Christmas Invitation Letter

Christmas is a Christian festival which celebrates the birth of Christ every year on 25th December all over the world. At this event all the family members get together at their parents or grandparents house, sit together, eat turkey lunch or dinner and have fun. This is like the biggest social event in the Christian religion and people celebrate it with a lot of passion and happiness. This is like the single event when everyone has holidays from his work or office and has time to meet all the family members once again just like the last time a whole year ago. Today our personal life have become so fast that we don’t have time to meet our old school or college buddies or even our relatives like grandparents or cousins. So people use the Christmas as the golden chance to catch-up with old friends and relatives to see what’s new with them and also you share your life stories with them like your son’s graduation or engagement of your daughter.

There is nothing wrong with getting together with friends of having a reunion party any time but most of your friends won’t have time to come or just will be too busy in their own lives. But Christmas is such an occasion when all the businesses and organizations close down their offices and grant two to three days holiday to every employee. This is the reason why we can’t do a business or seal a deal with a Christian around Christmas because he won’t be available for the work.

If you have decided to through a Christmas party this year for your work buddies, college friends or family members like uncle, aunts and cousins, you need to send them an invitation letter to each one of them so that they can proper plan their visit to your house or a hotel in special cases. On the other hand, if a company or firm wants to through a party for all of its employees, it sends out invitation letters to every worker two to three days before the actual day so that everyone has enough time to schedule their visits. Another use of a Christmas party is that companies use it to advertise their products or services with the help of a Christmas party to former and new customers.

General Guidelines to write a Christmas Invitation Letter:

  • Always send out the letter a few days or a week in advance before the actual day so that all the guests have enough time to schedule their visit and get ready for the party.
  • Start the letter with the addressee’s name and address. It’s very important to write the whole address clearly so that the letter reaches to the appropriate person.
  • Start with a proper greeting like “Dear” or “Mr.” and then give a short introduction of yourself so that person will recognize you instantly.
  • In the first paragraph, explain the intention of the letter and the reason why you are hosting the party this year. This is not a formal letter or official document so there is no need to be extra careful with the words. Use as simple words and sentences as possible.
  • If it’s not too much, also mention who else will be at the party so that every participant has a pre-expectation to meet other guests.
  • If all the participants are supposed to bring an item of food, mention that too in the letter so that they have much time to cook and will remember to bring that food for the party.
  • Close the letter with greetings like “Love” or “Good-bye”.

Christmas Invitation Letter

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Christmas Invitation Letter

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Invitation Letter for a Baby Shower

The organizer or the person who has arranged the shower for the expecting girl will send the invitation letters to the people who she wants to come to the shower. This can include close friends, family members, relatives, coworkers and neighbors but there is one thing for sure that this party or shower is only for women and there won’t be any male presence in the shower.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for a Baby Shower:

When friends or family members organize a baby shower party for a soon to a mother, they invite other people to the party because it is the basic purpose behind the baby shower celebration that a group of people close to the pregnant women gather under one roof and shower her with love, good wishes for the future and gifts for the child. This party or shower is a way to show the expecting girl that she is about to become a mother and another part of her life is going to take place in front of her eyes when she will watch the birth of her child and will see her child growing in front of her.

In some cultures, the presence of guests is considered necessary to provide the expected women with support from her closed ones so that they can talk to her and tell her different things about the delivery and birth of a child. Because of this, the key element that females discuss in baby shower is the advices from experienced women that the expected girl understands so that she knows how to take care of a new born baby. As the organizer, when you send invitation letters to people, always make sure to mention the sex of the baby if you know along with the name of the shop where the mother has registered for the gifts for baby shower.


Sample Invitation Letter for a Baby Shower

Dear Amy,

As you already know that our dear friend Amanda is expecting and her gynecologist has given her next month’s delivery date which means that if we want to throw her a baby shower, we have to act fast as we are losing time. For this purpose, I have organized a great baby shower party for her at my house and with this letter; I am formally inviting you to the party.

It will be a small but elegant and beautiful gathering of close friends and family members. I am telling you about the party a week before because I am completely swamped and I want you to help me with the decoration for the shower. I hope you have a day or two to spare for the party. Please come see me so that we can plan the shower together.

The shower party is on next Saturday which means you have to come Thursday or Friday to the city and help me out. Also, Amanda has registered in the city for the gifts so if you are looking to get her something, you should visit the green apple store in Midtown where you can find gift for her.

