request letter for salary certificate

Sample Request Letter for Salary Certificate

There are many occasions and situations where an individual is asked to provide proof of his income or salary. For a business owner, providing his income statement is not a problem because he is running a business so he surely has all the paper work in order. On the other hand, a person who is earning monthly salary has a lot to deal with before he can get his income statement. If an individual needs his or her salary certificate, that individual is required to write a formal letter to his employer or HR department requesting the salary slip for a previous month. Request letter for salary certificate is used for this purpose and it is exactly what the name suggests; a formal request to get salary statement for a particular purpose.

Important uses of Request Letter for Salary Certificate:

Salary certificate is one of the important official documents that are used in professional careers. The first example of using a salary certificate is when you apply for a loan to the bank or a loan company. Hundreds of individuals apply for loan i.e. house loan, automotive loan, student loan and business loan on daily basis but the bank doesn’t approve all the requests. Instead, they go through each applicant and see if he will be able to pay back the loan on time. When an employed person applies for loan, the only way to understand his financial strength is to see his monthly income i.e. salary statement.

Another very common scenario to use a salary certificate is when you apply for a job and you ask for a certain salary figure i.e. 50% more than your current salary. The employer or the company doesn’t simply give you your desired salary but they first evaluate your worth and if you deserve the salary that you want. One way to know this is by seeing current salary certificate. For instance, if you are currently earning $5000, you can easily ask for $6000 to the new employer but the same salary figure won’t be possible if your current salary is $3000. Key focus is put on the net receivable salary when someone writes a request letter for salary certificate.

Getting an apartment or renting a residential place is very difficult these days. If an apartment becomes vacant, there are dozens of applicants who go for the same place. The landlord or the owner of the apartment takes great care scrutinizing the applicants and then he finds the most suitable tenant for the apartment. A very common method of evaluating an individual is by asking him for the salary certificate. For instance if an individual rents an apartment with $5000 monthly rent, how would he be able to afford it with a monthly income of $6000? This is what the landlords and owners check before accepting a tenant.

Key Elements of Request Letter for Salary Certificate:

  • Name of the person writing the letter
  • Name and other details of the recipient
  • Date of writing the letter
  • Subject stating the main purpose of the letter
  • Formal request to issue salary certificate for a specific period
  • Reason(s) for asking for the salary certificate
  • Specific time period of the certificate i.e. past 6 months
  • Particular format in which the certificate is acceptable
  • Signature and closure of the letter


Sample Request Letter for Salary Certificate


 Rendell Carter

Manager HR

Sigma Enterprise Pvt Ltd.

Date: 5th December, 2021


Subject: Request for salary certificate


Dear Mr. Carter,

This is Stephanie Huppert from marketing department. I am working at this company since past 3 years as an assistant manager marketing under supervision of our HOD Mr. Japer Lloyd. With this request letter for salary certificate, I am formally requesting you to issue my salary certificate for the past 6 months. Approval of Mr. Lloyd is attached with this letter.

Last week I applied for home loan and yesterday I got the email from the bank that in order to consider and precede my loan request, they need to see my salary slips first. As they explained, it’s important to see if a person earns good money and he or she will be able to pay back the loan with interest on time. They can only verify it with the income statement and a guarantor.

I found an old friend at the same bank who will vouch for me and will be my guarantor but still I need the salary slips to present to the bank. My employee code is SE56982 and my salary is $3200 without any deductions and taxation. In the salary certificate that you will issue me, my gross salary, added bonuses and compensations and deductions will be mentioned after which net salary will be calculated.

It was advised by my colleague that HR department doesn’t issue salary certificate upon informal request but one has to write a formal request letter with the approval from their HOD to the HR department and then they will consider issuing salary slip. I have attached required documents here with the request letter for salary certificate and I have explained the reason for requesting the salary certificate. Hopefully there won’t be any problem. It would be a great favor from your side if you can process my request and issue the salary slips within next 2-3 days.

I am hoping to hear from you very soon.





