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If you have bought or sold something in the past, you might have heard of getting the transfer letter or authority letter notarized. What it means is that when there is an important document under discussion with signatures from various parties, it’s essential to ask someone to check the identities of each party signing the agreement or contract and make sure they are legitimate. The person who checks the identities and other documents and puts his signature on the letter that all involved parties are real is known as notary public. It’s important to note that a notary public not only checks the legitimacy of identities of all parties involved in signing a contract but he is also responsible to make sure that signers sign the contract with their free will. He is responsible to make sure to check if the signers understand what’s written in the document and to make sure that they are not under influence of any kind which can make them incapable of making the right decision.

Uses and Importance of Notarized Letters:

Many people have the misunderstanding of a notary public as the person who only needs to check for sources of identification before 2 or 3 individuals can sign a contract but as discussed above, there is more to that. Yes, the part where you go to a notary public, ask him to witness the signature of an agreement after verifying the persons signing the agreement are legitimate is true but that’s not it. You need to understand that when a letter or document is notarized, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of notary public. In case anything goes wrong, either party has the legal right to sue the notary public for not doing his job correctly.

This is the reason that notary public take more time to each factor involved in notarizing a letter or document. An important element to keep in mind is that a notary public can only notarize a document that is signed in front of him. This means you need to take unsigned letter to his desk and once he checks your identities and allows you to sign, only then you can put your signature on the letter or agreement of any kind. Keep in mind that getting a letter notarized is not free and you might need to give some fee to the notary public. These charges of notarizing a letter depend on each state and country but usually they can be anywhere in between $50 to $100.

When a document is required for any legal reason, it’s important to proof its authenticity. When you present a sworn statement from a third party in court in any case, the court can’t just assume it’s authenticated and the statement wasn’t taken under pressure but they need some kind of proof to check if it’s real. If such a statement was given in front of a notary public officer and he notarized the statement, court will allow it’s submission as a legal proof from either side. In order to save time in legal hearings, courts usually require all the documents to be notarized before submission in the court.

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Key Elements of a Notarized Letter:

Visiting a Notary Officer:

Perhaps this is very obvious but still the first step of getting a letter notarized is to visit a notary public officer in his officer. If you have done this before, you will surely know a notary public and if it’s your first time, you can ask for recommendations from your friends or coworkers.

Providing Proof of Your Identity:

In order to ask the notary public to notarize your letter, first you need to provide any source of identification so he can make sure that it’s actually who you are claiming to be. This can be done with a social security card or a valid driving license or even with your passport. In simple words, any legal document that can proof your identity is valid for notary public officers.

Letting the Notary Public do his Work:

As soon you provide documents for your identity, the notary public will start his work. He will make sure the documents are real and not expired or anything and then he will ask you some questions. These are very simple statements that he needs to hear from you such as if you are willing to sign the document or if someone is somehow forcing you to sign the document or something like if you are under influence of any drug or alcohol. Once you answer these questions, it’s time for the next step.

Signing the Letter or Agreement:

As soon the notary public has verified you documents and he checks that the document is not signed previously, he will ask you to sign the agreement or letter. If there is more than party involved in signing the letter or agreement, the notary public will ask each of them to sign the letter in front of him.

Ask the Notary Officer to Notarized the Letter:

As soon the document is signed by all the involved parties, it’s time for the notary public to take one last look at the letter to check for any errors or mistakes and then he will notarize it by putting his signature with stamp or seal on it.

Sample Donation Letter

Sample Donation Letter

Donation letter is kind of a formal letter which is written to a number of people to ask for some financial help for your organization. This type of letters are sent to big companies or wealthy individuals to let them know about your organization or welfare firm, your key goals and previous achievements and ask them to donate some money to raise the charity fund. This money can be for any cause, from buying new clothes for poor to helping an entire nation when they are in trouble like a war or natural disaster like flood or earthquake.

This letter is also a form of getting donor’s permission to spend the money for the best cause whether it’s local or international regardless of nationality and religion. People who are very rich or belong to a wealthy family, always offer their helps in case of any problem so when your organization sends them the donation letter, they welcome the invitation and try to participate as much as possible. Also when you want people to donate their time not money, you send this letter. This way you tell them to share their time with children in orphanage or with old age persons in welfare homes just to show them that they are not alone and there are people out there who actually care about these poor and needy people.

