include some nice and important things about your ex-partner. Write good qualities and write the role of this person in your present and future life.
  • Although you can opt for typed break up letter but it will be good to write handwritten letter to add more personalized touch to your letter. Use formal tone and address him/her followed by date at the top of the letter. Commence your letter by writing that you have strong feeling, you should not date any longer. Use blunt and gentle tone while keeping your letter to the point. Do not try to confuse reader because any mix emotions and messages can disturb her.
  • Write that your romantic relationship is over now followed by the reasons of your split up. Try to be as gentle as possible and avoid blatant rejection terms such as “I do not wish to live with you, You are of not my type, You dumped me” etc. Use softer language like “we will better be friends; It is not good for us to live together” etc. Write positive qualities in the letter and state some incidents where you can enjoy together.
  • Conclude your letter with complete description and write your views about this relation in future. Write everything honestly and try to end your relation in friendly note. If you want to turn your relationship in friendship then write it in your letter. Give him/her options either he/she want to accept your friendship proposal or not. Do not force for another relationship and give him/her some time to think about it. Give him/her open choices for the future.

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Break Up Letter

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Dispute Resolution Letter

If we describe resolution in simple words, it means to change something i.e. method, procedure or strategy. When a company or business wants to make some differences in the office related to either planning or employees, it issues a letter which states the needs and rules of changes and this official notification is called a letter of resolution. This letter is prepared by the head of the department or the owner of the business but mostly a board of directors issues this type of letters. This letter explains the present situation of the company, currently ongoing strategies, the need to implement new or improved methods and the way this will be done. This is also a way to tell another company or business partner about the changes you are about to make in your business which will affect their business too and you two may need to renew the agreement you signed to do some mutual business. Most companies are divided into several departments and each department is assigned its own tasks. When the company wants to change something or implement new rules, it’s difficult to inform every person in the company so the superior or central management issues the letter of resolution to each department of the company or a specific division if the resolution is not for the entire company and then that department informs it’s employees about the changes and rule of everyone in this procedure.

There are several reasons out there for issuing a resolution letter and some of them are discussed here. A company writes the resolution letter when it wants to resolve a problem by consensual agreement. When a specific strategy is going to be implemented in the company, it needs to be addressed, accepted or rejected between all the departments. This is a standard procedure to make sure that the soon to be implemented strategy is righteous for the company and it won’t have any bad impacts on any section of the company. Although you are making changes in one department, it will affect the entire organization so it needs to be told to each division. On the other hand, company writes this letter to the owner(s) of the company when it wants to convince them for the implementations and to get their permission to start the project.

A company can’t always operate on its own and eventually it has to involve one or more businesses to continue the working. In that situation when two or more companies do business together, they sign an agreement which contains the rules and regulation for each one of them so that they have definite and same goals to achieve. When one of them realizes that his methods are not up to date with the market or there is something needs to be changes in the company, he is required to inform the other partners about that problem and the change to get their permission. This is very important because may be after implementing new strategies; those companies won’t continue doing business together. That’s the reason that they are informed by a resolution letter and called for a meeting to discuss the in hand agenda to avoid any misunderstanding or conflicts in the future.

General Guidelines to write a Letter of Resolution:

  • Consider the drafting before writing or composing the letter as it’s an essential part of writing this type of letter. You can get help from libraries, books, grammars and dictionaries to make error free draft of the letter. it would be a good idea to assign more than one person to create several draft and then you can make the final one by choosing different factors or points from each of them.
  • This is an official document not a personal letter so make it short and clear. There is no need to discuss anything useless or irrelevant to the ongoing issue. As you keep it clear and concise, the reader won’t have any difficulty understanding it and you won’t have to explain it to each one of them personally or on telephone.
  • Every country or state has its own laws and regulations which are also applicable on organizations and businesses so support your decision with those rules and ensure the reader that you have thought through everything and there is nothing against the law. If you have got any legal document permitting you to implement the change, attach that with the letter too.
  • This is not a love letter to your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend so you better use a company letterhead and type the letter instead of handwriting it. This way the letter appears more official and will be considered with more seriousness.

If you have attached a number of additional documents with the letter as proof or just to support your decisions, make a list of them at the end of the letter and close it.

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Sample Dispute Resolution Letter

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