Stephanie Huppert

Assistant Manager

Marketing Department

Employee Code: SE56982

request letter to transfer to another branch for family problems

Sample Request Letter to Transfer to another Branch for Family Problems

Maybe you are used to working in a company that only has a single branch or office but having multiple branches within the company is a very common trend. Along with many benefits, this factor allows the employees to move to another branch while staying within the company. Keep in mind that this transfer is not something anyone can do occasionally but there are strict rules and regulations to follow.

It’s possible that an employee or worker finds it difficult to keep working in a particular branch because of personal issues i.e. medical condition, traveling situation, or something important at home i.e. a sick family member. If this happens, they have the option to contact their manager, explain their situation to them, and request them to be transferred to another branch either in the same city or a different city. This is done with the request letter to transfer to another branch for family problems.

Importance of Request Letter to Transfer to another Branch:

In any office or workplace, there are lots of moving parts and the work of one employee is interconnected and dependent on the responsibilities of other employees and workers. Because of this and many other reasons, employers and supervisors usually don’t allow employees to shuffle in between the different branches and offices. Instead, if someone finds it impossible or difficult to work in a particular branch or if he finds working in another branch more convenient, they can request their supervisor to consider their transfer request.

In the transfer request letter, the employee explains why he wants to move to a different location and if there is anything in particular that is bothering him. By explaining the reasons, the employee makes it easier for the supervisor to understand their situation and help them by recommending the transfer to the HR department or higher management. You should understand that if you want to transfer to another branch because of a family issue or problem, it’s not certain that the HR department will agree with you. In this case, you need your supervisor or manager on your side who can convey your story to the higher management and help you win the situation. Sitting with your supervisor and explaining the situation to him is one option but it’s always better to write the formal letter and make the transfer request official.

Key Elements of a Request Letter to Transfer to another Branch:

  • Name and other details of the receiver
  • Details of the organization
  • Date and subject of the letter
  • Proper introduction of the employee
  • Explanation of the reasons for moving to a different branch
  • Enlisting the facilities, opportunities or benefits one can get after transfer
  • Formal request to transfer to another branch
  • Details of shifting the work to another employee during and after transaction
  • Ideal timeline or requested timeframe to finalize the details

Sample Request Letter to Transfer to another Branch


Patrick McCabe

Manager accounting

CC: HR department

Twin Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Date: 20th December, 2021


Subject: Request for transfer to another branch


Dear Sir,

With this letter, I am formally requesting you to consider my transfer from head office to twin tower branch. I am writing this letter to explain my situation and to allow you to understand why it’s important for me to move a different location.

I have been working here at this branch for the past 5 years and it’s very convenient for me to commute from office to home and home to office. Since last month, my mother is having health issues and she is all alone at her apartment. I tried asking my brother and sister to stay with her until I find a better solution but they have refused.

At this moment, her neighbor is taking care of her but she is not in a good shape either so I can’t rely on her for long term. I need to go and stay with my mother and take care of her. I am very well aware of the medical condition she has and in case of any emergency, I can attend her until she is attended by a doctor or a nurse.

The work I do at this branch is something that is not limited to here only but a part of it involves input from other branches as well including the twin tower branch. Luckily there is someone at that branch who has resigned last month and she will be leaving next week so there is a vacant spot there for me.

I am sure that you will understand my situation and will provide your support as always. I am surely going to miss working under your supervision and will remember you and thank you at every step of my career because of the knowledge I gained from you and the abilities you helped me to gain. If you accept my request, kindly contact the twin tower branch HR department and let them know about the transfer so they can complete the paper work as soon as possible.




Neil Patrick

Executive procurement officer

Twin Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Salary Request Letter

Your cover letter for an employment application is the very first and foremost doc that will reach your ‘to be employer’. Consequently, as being a job hunter, it gets to be essential for you to compose down some of your important info that provides the employer an outline of what you are and just what you precisely plan to do in the business? One this kind of essential info to be talked about properly in the cover correspondence is the salary necessity.

Definitely, aside from academic skills, experience and understanding, salary specifications of an applicant is the purpose, an employer appears for! Usually, salary specifications shouldn’t be created in the cover letter. Nevertheless, it is usually much better to consist of it when the companies inquire to achieve this and never mentioning it would direct you to denial of your job application, regardless of how smart and certified you are for the placement!