Types of Donation Letters

There are only two types of organizations in the world; profitable organizations and non-profit organization. Profitable organizations produce enough money by making products or providing services that they survive without any outside help but non-profit organizations can’t survive or run without other people’s help. These types of companies or firms need other people to donate some money so that they can continue their duties and work smoothly. To get the donation, these non-profit schools, colleges, orphanages and other organizations send donation letters to general public and ask for their help to pay the expenses. Donations letters are like the essential part and a basic ingredient of a non-profit organization.

General Guidelines to write a Donation Letter:

  • It’s very important to do a little research before sending out donation letter to see who is capable of helping you and who is not in a position to donate some money right now.
  • It’s also very important to personally know the person you are writing the letter or at least you should have some idea of his financial position and reputation in the market. Accepting donation from a crept person or a criminal may lead you to some problems in the future.
  • After analyzing all that, it’s time to write the letter. Start is with proper salutation like “Mr. Jason” or “Mrs. Kendrick”.
  • In the first paragraph give a little introduction of your organization and the main purpose of collecting the donation. Also at this point you can show some recommendation from general public who have donated before and are satisfied with the outcomes.
  • In the second paragraph, explain why you wrote this letter to the reader or his organization and what specifically can he do to help you raise the funds for the donation. At this point you can share a bank account number and ask him to share it with his friends and relatives and ask them to donate some money in there.
  • After that appreciate and thanks the reader for his time and consideration and close the letter with a proper greeting like “Regards” or something.

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Sample Donation Letter

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Proposal Acceptance Letter

Proposal Acceptance Letter

Proposal Acceptance Letter is a formal business letter which is written by a department inside or outside the organization to let someone know that his or her proposal has been accepted and the department wants to know more about the details of the project. This is a routine letter in business world and written in a very formal way because it also serves as an official document and proof that the department has accepted your proposal. For example when a department inside the company wants to start a new project to change the process of an ongoing project, the department head is required to send a proposal letter to the administration or management of the company who then consider it for a while, research on its outcomes and possible faults and then if they think it’s a beneficial project, they accept it and send back a letter to tell that department head that his proposal has been accepted and they are permitted to start the project.

Writing Proposal Acceptance Letter

Also when a person wants to do business with your firm or wants to make a deal or transaction of goods or something, he sends you a proposal letter in which he explains this deal and the profit or benefits you will get and once you are satisfied, you give him your feedback in form of an acceptance letter and ask him to sign the deal.

Unlike other letters, this letter is only written from a superior person to his employees or juniors because only a superior person can decide whether to accept the proposal or reject it. Companies work on a formula that it’s better to have to heads on a project than one and better to have three than two which means the more thinkers are here, the better the project will be. That’s why companies always welcome proposal letters from their own employees and outside visitors who don’t work for them but have good business proposals. After getting these proposals, these companies respond as quick as possible to show that person that he is very important so does his views. Quick response or sending a acceptance letter soon is very important to have long term relations with customers or proposal presenters which may be your employees outside parties.

General Guidelines to write a Proposal Acceptance Letter:

  • It’s an official letter and written on daily basis in most of the companies so it’s better if it’s written on company letterhead instead of handwriting it. This way the letter will be more formal and receiver will take it more seriously.
  • Use a proper salutation at the start to address the reader in the letter such as “Mr. Nelson” or “Miss Catherine”.
  • Before coming to the actual point it’s better to write a few words to appreciate that person’s effort that he took some time to think of this proposal and sent the idea to your company which is very thoughtful.
  • After that you tell him that his proposal has been accepted by the company directors and they want to work with him on this project. If there are any faults or mistakes in the proposal you mention them here and a general idea for him to correct these errors.
  • If you want him to agree with you on some conditions, you mention the condition here in detail so that he will have a clear idea about the future of him and his proposal in the company. This way he also decided whether he wants to do this project on the given conditions or want to change anything.
  • Finish the letter with a thank you note just to tell them that you are very glad that you two are going to work together and you are looking forward to that time.

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Proposal Acceptance Letter

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Sample Charity Letter

Sample Charity Letter

Charity is an act to voluntarily deliver your services generally money for those who need it. This is a typical way to help the poor or the people in difficult times and it can be anything including making an old home for aged people or to send food to a remote location where people are fighting with a natural disaster like flood or earthquake. When someone wants to collect money for charity, he usually organizes a party where he and other famous persons make speeches to encourage people or auction their own stuff like expensive watches or purses.

