recommendation letter for internship

Finding a job for an experienced person is not a problem because his capabilities and expertise are important. For someone who is not experienced and just finished his or her college degree, finding a job to start a career is not that easy. Companies and organizations prefer experienced employees over fresh graduates. The internship is a very useful and helpful option for this individual. Companies allow inexperienced individuals to work in the office without offering them a permanent position or any salary and in return, the individual gains experience and work-related expertise. But, getting an internship is also not easy so individuals i.e. fresh students ask their teachers to write them a recommendation letter for an internship.

Importance of Recommendation Letter for Internship:

Teachers and professors who spend time with their students understand the capabilities and abilities of each student better than anyone else. This is why before the final examination; the teachers can guess very accurately which student will score the most, which student will score average, and which of them will fail. Organizations and corporations that offer an internship to fresh graduates usually request a recommendation letter from a teacher or professor. This is requested because even if a student has scored very high in the exams, it’s possible he or she doesn’t have any communication or management skills.

When a company allows an individual internship, they are investing their time, money, and efforts in that person. If that person turns out to be wrong for the job or he doesn’t have the required skills, all the work is gone down the drain. That’s why a recommendation letter for an internship is preferred to evaluate the qualities and abilities of individuals. These recommendation letters aren’t always from the teachers but a previous owner can also write this letter for their employees. You can ask someone in your family with a professional background to write this letter for you before you apply for an internship at a company.

Key Elements of a Recommendation Letter for Internship:

  • Name of the recipient of the letter
  • Name of the person writing the letter
  • Date of sending the letter
  • Subject of the letter
  • Name and other details of the recommended person
  • Educational accomplishments and achievements of the individual
  • Previous experience of the individual
  • The desired position for the internship
  • Either the internship is paid or unpaid
  • The date when an individual can start
  • Duration of the internship (if applicable)
  • Personal recommendation of the individual for the internship


Sample recommendation letter for internship


Hilda Williams

Manager Sourcing

Nova Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Date: 11th December 2021


Subject: Recommendation letter for internship


Dear Ms. Hilda,

I hope I find you in great health and prosperity. I am writing this letter to recommend one of my students Julie Thomas for a paid internship at your company.

Julie has completed her graduation in computer sciences last month and I am proud to say that she is one of the brightest students I have ever had. During our time together, she always outran my expectations and she proved to be reliable throughout her education career.  When she came to me with the request to write her a recommendation letter, I was much pleased because I have known her for the past 3 years and we had a special bond inside and outside of the class. These are the key reasons why I agreed to write a recommendation letter for an internship for her.

She has great communication skills, management skills and she has proven herself to be a great problem solver and a team leader. In the class, she was always well prepared and she always knew what I will teach in the class so she used to go through the helping material and used to ask me really good and relevant questions during lectures.

I am also proud to say that in the final exam, she again proved that she is the best by taking the first position in her major subject: robotic coding and development engineering. She has a great grip on all the coding languages including; Python, Java, and Kotlin while she is still working to improve her skills in S++ and Swift.

To my knowledge, she would be a great asset for your organization, and not only that you will benefit from her skills a lot, but she also has a lot to learn from your next-generation development lab and extraordinary coding equipment. Although she asked me not to mention it in the recommendation letter for an internship because she just wanted to enter your company at the ground level and work her way up with a free internship but I still feel that she should be paid even if it’s next to nothing.



Samantha Shepard

Senior Lecturer

Columbia University

IT Division

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