I will see you soon.

Sarah River

Sample Invitation Letter to Bid on a Project

As the owner of a company or supervisor of projects, if you want to buy a huge quantity of some product or you want to hire another company for services, it is better to get price quotations from various suppliers and services providers so that you can compare their services and prices in order to select the best or suitable according to your situation. For this purpose, companies send invitation letter to bid on a project to suppliers or services providers. With this letter, the company explains different aspects of the project to the services provider and then asks all of them to provide their price or charges quotations so that the company can choose the one with lowest prices.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter to Bid on a Project:

This is a very common letter that companies write on regular basis and inviting other companies to bid on a project is also a very common practice these days. This process is in fact very simple and convenient for the companies because with this invitation, they don’t need to conduct research in the market in order to find best supplier with lowest prices and they don’t need to negotiate with the supplier on the prices because when the supplier or service provider will send the price quotation or bid, he understands that the person with lowest prices will win the bid so he tries to keep his prices at minimum.

When you write this kind of invitation to bid on a project letter, make sure that you understand the essentials of it. There are many things or elements that you need to include in this letter because if you miss a single item, it can create big problems for both parties in future. Besides many things, the most important part of this letter is the explanation or description of the project so that the bidder can understand different aspects of the project and can bid more accurately about the budget or expenses of the project.

Sample Invitation Letter to Bid on a Project


Adam Foreman

CEO, Dewpond international

Phoenix, Arizona


K. Sandler

Super Construction Company

Denver, Colorado

Date: 4 August, 2015

Subject: Invitation to Bid for the Project

Dear Mr. Sandler,

We are sending this formal invitation letter to you in order to invite you to bid on our next construction project. You will find the details of the project with this letter but if you want to visit the site for better understanding and more accurate estimation of the project, feel free to call our head office in New York.

Our company has decided to start business in Chicago, Illinois and as you know we always construct customized buildings for our offices. This means that we have acquired 5000 square feet of land in the city and now we are looking for a construction company to bid on the project. We are hoping to receive the bids before 12th of August because we want to start the project as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Yours sincere,

Jonathan Green,

Head of construction projects

Dewpond international


Sample Invitation Letter to Parents to Visit School

Due to any reason i.e. a parent teacher meeting, a coordination meeting or just to discuss progress of kids with their parents, when you want to invite parents of your students to the school to meet with the teachers or principal or guidance counselor, you need to send a formal invitation letter to the parents of your students. This will be known as the invitation letter to parents to visit school. As you can understand that these days, most of the parents work full time which means you will need to send the invitation at least 2 week prior to the day when you want them to visit the school.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter to Parents to Visit School:

An Invitation Letter PdfWhen it comes to developing skills and personality of a child, there are different approaches around the world. For example, some people think that it is best if the children stay with their teachers in the school and learn and when they come home, they spend time with their parents and learn from them where on the other hand, most people think that a teacher and the parents are the most important part of a child’s life which means if you want to develop good skills in a child, these two parts need to coordinate and cooperate and need to discuss different aspects of child’s life with each other.

For this purpose, schools send these invitation letters to the parents of their students in order to remind them about an upcoming meeting in the school. This may be a simple meeting where the teachers discuss the progress of the students with their parents or this can be a special meeting where the teacher has to discuss something in particular to the parents’ i.e. bad behavior or poor performance of a child in the class.

Sample Invitation Letter to Parents to Visit School


The principal

Five star High school

Supreme state, Omaha

Nebraska, NB 592824


Mr. and Mrs. Franklin

234 Broadway, 4th street

Omaha, Nebraska, NB 592824

Date: 24 August, 2015

Subject: invitation to upcoming parent teacher meeting

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Franklin,

On behalf of five stars High school, I am informing you about the next parent teacher meeting that will be held on 1st September. Please consider this letter as formal invitation to the parent teacher meeting.