Besides of all that when people hear that they are invited to a charity, they set up their minds to donate money or some other stuff at the party to help the organizer and to increase the charity amount. Although world has a lot of nations and religions but when a nation is caught in to a trouble like flood or earthquake, no one asks about their religion or nationality and people all over the world help them regardless of any interest in the return. These people do a number of charity works to raise the funds and then with that money, they buy food and other stuff and send it to those who need it. These people voluntarily work and don’t ask any appreciation because they know that this can happen to anybody.

Writing Charity Letter

A charity letter is an invitation to general public which tells them a couple of things such as your introduction, the key purpose of the letter, the purpose of this charity, authorization code given by a government department to collect this charity and the time, date and location of the event with your contact information at the end in case of any inquiry. As the host of the charity event or the head of the charity team, it’s your responsibility to send out this letter a week before the actual event so people have enough time to schedule their visit and arrange for the money they are going to donate.

This week early invitation also gives them enough time if they want to investigate a little to see if you are real and not just a fake group of teenagers who just want to have some fun. Also in that time, people can do a research on the purpose of the charity like if it’s for Indian flood victims, it’s very easy to see if there is any flood in India and the government there has asked for the donation to help the people. Also another purpose of this letter is to provide an alternate way such as a bank account number to donate money if someone can’t come to the event.

General Guidelines to Write a Charity Letter:

  • Put your and your organization’s name at the top of the letter or better use a printed company letterhead with your company’s name and logo printed on it. As this is type of an official letter, it’s better to present it like one.
  • Start with greeting the reader and address him with his name like “Mr. John”.
  • In the first paragraph, give a little introduction of yourself and your organization and after that a brief explanation of what is the key purpose of this charity and where they money will be used. Here you can also add a little about your previous projects and recommendations from a number of people who are satisfied with your volunteer work.
  • Thanks the reader for his time and consideration. And for him information, tell him that if he can’t come to the charity event, he can put the money in a bank account.
  • Finish the letter with a proper greeting like “Sincerely” or “Regards”.

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Sample Charity Letter

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Complaint Response Letter

Complaint Response Letter

Companies, businesses and organizations all over the world have realized that they can’t improve their profit and trusty relations with the customers if they don’t welcome the criticism. When an organization let his customers talk about its product or services, they indirectly hear what a customer wants or what a person is looking for out there. This way these companies improve the quality of their products or services and appreciate the customer for taking some time to let them know about their faults.

By this complaint process, sales of the company products increase and company have good relations with the consumers and people believe on them and their products. It’s a known process that when someone uses a product, he or she obviously has some issues with it and there are quite a few companies that have gradually decrease the customer complaint process and now no one have issues using their product. That means when you sell something, you have to make your mind for some criticism too along with a little appreciation from the market.

Writing Complaint Response Letter

When someone has some complaint about any of your product or service, they write you a complaint letter in which they explain about the problem they encountered during the use of that product and the damage happened to them if any. The first thing for you to do is to give them response for their feedback either its appreciation or criticism and this is done by sending those customers a complaint response letter. This letter is written by the companies or organizations to general consumers for a couple of reasons such as to let them know that there words are very important to the company, the management has taken important steps to eliminate the issue in the future products and that company is really sorry for what happened to you while using the product. This complaint response letter also admire the writer that he took some time and believed that company will listen to him and solve the problem he is having.

Although it’s important to response to the complaint as soon as possible but first it’s necessary to find out the discussed issue is real to someone is just doing a prank. The company investigates the whole matter on immediate notice by making a committee who analyze the seriousness and reality of the matter and prepares a report which contains all the information about the faults of that product. This way once the company is sure that the customer is right and he did had a problem with the product, they send him an alternate improved product or just send out a letter and tell him that he is right and ask him what he wants to do next. This whole process sometimes takes a couple of days and delays the complaint response process but this is very important because there are some customers out there who just can’t appreciate a thing or want to make a big mess of a tiny problem. Companies can’t alternate their reputation for that kind of person by admitting their fault with an inquiry which can ruin their credibility in the market.

General Guidelines to write a Complaint Response Letter:

  • At the start of the letter the first thing to do is to appreciate the person who made that complaint and admire his guts that he has balls to stand to a problem he had and his consideration to let the company know about the problem their product has.
  • After that show some sympathy or sorry feelings for the person for him bad experience. This way you decrease the customer’s anger by letting him know that company actually feels sorry for him.
  • After that you apologize for the issue your product had and you say sorry to that customer that the company is really ashamed of what happened and the customer’s satisfaction is the first thing company thinks of before introducing a new product.
  • Now it’s time to tell the customer about the steps you have taken regarding the problem and the future improvements you will have in the product. This way you convince them that the problem has been eliminated and there in nothing wrong with using the same product again in the future.
  • If it’s possible and not much to do, it’s better to award the complainer with some product or prize like special discounts in the future shopping or a special trip to Disney land with him family. This way it’s very easy to win the customer’s trust and starting good and long term relationships with the customers.
  • At the end, you just appreciate that person again and let them know that they can complaint as many times they want because there is nothing more important than their satisfaction.

