Sample new landlord introduction letter

Whether we talk about a residential building or a commercial property, there is always a landlord who takes care of the property and its tenants. This landlord is responsible for collecting rent from tenants, ensuring their safety, and stopping a violation so all the residents or tenants live by the rules and regulations. If the owner of the building wants, he can change the landlord anytime, and as soon the new landlord starts working, one of his key responsibilities is to introduce himself to the tenants. Usually, this is done by calling a meeting of all the residents and formally introducing the new landlord. Another method is to send a new landlord introduction letter to individual tenants of the building. This letter is written by the landlord where he introduces himself and talks about his previous work and employment a little.

Importance of New Landlord Introduction Letter:

Tenants and landlords work very close and they usually interact on regular basis. For instance, at the starting of each month, the landlord visits each tenant and collects the rent payments. Anything a tenant has a problem i.e. leakage in the bathroom, damage to the property, or just the fact he locked himself out of the apartment, they contact the landlord, explain their situation, and ask for his help. In most cases, a landlord is also the handyman of the building who can do small fixes and repairs.

Tenants who are used to working with a landlord might not like the idea that there will be a new person working on this position very soon. Some people might hate the fact that their favorite landlord is leaving without even meeting the new landlord and seeing if he is a better person. It’s the responsibility of the new landlord to formally introduce himself to all the tenants with this new landlord introduction letter. This is a way of telling them what they should expect, certain changes that are coming their way, and plans for the future for the betterment of the building and the residents.

Key Elements of New Landlord Introduction Letter:

  • Name of the recipient of the letter
  • Name and other details of the new landlord
  • Date on which the letter is sent
  • Subject of the letter
  • Formal introduction statement
  • Something about the previous work or employment
  • Personal achievements and accomplishments
  • Plans for the future
  • Ideas and suggestions for the benefits of the residents
  • Closing statement

Sample New Landlord Introduction Letter


Steven Hubert

Apartment# 24

2nd Floor, Pen Plaza Building

3rd Hudson Street, NY

Date: 17th December 2021


Subject: Formal Introduction


Dear Mr. Steven,

I am hopeful that you are doing well. With this letter, I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is Jimmy Campbell and I am the new landlord of this residential building.

As you know that the former landlord worked for almost 10 years and I am sure he had very good relations with all the tenants in this building and I would like to continue on the same good terms as well. I have worked as a landlord for my entire life and it’s my 3rd job. Previously I was located in New Jersey and before that, I was in Washington. Recently, my son got enrolled in Columbia University so I had no other choice but to relocate my family to New York.

While I was new to New York, I was looking for a job and luckily I met with Mr. Simon who is the owner of the building. During our meeting, I pointed out that I am looking for a job here and if he knew someone who can help me with the matter. He instantly expressed his joy and said that the position of landlord is vacant in one of his buildings and he would like me to start working for him immediately.

As you know that the previous landlord was also the head of the residence society but I want to change the selection. I want other residents to come forward and if they are interested, we all can run for the president’s position. This way if you vote for me, I will be the new president of the building and if someone else wins, he will have this position. While talking to the previous landlord, it came to my attention that he gave himself this position without the consent of other residents and I don’t want to do that.

During the first meeting with the senior residents, we all agreed that the voting will be held on the 23rd of next month so you will have plenty of time to interact with me and get to know me a little. Maybe you will like the way I handle my responsibilities and you vote in my favor or you might have a concern or problem that is bothering you about me. I would like to tell you that I take criticism and suggestions very positively so if you have anything to tell me, please let me know and I will see what I can do about it.




Jimmy Campbell

Permanent landlord

Pen Plaza Building

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