We are very happy that you are one of the parents that take good interest in their child’s life and we hope that just like before, you will also attend this meeting too because the teachers of Melanie want to discuss some things about your daughter with you. Please don’t be alarm because there is nothing to concern or worry about but still it will be better if you can meet with Melanie’s teachers in person and discuss how your daughter is doing in the school and if she needs an extra push from her parents at home.  I hope we have given you enough time to organize your schedule for this meeting and we are looking forward to see you in the meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Tierra Thompson

Registrar, Five Star High School

Invitation Letter for Retirement Dinner Party

The formal notification or letter that is sent by the employee who is retiring from his job or from the human resources department to all the employees in the company is known as the invitation letter for retirement dinner party.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for Retirement Dinner Party:

This invitation letter is a very simple letter. You just need to mention the name of the employee who is retiring from the company and ask the receivers to join you and the retiring employee in the dinner party on a specific date that you need to mention in the letter. If you want to add a specific theme to the dinner party, you need to mention it too in the letter. Along with many other things, you should advice the guests or invited employees about what kind of gift they should bring for the retiring employee. If the retiring employee himself writes this invitation letter, he informs his fellow workers about his decision of retiring and invites them to a dinner party that he organized where on the other hand, if the company or the HR department sends this invitation letter to employees in the office, it is informing them about the employee who will retire soon and invites all of them to the dinner party for the retiring employee.

Sample Invitation Letter for Retirement Dinner Party

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to formally invite you to the retirement party of one of our most important and prolong employees Mr. Kiel B. Novak on the 25 July 2015. Mr. Novak joined excellent investment group almost 25 years ago when the CEO of this company Mr. Dorothy started it from scratch and Mr. Novak joined this company as a junior sales representative and over these years in this company, he moved up to one of the most important positions in this company, the post of senior strategic director. We can say that if it weren’t for Mr. Novak, it wasn’t possible for this company to succeed in such short period of time and I personally think that without him, I could took up 5-10 more years to reach the point where we stand at this moment.

I have worked with him for more than 10 years and in this time, he is nothing but a kind senior and mentor to me and I have to admit that his decision of leaving this company permanently has made me very sad. But, even if I have to do it with tears in my eyes, such a great man deserves a well organized good bye party. For that reason, I have organized a retirement dinner party for Mr. Novak so that we can spend couple of hours with him and share his stories with each other.

Kindly consider this letter as formal invitation for the dinner party. Also, please note that family of Mr. Novak will be at the party and we all have agreed to share an interesting story about him after the dinner so if you have something to say, please prepare it.

John Miller

Head of Human resources

Invitation Letter for Guest Speaker

When an organizer wants to invite a special person i.e. a scientist or a scholar to an event i.e. graduation ceremony, they are required to inform the guests prior to the actual event so that they can organize their schedule. The letter that is sent to the guests or the guest speaker for inviting them to an event i.e. conference is known as the invitation letter for guest speaker. With this letter, the organizer and the guest can understand the basic terms and guidelines of the event. As an organizer, if you want to invite a guest speaker in your event, you should send the invitation letter at least 6 months prior to the actual event date. This time is very important because most of the speaker i.e. scholars and scientists usually have full calendar so it is better to inform them and invite them months before the event.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for Guest Speaker:

You might think that the invitation letter for guest speaker is very complicated and it is not possible for everyone to write such a letter but in reality, this is just a simple letter. You may think of the guest speaker as something else but they are human too. You don’t need to do any extra effort with the invitation letter but just keep it simple and include the details that are vital for the guest speaker to know. For example, you need to mention the date of the event where you want the guest to give a speech, the venue of the event and expected duration of the event. You can either ask the guest to speak about his profession or accomplishments or you can also give him a specific guideline to talk in the speech but this happens very rarely and most of the guest speakers are given the choice to talk about whatever they want.

Sample Invitation Letter for Guest Speaker

Dr. Frank William

Supervisor of research

Environmental sciences

Virginia University

NY 87493, United States of America

Date: 08 July 2015


Subject: Invitation for speaking in the environmental conference


Dear Dr. William,

First of all, congratulations on your 5th book on environmental sciences and I must say that it’s a remarkable piece of effort and research. Please accept my gratitude for your efforts for the humanity and now, jumping to the key purpose of writing this letter, I want to officially invite you to the international conference of environmental studies in Barcelona on 25 August 2015. This is an international conference where the representatives from around the world will be present in the conference and discuss different aspects of present and future environment of planet earth. Along with other members and organizers of the conference, I would really appreciate if you can take some time out of your busy schedule and talk to the participants of the conference. I personally think that getting to know your personal reviews and understanding your research with your own words will be an outstanding benefit of this conference. I hope to hear from your very soon.

