request letter to transfer to another branch for family problems

Maybe you are used to working in a company that only has a single branch or office but having multiple branches within the company is a very common trend. Along with many benefits, this factor allows the employees to move to another branch while staying within the company. Keep in mind that this transfer is not something anyone can do occasionally but there are strict rules and regulations to follow.

It’s possible that an employee or worker finds it difficult to keep working in a particular branch because of personal issues i.e. medical condition, traveling situation, or something important at home i.e. a sick family member. If this happens, they have the option to contact their manager, explain their situation to them, and request them to be transferred to another branch either in the same city or a different city. This is done with the request letter to transfer to another branch for family problems.

Importance of Request Letter to Transfer to another Branch:

In any office or workplace, there are lots of moving parts and the work of one employee is interconnected and dependent on the responsibilities of other employees and workers. Because of this and many other reasons, employers and supervisors usually don’t allow employees to shuffle in between the different branches and offices. Instead, if someone finds it impossible or difficult to work in a particular branch or if he finds working in another branch more convenient, they can request their supervisor to consider their transfer request.

In the transfer request letter, the employee explains why he wants to move to a different location and if there is anything in particular that is bothering him. By explaining the reasons, the employee makes it easier for the supervisor to understand their situation and help them by recommending the transfer to the HR department or higher management. You should understand that if you want to transfer to another branch because of a family issue or problem, it’s not certain that the HR department will agree with you. In this case, you need your supervisor or manager on your side who can convey your story to the higher management and help you win the situation. Sitting with your supervisor and explaining the situation to him is one option but it’s always better to write the formal letter and make the transfer request official.

Key Elements of a Request Letter to Transfer to another Branch:

  • Name and other details of the receiver
  • Details of the organization
  • Date and subject of the letter
  • Proper introduction of the employee
  • Explanation of the reasons for moving to a different branch
  • Enlisting the facilities, opportunities or benefits one can get after transfer
  • Formal request to transfer to another branch
  • Details of shifting the work to another employee during and after transaction
  • Ideal timeline or requested timeframe to finalize the details

Sample Request Letter to Transfer to another Branch


Patrick McCabe

Manager accounting

CC: HR department

Twin Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Date: 20th December, 2021


Subject: Request for transfer to another branch


Dear Sir,

With this letter, I am formally requesting you to consider my transfer from head office to twin tower branch. I am writing this letter to explain my situation and to allow you to understand why it’s important for me to move a different location.

I have been working here at this branch for the past 5 years and it’s very convenient for me to commute from office to home and home to office. Since last month, my mother is having health issues and she is all alone at her apartment. I tried asking my brother and sister to stay with her until I find a better solution but they have refused.

At this moment, her neighbor is taking care of her but she is not in a good shape either so I can’t rely on her for long term. I need to go and stay with my mother and take care of her. I am very well aware of the medical condition she has and in case of any emergency, I can attend her until she is attended by a doctor or a nurse.

The work I do at this branch is something that is not limited to here only but a part of it involves input from other branches as well including the twin tower branch. Luckily there is someone at that branch who has resigned last month and she will be leaving next week so there is a vacant spot there for me.

I am sure that you will understand my situation and will provide your support as always. I am surely going to miss working under your supervision and will remember you and thank you at every step of my career because of the knowledge I gained from you and the abilities you helped me to gain. If you accept my request, kindly contact the twin tower branch HR department and let them know about the transfer so they can complete the paper work as soon as possible.




Neil Patrick

Executive procurement officer

Twin Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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