Methods for expressing Salary Demands in your Cover Letter

As stated before, talking about wise and appropriate salary demands is very important, while submitting your cover letter. The below outlined ideas would support in this regard

  • Figuring out your Salary Necessity

Of course, cash is this kind of a factor, with which we’d by no means be happy and we’d like to estimate a really higher quantity! Nevertheless, this is the company globe. Consequently believe properly and logically prior to estimating your salary necessity is a wise thought. In the outset, carry out a marketplace study and know the present salary amounts for the placement you are appointed on.

  • Placing it on the Letter

Now, any time you have determined your salary specifications, place it in the shape of a range. Point out a particular variability of your salary necessity, which is neither as well higher for the employer nor as well compact for you. Place something which evidently appears satisfactory to for important things. State your estimate correctly. Don’t wait, if you believe you are qualified for the submission!

  • Be Versatile

This is an additional stage to be comprehended. Becoming as well company or insistent on your salary stage, may dissatisfy the employer. He may be prepared to recruit you, but when you adhere to your stage and when he finds it weird, he’ll be powerless and may shed curiosity in your application. Consequently, to steer clear of this kind of a scenario, point out the salary variability is flexible and you are prepared to talk about it in the private job interview.

  • State your Higher Anticipations from the Business

Show your trust in the business. I understand it is a little early to display your believe in in the organization, as you have not even satisfied your company! But, your trust in in the business in this early phase would show helpful things to you. Consist of statements that express your higher anticipations from the employer as well as the salaries provided by the business are honest and affordable.

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Sample Salary Request Letter

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Sample Letter to Landlord Requesting for Repairs

When there is some damage to the property that is rented by a tenant and it needs maintenance and repair works, the tenants are legally obligated to inform the landlord about this matter and ask him to hire a professional contractor or handyman for repair and maintenance services. The letter that is written to the landlord by the tenants in order to inform him about the repair works is known as the letter to landlord requesting for repairs. It depends on each scenario if the tenants will pay for the repairs or its responsibility of the landlord to pay for the expenses.

Brief description of letter to landlord requesting for repairs:

It doesn’t matter how careful are you and how you take care of the property that you rented, eventually there will be some repair works required on the building for example, broken plumbing, broken bathroom or kitchen fixtures, door looks, wall paint, electricity, switch boards and many other things. These are the areas or elements in a building that are frequently used by the tenants and eventually they need repair works or maintenance services from a professional contractor or handyman. According to the tenancy agreement, the tenants and landlord agree that when there is any kind of repair work required on the building, the tenants will have to inform the landlord formally and he will arrange for a suitable contractor to provide the services.

This way the landlord can be satisfied that he has hired a professional handyman for the repair works and the tenants are satisfied that they will only pay for the agreed charges for the services. If either of them does something without informing other party, it can lead to a big dispute or even a law suit. This is why we can say that this letter is a very important legal document that can be used as a proof in any situation by either party i.e. landlord or tenant.

Sample letter to landlord requesting for repairs

Landlord name:
Street address:
City, State:
Postal Code:

Subject: request for repairs

Date: 17 January 2015

Mr. Adam,

As you can recall that when I rented this apartment, we both agreed on the tenancy contract that whenever there is any repair or maintenance work required for the apartment, I will need to inform you about it and you will hire a professional contractor within the price range that we both agree on. It’s been 3 days that the water heater isn’t working and me and my family is forced to use cold water in this freezing weather. So I am writing this formal request letter to you so that you can arrange for a professional plumber and evaluate what the real problem is and how much it will charge to repair it.

Also when we are discussing this matter, the kitchen sink is also leaking and it’s creating mold problem under the sink so you should ask the plumber to take a look at the sink too. As I agreed, I will pay for the repair services as long it’s not because of old equipment or expired plumbing fixtures that you are obligated to replace according to the tenancy agreement.