Yours sincere

Mark Lewinski

Head of research program

Cambridge University

United Kingdom

Invitation Letter for Grand Opening of a Mall

The formal invitation letter that is sent to residents of a city and executive or high profile citizens in order to invite them for inauguration of a shopping mall is known as the invitation letter for grand opening of a mall. In order to make the opening memorable and exciting, many of important people are also invited to the opening i.e. actors, actresses, local business owners, social workers and government officials and all of them are asked to join the owner of the mall for the inauguration of the business with this invitation letter.

Brief description of invitation letter for grand opening of a mall:

Some business owners and corporate professionals state that the success of a business along with its reputation and credibility in the market is decided with the inauguration or opening of the business. You can understand this by supposing that you heard of a new mall that has opened in your city or you are invited to the opening of a mall by the officials. With this, you can easily understand that you will feel more attached with the business that invited you and asked you to join them for the opening along with hundreds and thousands of other people. This is the reason that when a new shopping mall is about to open, the owner(s) invite high profile people to the inauguration such as actors, actresses, government officials, social workers or just elite class of the city.

With them confirming to attend the opening, the owners of the mall can announce this news in the local newspapers that these people will attend the opening and with this, they can give an open invitation to all the people in the city or area to the opening of the mall. Other than the common people or future customers, the high profile people that are invited to the opening are asked to attend the ceremony with this formal request or invitation letter. Maybe you think it’s a good idea to use customize invitation letters for the guests but it’s better if you use your company letterhead even if the business is not opened yet.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Invitation Letter for Grand Opening of a Mall,

Sample Invitation Letter for Grand Opening of a Mall

The president

The Angola Corporation

145, second avenue

New York, NY 452391


Dear Mr. Kiel,

As you know, you are our exclusive supplier for many years and we are really happy to conduct business with you. Over the years, our relationship has evolved from professionals to best friends and because of that, I am very happy to inform you that our company is opening a new franchise in the suburban area of New York and our company and I would like you to attend the opening of our new mall. I know you are a very busy person and you always have a very tight schedule but it will mean a lot to us if you can take a few hours and join us in the inauguration of our new shopping center.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Carmen

CEO, Value Mart

Sample Invitation Letter for Canada Immigration

If you want to immigrate or move to Canada on permanent basis or even if you want to attend a college for a couple of years in there, you need visa for entering in the country. Just like many other countries i.e. USA, UK and France, Canada also has very strict visa policies. It may take some time for getting visa and even if you can’t do anything about it, you can use a little side help to speed up the process a little bit. This includes getting a formal invitation letter from one of your friends or family members who is a citizen of Canada. If you attach this invitation letter with your visa application, it can save a lot of time for you along with a little trouble that you won’t need to go through.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for Canada Immigration:

If you want to go to Canada either for just a visit or you want to move there on permanent basis, you will need a little help from your friends or family members that are already living in Canada and have permanent Canadian citizenship. If you have someone in Canada that you can ask, ask them to write you an invitation letter for Canadian immigration. In this letter, the writer will include his or her details along with your details and discuss your purpose of visit along with many other things that you can easily find on Canadian immigration website.

There is no guaranty that such a letter will surely provide you Canadian visa but when there are thousands of applicants applying for Canadian visa every month, you should take every chance no matter how small it is. While asking your friends or relatives to write you this invitation letter, you should also ask them to scan the letter and email it to you. This is important because it is possible that you might not get the original letter in time or it’s lost in the delivery process and you end up waiting for another six months before the visa applications are allowed in the embassy.

Here is preview of a Sample Invitation Letter for Canada Immigration,

Sample invitation letter for Canada immigration

Hello Theodore,

It’s been some days that we have talked but last Sunday when you called me and told me that you are moving to Canada for study purposes, I was very happy to hear this news. You may find it odd but even if Canada is not that different from Switzerland, I find it very strange and even if I have many friends in here, I always wanted to meet someone from my homeland in this unfamiliar country and happily, you are moving here.

Canadian authorities are very strict about visa and they have very tough policies which mean it can take a while for you to get your visa application approved. Besides everything, there is something that I can do for you which is; to write you this formal invitation letter for Canada immigration. When you receive this letter, attach it with the visa application and I hope this invitation letter will help you to get the visa very soon. Take care and give my wishes to your family members.

