A confirmation letter is a formal letter which is sent in return to validate a spoken agreement. Mostly it’s a business letter but individuals also sent this to each other to confirm a meeting’s time, location and date or as a receipt of an item that you have received earlier. When we discuss a confirmation letter in business world, it’s a letter to confirm an appointment with a visitor, client or business partner, or to confirm an inside meeting in the company to discuss problems or new planning which is decided but only orally with no written document and this letter is just to make this meeting or conference an official thing for the future record. Companies also send this letter to the newly appointed employees to officially let them know that they are hired and need to join the duty as soon as possible.

The key purpose of a confirmation letter is to make sure that both parties in a deal are on the same page and there is no confusion among them. This letter serves as the most important piece of record when it comes to a conflict between two business partners to clarify who is guilty and who is innocent. Inside a company, when superiors call for a meeting either with inside staff or outside clients, they just say it verbally but their assistants are supposed to prepare official documents to inform them and to confirm the time, date and location of the meeting. Once the meeting is over, again the assistants are required to create documents to use it as evidence in the future in case of any misunderstanding.

When you send an order to a vendor or supplier, the receiving party is supposed to check if they can provide the asked items or services and once they have confirmed, they are required to send back a confirmation letter to the buyer to let him know that he will be provided with the needed stuff at the time. This is an obvious thing that when two people deal with each other, it’s not possible always for them to meet personally every time so they communicate with help of documents like letters or order details and as you know there is no proof of what a person said at a specific time or what he agreed to do, the confirmation letter bounds them to stick with the plan. For example when you have asked for a couple of equipment from a supplier, he sends you a confirmation letter to seal the deal. After that if he delays the shipment or cancel the order, you can sue him and use this letter against him in the court.

How to write a Confirmation Letter:

  • As this is a formal letter and mostly use only in business world, it’s very important to use company letterhead to make it official.
  • It’s vital to use proper salutation and address the reader with the most appropriate respect that he deserves.
  • This letter must contain all the needed dates, time, locations and agreement details like terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Any specials rules or regulations that will be applied in specific circumstances are also needed to discuss here.
  • If you have received the items or products that you have ordered before and you are sending this letter to your vendor, use a sentence like “I am very happy to confirm that I have received the items or the required services are delivered according to my needs.”
  • Close the letter with a proper greeting and good bye such as “Take care” or “Regards”.

Here is a sample Confirmation Letter that confirms a job offer,

Sample Confirmation Letter

Here is download link for this Confirmation Letter,

Download Sample Confirmation Letter

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