Internship Confirmation Letter

After completing the studies, when students or fresh graduates want to do an Internship in a company for their credit score. They need to send or file an application. If the company accepts the request, they issue a notification to the applicants in return. This notification is refer to as Internship Confirmation Letter. Basically it’s an Appointment Letter for the interns. However due to the fact that the interns aren’t hired on permanent basis.  This letter indicates towards the fact that they are on probation.

Brief Description of Internship Confirmation Letter:

Internships are very common these days. Most of the companies and organizations prefer hiring experienced employees who have worked in the similar field before. This means that it’s very difficult for the fresh graduates to find a paid job. In order to solve this problem, these graduates apply for internships in organizations and companies. It can either be a paid internship or a non-paid internship. Money is not the key purpose behind an Internship but it’s the Experience that the intern gains while working in the organization.

To apply for internship in a company, you need to send them a Formal Request Letter. This letter includes the terms on which you want to get the internship opportunity. After reviewing the application, it’s up to the management if they want to accept it or negotiate with you on the terms and conditions of employment. In either case, they can issue Confirmation Letter to the applicants. This Letter indicates that they are chosen for the internship. It also includes the instructions, conditions and guidelines of the organization. Besides other things, the most important element of this Letter is the indication towards the Probation Period for the intern after which, he might be hired as a permanent employee in the same company.

Sample Internship Confirmation Letter

Here is a Sample Internship Confirmation Letter in MS Word Format,

Internship Confirmation Letter

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