Sample Permission Letter

Permission letter is a widely used letter and it serves as both formal business document and informal family letter. When writing a permission letter, you ask for a person to grand you an authority to do something or take decisions on his behalf or as a reply to a previous letter, you write this letter to accept his request and grant him the permission he wants. As it’s a routine process in an organization or a business that different departments or employees take decision or big steps in order to continue the working of the company, they don’t always know if they have the needed authority or if the person at the other end will accept their permission regarding a specific situation, these employees write permission letters to their seniors or head office to make sure if they have the right and power to take a step at their own and if the other party will accept their signatures on official documents.

Other than these business firms, there are a lot of other people who use permission letters. For example school authorities use a permission letter to inform the parents that their son or girl wants to go to a trip and they are asked to grant the permission if the school is allowed to take them or not or when an art gallery sends you a letter to tell you that someone is interested in your painting or other piece of art and if the gallery is allowed to sell that item. Where in the return you write them if they have your permission or not. When it comes to relationships, a friend can ask you to permit him to submit your documents on your behalf for a contest or competition or something like that if you are not in town but soon will be.

How to Write a Permission Letter:

  • As this is a very formal and official document, it’s important that you only use a proper company letterhead to send out this permission letter and you better compose it on computer instead of writing it by hand.
  • Offices receive thousands of letters on daily basis so you better put a subject in the very beginning to clear the main purpose of writing this letter or some idiot may think it as a spam and through it without reading properly.
  • The key ingredient of this letter is to get permission of someone and it’s better if it comes from the right person otherwise it can create a big mess so address to the proper person with him full name and department address.
  • After that state the key purpose of writing the letter and if it’s possible, make points to make it more clear and easy to process.
  • As you are asking for permission to do something, it’s necessary to add a little about how that person can contact you which means a proper explanation and your full contact information.
  • At the end, just add a little note about how many days that person has before giving the permission such as two days after the letter has received.
  • If it’s possible, always follow-up the letter by sending out a verification letter or phone call to make sure that they have received your letter and there is no misunderstanding in the whole process. 

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Sample Permission Letter

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Medical Leave Permission Letter

Checkout this Medical Leave Permission Letter Sample to help you write your own leave permission letter easily.

This is the permission letter that is sent by the employees of a company to the administration or management in order to approve a paid or non paid medical leave. Usually when an employee wants to take a day of, there is no need for such permission letter as most of the companies allow their employees to take 1 or 2 personal days during the month but when you want to take more than 2 days off of work, you need to inform the appropriate authorities in your company and ask for their permission.

This can be a paid leave or non-paid depending on the situation. If the administration agrees, they will send a permission letter in return. The employee will need to submit or present this permission letter to the HOD or their supervisor.

Brief Description of Medical Leave Permission Letter:

There are many situations when a person has to take some days off of work. If you are one of those who love their work and don’t like to take vacations or days off of work, there are still some particular situations when you will need to take leave from your work. For example, you have a medical condition and for the treatment, you need to stay at home or in hospital which would only be possible when you have taken time off of work and informed the administration about the arrangement.

For females, it’s mostly the maternity leave usually 1 week before the expected delivery day and up to 1 month after the birth of their child. If you want to find out if you will get paid during the leave or not, you need to ask this in the permission request letter. The letter that you will receive from the administration or management of your company will also include the details of your salary situation for your days off of work.

Sample Medical Leave Permission Letter


Timothy L. Parker

Production supervisor

Volkswagen Motors International



Karen M. Buckley

Date: 17 August 2015

Subject: request for medical leave


Dear Mrs. Buckley,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your promotion and I hope you are planning a party for your workmates very soon as we all are waiting for congratulating you as a friend and coworker. But, it’s not the only thing I am here to talk about.

I am working in this company for more than 5 years and as I love my job a lot, I have never taken a sick day off of work as my plan was to live to work but that planned has back fired as I am having chronic back pain problem. I never thought I would see a doctor just because I spend too much time on my job but as it turned out, I had to do it. After a detailed diagnosis, my Physician advised me that I am having this problem because of my work schedule and recommended that if I don’t want it to get very severe, I have to take a couple of weeks off of work.

I have attached doctor’s report with this request letter and I would like you to process my application for a medical leave of 5 weeks starting next week. I am waiting to hear from you very soon.

Yours sincerely,

Timothy L. Parker

Production supervisor

Copyright Permission Letter Sample

Check out following Copyright Permission Letter Sample to help you write your own letter effectively.

