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There is nothing more painful in the world than the death of someone you really loved or spent a lot of time with. That person can be a friend, relative, close family member, or someone you know from work. Death is a reality of this world and everybody will have to face the death of his loved ones and friends. We can’t run from the pain we feel in our hearts when someone we really loved died. That person, who has died, is free from the world and its problems but his family and remaining members have to deal with the tenderness after him and in that situation, they need their surrounding people to encourage them and stay along with them in their hard times. As we know that happiness increases as we share it with others and pain decreases when we discuss our problems with our close ones that’s why when a family is grieving from the death of one of their member, it’s very important to say a few words to them to make them realize that in this hard time, they are not alone and there are thousand people out there who loved that person as much they do. Also, people say condolences and sympathies not only when a human being dies but also when a family pet dies. For example when you hear that your cousin’s family has lost their dog due to an accident; you say sympathy sentences to share their sorrow and support their kids in their hard times.

It’s not an easy thing to say condolences or sympathies by face so people use to send out sympathy cards to the family members who have lost one of their members. You can find a number of cards in a bookshop and choose according to the occasion and your relationship with that person and his family. For example, if your friend’s father has died, you will choose a different sympathy letter as compared to a death of a pet of your work buddy. As this letter shows that you really cared about that person and still do, it’s better to design this letter on your own. This is not a difficult job and the surviving family will feel more sympathy if you spend some time with the letter and handwritten it instead of getting a printed one. You can also add a poem, sympathy quotes, or a beautiful memory with the one person that will keep his family warm for a while. Also, some people use to send special gifts with sympathy cards such as flowers or something else.

General guidelines to write a letter of sympathy and condolences:

  • Start with buying a condolence card or colored paper if you want to design it by yourself. You should choose the letter or color scheme just according to your relationship with that person and his family.
  • This letter is just a way to stand alongside a family in their hard time so it shouldn’t be too long and one side of the paper is enough.
  • Start the body of the letter by telling how you know the person who died and what your relationship with him or her was. It’s best if you don’t use words like dead, murdered, or suicide because it will again remind them of everything and that’s only the opposite of the purpose of the letter.
  • In the second paragraph, you share your good memories with that person. If you don’t know that person, you can add a sentence such as “I wish I knew your grandma because she seemed a very good person.”

Finish the letter by adding a line such as “He/she will always be remembered” or “It’s not possible to forget such a nice person”.

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sample condolence letter

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