Sample marketing plan letter for car service center

A Marketing Plan Letter for a car service center is more of a proposal letter that is sent from a marketing company to the owner of the business. This letter includes all the important details of how the marketing agency is planning to increase the sales of a car care center and how much money is required to complete the job. Another important element that is discussed in this letter is the expected or calculated increase in sales after implementing the marketing plan. These letters are mostly solicited which means they are written upon request of the business owner.

Importance of Marketing Plan Letter for Car Service Center:

Whether we talk about a car service business or a textile industry, every business needs a good marketing plan. The days when only your product was enough to speak for itself are gone and these days there is so much competition in the market that a company needs to implement a good marketing plan to stay ahead of the competitors. There is no doubt that quality of services matters the most but creating goodwill and reputation in the market is the job of a marketing and advertisement agency.

Businesses like car care services and rental services mostly depend on their reputation in the market. If a client evaluates a service center as a good and reliable repair center, he is going to discuss it with his friends and family members so they also go to the same mechanic. With a marketing plan, the key purpose is to implement a local-based advertisement plan that helps increase the sales of the business. The technique that is used depends on the budget, market trends, and geographical location of the business. For some areas, billboards are a good option while in some locations, sticking to print media is the key to success.

Key Elements of Marketing Plan Letter for Car Service Center:

  • Introduction of the marketing company
  • Details of the client and the business
  • Description of the business
  • Market analysis of the company and competitors
  • Viable marketing techniques to implement
  • Suggested increase in the sales
  • Budget to implement the marketing plan
  • Timeframe and schedule of the marketing plan
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement

Sample Marketing Plan Letter for Car Service Center


Mr. DuPont Redford

Owner & CEO

Safe City Car Service Center

Springfield, Columbus, Ohio

Date: 5th December 2021


Subject: Marketing plan for the car service center


Dear Mr. Redford,

I hope I find you in good health. I am writing this letter about your request for professional marketing and advertisement services for your business.

Our Company Springfield Marketing Agency has been in business for more than 12 years and we have worked with all the major corporations and companies in this area. Recently we developed a very successful marketing plan for Jim’s Car Rental Company and we were pleased to receive positive reviews and comments from the client.

Your car service center is located right in the middle of downtown Columbus and it’s a very congested area for companies and businesses. Within 5 mile radius of your company, 7 other companies provide quality car care and repair services. You need a good marketing plan that allows the consumers and vehicle owners to distinguish your business from other competitors.

Before writing this proposal letter to you, we conducted our research in the market and your services and we are happy to announce that you have a very good reputation in the market. You have hired very experienced and skilled employees who work with compliance and they ensure customer satisfaction at all points. Still, your company is not getting the expected number of customers and for that, we are here with a marketing plan where we will use local print media, billboards, and television ads. The most important thing about this marketing plan is that we have done it while staying within the budget limit provided by you. Our analysts are suggesting that if this plan is implemented right away, your business can see an instant increase of a minimum of 10% in the first 2 weeks of next year.

Attached is the detailed marketing plan for your reference and if there is anything that you wanted to change or revise, we are always here at your assistance.  Once you approve the marketing plan, we will discuss payment terms and schedule with you along with the terms and conditions of the marketing agreement.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Jason Smith

Executive Manager

Jupiter Marketing Agency

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