In order to use a copyrighted material i.e. a book, song or video for your own reasons, you need to contact the owner of the material and ask for his or her permission. For example, you are writing a research paper for your college and you want to use research content in the paper. Before doing so, you need to send the request letter to the actual author of the research, explain why and for what you want to use the material for and ask for his permission. Once you get the permission letter in return, you can use the copyrighted material for the purposes you explained in the request letter.

Brief Description of Copyright Permission Letter:

If you want to use, produce, republish, print or distribute some content that is registered as copyrighted and the owner or the publisher owns these rights, you need to ask for the permission to the appropriate person before doing any of the above mentioned. This is because the basic rule of copyright registration is that the actual owner has all the rights and without his or her consent, no one can use the copyrighted material in any form. The permission letter for copyrights is a very common letter and it is also a formal letter.

In this letter, you address to the specific person who owns the copyrights to the registered material and by providing the purpose for the use of the material, you ask for the written consent from the owner. If the owner agrees with you, he or she will send you a permission letter in return with their signed consent of allowing you to use the copyrighted material for the purpose you explained in the request letter. Keep in mind that in this letter, you need to address a specific person (the person who is the owner of the copyrighted material). Find out if the actual owner has the copyrights or some publisher owns them because you will address that specific person in the request letter.

Sample Copyright Permission Letter


Katherine Horton

Phil student

Berkley University


Janine Morgan

Scholar and researcher

Date: 17 August 2015

Subject: Copyright Permission Letter


Dear Mrs. Morgan,

As I have introduced myself, I am a student of M. Phil at Berkley University and as my education is about to end, I have to submit a final research paper in the class. The thesis that I am working on relates to role of America in Middle East and Asia and I have to appreciate your efforts on this subject because there is no research paper on this topic better than yours.

As the part of my thesis, I have to include some content from a well known and published author and I have chosen you. I didn’t know how to contact you so I talked to your publisher and he mentioned that this research paper is copyright protected. This means that if I want to use it in the thesis paper, I have to ask for your permission and this is what I am doing via this letter.

I need to use your research paper from page 45 to 47 in my thesis and I think it’s pretty obvious that I won’t change anything and I will publish as it is. Also, at the end, I will give credit to you and your efforts on this research. Kindly grant me the permission to use the above mentioned part of your research paper.

I hope I will hear from you very soon.

Yours sincerely,

Katherine Horton

Child Travel Permission Letter (For Care Taker)

When an underage kid or a child is traveling with a person who is not either of his or her parents, the state and the immigration department may need the consent of the actual parents of the child for the travelling in order to make sure that they have allowed the child to travel with another person. Care taker who wants to take an underage kid on a journey may need to ask permission from the real parents of the child and when he is at the airport; he will need to present the written and signed consent of the parents of the child. This letter is known as the child travel permission letter.

Brief Description of Child Travel Permission Letter:

As compared to adults and old people, it is very easy to manipulate underage kids and in order to make sure that the kids are safe and there is no harm done to them, most of the countries around the world require consent letter if you are traveling with a child. If you are a guardian or a care taker, you need to ask permission to both of the parents of the child and present their signed permission letter at the airport. On the other hand, if you are traveling with your own child but your spouse is not with you, you also need to present a signed consent from them showing that your spouse has allowed you to travel with your child without them.

Without this letter, it is not possible for anyone to travel out of the country with an underage child even if it’s the actual parent of the child who is traveling with him. As a care taker, there are several different situations when you need to travel with a  child who is under your supervision as allowed by his or her parents but you can’t just decide to travel with them and buy them a seat on the airplane. For traveling abroad, you need to inform the parents of the child and ask for their permission. If they agree, they will write you a permission letter and you need to present this letter at the airport.

Sample Child Travel Permission Letter

Date: 27 August 2015

My Dear Cathy,

I received your email yesterday and I found out that your brother is in critical condition at San Diego National hospital. Feeling really sorry about that. I know you feel to be with your family right now and your mother and father would also like to be with them in this difficult time.

You requested me to allow you to travel with Adam to San Diego in order to take care of your brother but because Adam is underage, he can’t travel with your without our permission. Please consider this letter as my permission for taking Adam with you on this trip. I have talked to Sam and he also agrees with me so you have permission from both of us.

Please make sure you take asthma medicine for Adam with you and don’t forget to call me when you land in San Diego tomorrow. Take care of yourself and Adam.

Sam Forman

Amy Forman