Yours sincerely,

Tenant name:


Letter to Former Tenant for Security Deposit Refund

A letter that is written from a former landlord to a former tenant with enclosing or returning him the deposit money that he submitted to the landlord by the time of tenancy is known as the letter to former tenant enclosing security deposit refund. It is very common and kind of mandatory that unless the landlord is satisfied and happy with the condition of his property in which the former tenant left the building or house, he has all the rights to keep the security deposit on himself and once he is satisfied, he can return the security deposit to the former tenant with this letter. It can be via a check attached with the letter or cash money enclosed in the letter envelop.

Brief description of letter to former tenant for security deposit refund:

Every state, city and country has its own laws, rules and regulations about tenants and landlords and usually these laws are different in each state and country but the most common law in tenancy is the one that allows the landlords to require security deposit from the tenants by the time of tenancy. Security deposit is very important for the landlords in many ways. For example, if a tenant refuses to pay the rent of next month, the landlord can simply deduct the rent from his security deposit and ask him to vacate the building. Or, if the landlord finds out that the tenant has done some damages to the building and he won’t pay for the repairs after vacating the property, the landlord can simple deduct the repair charges from the security deposit.

In every state and country, landlords have the right to keep the security deposit money on them until they are fully satisfied with the position and condition of their property and they can see that the tenant has done no damage to the property and it is safe to return his security deposit. After that, the landlord can simply call the former tenant and return him the deposit in person or he can just send him a letter including the check or cash for returning the security deposit. Once the tenant receives the check or cash of his security deposit, he no longer has the obligation to answer to the former landlord or pay him any kind of charges after that.

Sample letter to former tenant for security deposit refund:

Tenant name:
Street address:
City, State:
Postal Code:

Subject: enclosing security deposit

Date: 3 January 2015

Mr. John,

As we agreed in the tenancy agreement, I am returning you the security deposit that you submitted by the time of tenancy 3 years ago. When you left the property, I informed you that there are some damages to the kitchen cabinets and I have to deduct the repair charges from your security deposit.

So as we agreed, I have deducted $200 for the kitchen cabinet repair work and the rest of the $4800 is enclosed in the envelope via check. You can cash the check whenever you want.

I wish you a very happy future in your new house.

Yours sincerely,

Landlord name:


Request Letter for Interest Increase Rate Information

When individuals or companies come to know that the interest rate on mortgage, loan, FD or credit cards is increased in the market and every bank is increasing the interest rates simultaneously, it is really important for the clients to ask for new interest rates to the bank. In order to find new or increased interest rates, a client needs to write a formal letter to the bank manager requesting to issue him new interest rates so that he can evaluate his income and start saving more money for making loan payments to the bank.

Brief description of request letter for interest increase rate information:

Usually when an individual or a company gets loan from a bank, both parties agree that the bank will not increase the interest rate for a specific period of time i.e. 6 months or 1 year and after that, the customer will have to agree to the increased interest rates. This is a very important and essential clause in the mortgage and loan agreements written between banks and customers. The customers also agree to ask keep an eye on the market and when they find out that market has increased or changed the interest rates, they have the responsibility to write a formal request letter to the bank and ask for new interest rates. This way if the interest rates are increased, they can start saving more money to make their full installments on time for the mortgage or loan. For example, in agreement, the both parties agreed that the bank will increase the interest rate after 1 year and when 12 months are passed, it is responsibility of the customer to ask for new interest rates to the bank.

There are two ways that clients can find out increased interest rates; either by going in the bank personally or writing a formal request letter to the bank manager and asking him to provide new or increased interest rates on loan or credit card. Usually when a bank has big or very important clients, they inform them about the changed interest rates without them asking but in case of common or regular clients and debtors, the bank is not legally responsible to inform them but they need to ask the bank or find out the new rates by any other way available.

Sample request letter for interest increase rate information:

To: senior manager

National Citizen bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: information about interest rate increase

Date: 19 March 2015

Dear Sir,

I am using a premium credit card issued by your bank with number 98-213-1212-5534-112 for almost 2 years. Recently, I found out that banks in New York have increased the interest rates on all types of credit cards and I was just wondering if you also changed the rates or not. I am writing this letter to make a formal request o provide me new or increased interest rates of your bank for premium credit and debit cards.


