Sample house construction completion report letter

Generally speaking, when a construction project completes, the owner of the project wants the contractor to ensure all the work is done and there is nothing pending. It’s possible that the contractor thought the work is completed but still, there is something pending. This is why the clients ask the contractor to issue a house construction completion report letter. When we talk about the construction of a house, the same rule applies here. As soon as the work is done, the contractor does the inspection himself or hires a third-party inspector who checks the entire property and creates a report of work completion.

Importance of House Construction Completion Report Letter:

During the construction of a house, there are hundreds of tasks and assignments that should be completed. Before the work starts, the contractor signs an agreement with the client where the details of the project are added. This same agreement also includes the criteria for completion of each part of the house i.e. the bathroom will have tiles, shower curtains will be installed, the kitchen will have installed microwave and refrigerator while the rooms will have painted ceiling and fans and lights should be working properly.

In the absence of a house construction completion report letter, the owner might find something unfinished inside or outside the house, and once their shift their stuff inside the house, it’s not easy to do repairing work in presence of residents and furniture and other stuff. To ensure the contractor has finished all the work according to the plans and there is nothing unfinished, a completion report is issued. The inspector can either complete his own report with the findings or the client can give him certain criteria to mark a task completed/finished. The inspector then checks the property against the given criteria and if there is any change or discrepancy, he mentions it in the report and presents it to the contractor and the client.

Key Elements to include in House Construction Completion Report Letter:

  • Name of the client
  • Details of the property
  • Name and other details of the contractor
  • Name and contact information of the inspector
  • Date of conducting the inspection
  • Short description of the property as seen by the inspector
  • Individual parts and portions of the house discussed briefly
  • Statement of completion or unfinished task
  • Overall results and conclusion at the end


Sample House Construction Completion Report Letter

Bryan McKenzie
House# 73, 5th Street
Floyd Suburban Area
Washington DC


Date: 17th December, 2021


Subject: House construction completion report


Dear Mr. Bryan,

I hope you are doing well. This is Adam Williams; project manager and construction supervisor. I am writing this letter to inform you that initial and final inspection of your house is completed after construction and all the details can be seen below.


The house we are referring to is a double story villa with 2300 square foot covering area and it’s located here in Floyd Suburban Area of Washington DC. Joseph and Co Construction Company was responsible for the construction and 3 days ago they informed me that the construction is completed and it’s time for the final inspection.


I conducted the inspection on 15th December, 2021. The weather was almost clear with few clouds but overall there was good sunshine. I started the inspection from outside and then moved inside. Outside of the house, I checked the pool, garage, pantry area, garden and the patio along with the front and backyard. Everything seemed to be according to the plans and the final details were according to the finalization report of the contractor.


Inside the house, I felt a certain smell that was coming from the entrance corridor. I asked the contractor on site about it and he said that the front wall is freshly painted about 3 days ago and they have used a special chemical to dry the wall quicker than usual. Because there is not enough sunlight due to winter season, they had to use the chemical. The smell will go away in next 5-10 days.


All the rooms are cleaned very well and there is no rubbish in the corners or inside the window frames. Bathrooms are all cleaned very well with the drain cleaner and kitchen sink was also washed with the same cleaner to get rid of debris. All the hardwood floors are polished with varnish about a week ago and floors appeared to be squeaky clean.


I checked for water leakage, seepage and moisture in the basement but could found any. Overall the construction is very good and the contractor especially took care of cleaning after the work was done. Electrical system is working perfectly as well the plumbing system. There was a problem with the garage door when it was opened from inside but upon checking, it turned out to be a broken wire inside the panel.


Lastly, I would recommend you to wait for at least 1 week or 10 days before moving into the new house so the vapors and paint fumes are completely gone. There is nothing dangerous and if you want, you can move to the house tomorrow but it would suggest waiting for a while.




Frank Medallion

Evaluator and Inspector

Delta Inspection Agency

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