Yours sincerely

Simon k. Durand

Birthday Invitation Letter

Sample Invitation Letter for a Business Meeting

The formal notification that is sent to the partners, directors, members of board of directors and the executive staff members for an upcoming meeting is known as the invitation letter for a business meeting. The key purpose of this invitation letter is to invite the participants in a formal way along with giving them time to schedule their timetable for the meeting and to prepare for the meeting by reviewing the agendas provided in the invitation letter.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for a Business Meeting:

You may think that if a company is owned by a single person, he is the only one who is running the business but in reality, even if there is no partner in a company, there are still some very important people that help the owner run the business. This includes the directors, executives and high level management staff. These are the people that actually develop strategies in order to run a company. This means that when the owner or owners in a company want to change something or take a very important decision, they are required to include these directors and executive employees in their decision.

This type of high profile decisions are taken in official business meetings and the participants of a business meeting are informed to join the owners or partners in the meeting with the formal invitation. This invitation is just like a letter where the organizer informs the receiver of the letter that he is officially invited to the meeting. Other than the formal invitation, this invitation letter also includes details of the meeting i.e. agendas to discuss, decision to make, problems or issues to understand. This is important because the directors and executive employees are given enough time to prepare for the meeting with giving them the agenda ahead of the actual meeting.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Invitation Letter for a Business Meeting,

Sample Invitation Letter for a Business Meeting

Mrs. Michele Keen

Managing Director/strategic partner

United Silicon Private LTD

Scranton PA, 98371

Date: 22 July 2015

Subject: Letter of Invitation for Quarterly Meeting

Dear Mrs. Keen,

As you can recall that last month another client of ours cancelled his order and this is the third time it happened. It’s not very good situation and certainly not the one that can be ignored. For finding out the actual causes behind this situation, finding solutions for it and preparing for the future, an immediate meeting is called by the managing director Mr. Peter.

This letter is sent to you in order to inform you about the upcoming meeting on 28 July 2015 regarding the cancelled orders from our UAE clients. Detailed agenda is included in the meeting for your convenience. Please go through it and prepare for the meeting. Names of the participants i.e. directors and partners who will attend the meeting are also included in the letter. Maybe there is not enough time to prepare for this surprise meeting but it’s the best we could do and you should use these few days to prepare for the meeting.

Yours sincere

Lora Raid, CEO

United Silicon Private LTD

Scranton PA, 98371

Invitiation Letter Bridal Shower

Sample Invitation Letter for a Bridal Shower

A Bridal Shower is a celebration in honor of a girl who will soon a bride and married to the man of her dreams. This is a celebration party that is usually organized by the bridesmaids and the key purpose of this occasion is to sit together with the bride to be and shower her with love and gifts. The formal invitations are sent to the friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors about the bridal shower and it is known as the invitation letter for a bridal shower.

Brief description of Invitation Letter for a Bridal Shower:

It doesn’t matter if you want to send the bridal shower invitation letters by post or via email because the content of the letter will be the same. It depends on your choice if you want to use simple content to inform the readers about the bridal shower of a bride to be and the details of the event i.e. venue, date, time, duration etc but if you want, you can also use a less formal content in the letter i.e. a poem or something funny that you remember about the bride as a friend. The most important thing about the bridal shower is to indicate the name of the shop or registry where the bride has registered for gifts.

Sample Invitation Letter for a Bridal Shower

9 July 2015,

Suzan Sylvain

2nd Madison Street, Manhattan

New York, NY 329481


Dear Suzan,

With this invitation letter, you are invited to the bridal shower ceremony of Lilly Collins.

As you already know that Lilly and Steven are engaged and they are going to marry on 18th of July which is later this month and as Lilly is busy planning her dream wedding, we, the bridesmaids have decided to organize a surprise bridal shower for her in order to celebrate this happiest occasion with our friends and to let her take some time out from the stressed planning and organizing of the wedding.

Yes, it is a surprise bridal shower and as I have requested to all of the guests, please don’t do anything that she might find strange because it will ruin the surprise too. Because of the surprise, we have organized the shower at Elizabeth’s home in Queens. She is also a bridesmaid and it was her idea to keep this shower secret until the moment that Lilly walks in the door and finds her friends and family members in the room for her bridal shower party.

Please note that the bridal shower will be on 13th July at Elizabeth’s house in Queens, New York. You may find it odd that we are throwing the shower so close to the wedding but there wasn’t any substitute. Lilly has been very busy with the wedding planning and she told all of us that she won’t appreciate any surprises until she is almost done with the planning. Also, as you will want to get her a present, she is registered at springtime home and house store in Manhattan. I hope you will be there to cheer our friend and share the moment of her life time with her and her friends.


Julian Smith