Kerry Watson

Credit card number: 98-213-1212-5534-112


Request Letter for Funds Transfer Between Accounts

When individuals or companies want to transfer money within bank accounts either in the same bank or different banks, they need to write a formal letter to the bank authorities requesting for the transfer of funds in the provided accounts. This formal application for funds transfer is known as the request letter for funds transfer between accounts. Usually when small funds are transferred, the letter is enough where on the other hand, when huge amounts are transferred, it is mandatory for the account holder to come in bank personally and authorize the transfer in front of the bank manager.

Brief description of request letter for funds transfer between accounts:

As an individual and holder of a salary account, you may think that it is not very often that a person needs to transfer the funds from one account to another account but for professional account holders and companies and organizations, it is more often than you think. When clients pay the companies or when the businesses pay money to their suppliers, they issue the checks very rarely and usually the funds are transferred from one account to another account without taking out money and bringing it out in open. This is a much safer and secure process for companies that transfer millions of dollars. Also when there are global clients available, it is not possible to send the real paper money to foreign locations so companies transfer the funds within bank accounts.

To initiate the process, the account holder needs to send this formal request letter to the bank for transferring the funds. If it’s a small amount, the bank verifies the account holder via telephone to transfer the funds. On the other hand, when a huge amount is to be transferred to a foreign account, the account holder needs to be in the bank personally in order to authenticate the transfer. It depends on particular situations and amount of funds being transferred that if the bank manager requires seeing the proof of business conducted between the companies for legal reasons and tax requirements.

Sample request letter for funds transfer between accounts:

To: senior manager

West Canal bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: funds transfer within accounts

Date: 14 March 2015

Dear Sir,

I am writing this request letter to you in order to transfer the amount of $150,000 from my account to another account in another branch of your bank. As you asked before, I have attached the details of both the accounts (detail of account that the funds will be transferred from and the details of the accounts to transfer the funds into). I have promised the client that the funds will be transferred within 24 hours and I hope you will cooperate with me to fulfill my promise. As you can see, it is a huge amount of money so if you need authentication, you can talk to me on my official contact number or let me know if I need to be presented in the bank by myself.


Thomas John

Account number: 8901-146976-19571-1981-007


Request Letter to Block Lost Credit Card

It is possible that even if you take care of your credit card very good and keep it safe, it gets lost. You may lose the card in subway in crowd or in movies when entering the theater or just by placing it somewhere in the house and not finding it later. Whatever the reason is, it is very important that as soon you realize that your credit card is missing, you report to the bank and ask them to block it. This way if someone finds it, he won’t be able to use it or make purchases with it. Afterwards, once the card is blocked, you can get a new one with some money. In order to make the formal request to block your credit card, you need to write the application letter to the bank and ask them to block it as soon as possible.

Brief Description of Request Letter to Block Lost Credit Card:

It is very often that people lose their credit cards either in house or outside somewhere. This can be because you don’t take care of your purse and lose the card or because you forget things around and can’t find them afterwards. In either way, you should understand that it is not a good idea to just forget a lost credit card and not making a formal complaint to the bank to block it. There are many ways to use a stolen credit card and if you don’t take care of this problem, you will end up paying for the purchases that you didn’t even make. This is why it is really important that as soon you realize that you can’t find your credit card, you write a formal request letter to the bank asking them to block the credit card and issue a new one for you. In the letter, you need to describe how you lost the card along with the pin number to block it and your home address where the bank can send the replaced card.

Sample Request Letter to Block Lost Credit Card

To: Senior Manager

Credit card department

Baroda bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: credit card blockage

Date: 9 February 2015

Dear Sir,

I am using a platinum credit card issued by your bank with the number 572-19571-5891349-1957 for 1 year. During this time, I took good care of the card but today, somehow I lost it. I don’t know if it’s still in my house or office desk but I can’t find it and there is no way to be sure that it’s is not picked up by any other person who can use it without my consent.

So I am writing this formal request letter to inform you about this problem and request you that please block my credit card as soon as possible and issue me a new one on your earliest convenience.

I hope you will take this problem very serious and do whatever you need to, to resolve this issue. I have given my current address where you can send the new card to me.


Patricia Thomas

Credit card number: 572-19571-5891349-1957