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Complaint Response Letter

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Hardship Letter

Hardship Letter

Loans and mortgages are the common known terms in this era and people are getting them on daily basis. They get loan and mortgage to buy new vehicles and homes. The amount they get in that loan has to be paid to bank or loan firm in installments and it is not uncommon that sometimes, it’s not possible to pay the installment on time. If that situation is for a while and soon you will be able to pay the bank, you just write a sorry letter and explain your situation. But if something is wrong and you won’t be able to make that installment money for a long time or at least not full of it, you need to write a hardship letter to the bank. In this letter you describe your circumstances and request to lower the amount of installment you agreed to pay according to the contract. Actually the hardship letter is a second step you take in this process as once you have requested to lower the installment amount, the bank or the loan company asks you to provide some solid reasons for that and the hardship letter is the document that contains those reasons. This is an official letter and need to be written with care and consideration.

In this letter you explain the present situation of yours and the estimated duration of the time you won’t be able to pay the full installment amount. You should know that the bank or mortgage firm doesn’t want you out of your house as they have more benefits while you stay inside the house and pay the installments. So you have to consider the loan company as a common business firm who is getting profit from you and don’t want to stop that process. Once you have provided some solid and real reasons, they process your application and lower the installment amount. But you have to keep in mind that a lot of people apply for such a relief and you should present your situation in real and unique way to stand your application different among others.

Reasons such as you or your spouse has lost the job and now you are not making the money you were in the past so it’s not possible to pay the mortgage installment until you get a new job or you met an accident and admitted in hospital and the expenses are just too much that you won’t be able to save money for the installments. Reasons like your company decided to downsize and the only reason you didn’t lost your job is that you agreed to work on lesser salary or worst case scenario, your spouse has died and now you are a single parents and don’t getting any child support from the government. These are some reasons that convince the loan company to consider your application and don’t think of you as another person who just can’t pay the installment without any reason.

Guidelines to write a Hardship Letter:

  • Start the letter by providing your basic information to the lender or Loan Company who lend you the money or mortgage. Information like you full name, you contact addresses and you account number in that firm or bank if you have any.
  • In the first paragraph, explain briefly about your situation and the factors that led you to hardship. Whether you got fired from the job, got divorce or had to face a death in the family, state that clearly in the letter.
  • In the second part, you mention the steps you have taken to overcome this hardship but there is nothing going right at this time.
  • Attach the receipts for the previous installments and state that you are a responsible and law abiding citizen and never disappointed the company before but now you have serious problems and the company should consider your request for the hardship.
  • Close the letter by stating that you hope the bank or loan company will soon process you request and give you some relief until you overcome your problems. Sign at the end and close the letter.

Hardship Letter Sample

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Hardship Letter

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Solicitation Letter

Solicitation Letter

Solicitation for fundraiser is not an easy job because no one want to give his/her money to others without potential benefits especially in fluctuating economy the merchants and businessmen seems uninterested for donations. Successful nonprofit activities like charity and donations require special efforts to persuade your target within corporate and private sectors. Before starting your work, it is important to write an effective solicitation letter that can communicate your message in effective way. It is important to have some information about the target organization before writing solicitation letter. It helps you to communicate your message to target audience in effective way.

Tips to Write Solicitation Letter

Solicitation letter is important to persuade target person for donation and following are some important tips that will help you to write an effective solicitation letter:

  • Brainstorm important keywords to explain mission of your organization. Keywords will help you to target specific population according to the requirements of your organization. You have to identify the type of sponsor you are seeking and start your search by reading mission statements of different organizations.
  • If you want to take money of other person then it is important to persuade him/her for your sponsorship. Create a rough sketch of those points that you want to cover in solicitation letter. Divide your letter in different paragraphs and include important points in your letter.
  • It is important to research about organization to discover responsible persons from the staff of organization. Start your letter with professional greetings followed by salutation. If it is your first meeting then the formal title will be Mr. or Ms followed by surname such as Dear Mr. Smith. If you have met before then you can write Dear Smith.
  • In first paragraph, you have to write about the benefits of probable sponsor association. These will help you to acknowledge the work of sponsor as you can align all benefits with your mission statement. Write some incidents in the letter to give impression to sponsor that you know about him/her.
  • Highlight the goals of your own organization in the second paragraph and write about important works of sponsor. It is important to show ability of your staff to put your association in better light. Avoid lengthy discussions and focus on brevity that will help you to hold the attention of sponsor in better way.
  • Let your potential sponsor to offer your assistance by discussing virtues of solicitation. It is your responsibility to inform about best collaboration of sponsor’s support in alliance of your mission statement. This part of solicitation letter will contain two to three sentences so wrap up your letter on thank you note for hard work and time of organization.
  • Conclude your letter with simple but professional goodbye such as sincerely is the most accepted word. Write first and last name followed by title and name of organization after professional goodbye.

After completing your letter, proofread it more than twice because any grammatical and logical error will annoy sponsor and give a wrong impression about you.

Solicitation Letter Sample

Here is preview of this free sample Solicitation Letter created using MS Word,

Solicitation Letter

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Payment Reminder Letter

Sample Payment Reminder Letter

When individuals or instead clients don’t spend up their expenses, the necessity to problem of a late payment reminder letter occurs. These letters are essentially issued as being a reminder on the lapse of the settlement time period.

In the planet of commerce and business, supplying particular credit score extensions to customers and clients is a typical apply and it is frequently reciprocated. The method of this kind of a credit score extension is fairly easy. The vendor provides off the products to the consumer and an arrangement is produced in between the 2 of them in accordance to which, the consumer can make the payment to the vendor with an extra price of curiosity, by the tip of a specified period of time. This period of time is adopted by a little grace time period. In the finish of the grace time period, the vendor is entitled to consider authorized motion to recuperate his losses. The overdue letter is generally issued in the graduation of the grace time period, but some individuals also favor to problem a letter once the real time period arrives to a finish.

This apply is fairly common in all industries and areas and in numerous instances is regarded as to be a greater choice than credit a mortgage. Creating an indication letter can be fairly a job simply because it has to be drafted cautiously, because it is a requirement for payment.

Writing a Payment Reminder Letter

  1. As talked about over an indication letter of overdue is extremely tough to draft to contemplating the truth that it should be accompany however, well-mannered and brief however, educational.
  2. The text of the letter is an additional be concerned because it has to be official and however, has to be easy and basic sufficient to obtain the concept throughout.
  3. Whilst writing this kind of a letter, it is very best to verify some details this kind of as day of revenue, anticipated day of payment, grace time period, and so on.
  4. In inclusion to that, it is also essential to have a glimpse at another details like the payment background of the consumer, complete price of items offered, payment time period and charm time period allowed by your business, and so on.

The following idea that is to be used into thought is the demonstration of details, inside your letter. This is very best carried out by arranging the above mentioned talked about details in a date method, which hypothetically ought to go such as this.

  • Day of buy
  • Day of signing the arrangement
  • Time period of payment
  • Grace Time period
  • Price of interest

The next stage is of showing these details in a well-mannered and respectful method with a company sentence building. Keep in mind that your sentences ought to by no means be conceited or menacing, because it places a blemish on your firm’s track record and goodwill.

Sample Payment Reminder Letter

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Payment Reminder Letter

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Sample Hotel Reservation Letter

Hotel Reservation Letter

A Hotel Reservation letter is a formal letter which is written by an individual or his office to a hotel authority to reserve a room for that person. This letter includes all the relevant and necessary information such as the purpose of the stay, duration and the position of that employee in the company just to make sure that hotel accommodates him according to his designation and superiority. If the hotel is at a populated or crowded location or it’s just that part of the year when it’s hard to find a hotel room, the visitors make sure to reserve a space a few days before their actual visit. For example if you know that in next month you have to go to London to attend a business meeting and that time of the year, it will be absolutely impossible to find a five start hotel in the city, you write a reservation letter to a hotel you like or regular stay at and provide them the information of your visit and ask them to reserve a room for you and one for your assistant or you just tell your department to send the letter officially to that hotel.

There are some places in the world where millions of tourists visit in every season of the year and if you want to visit to that exotic beech or Iceland, you have to send out a reservation letter to a few hotels in that city to check if any of them has a vacant room or will have in the near future. After making sure that you and your family have a place to stay there, you plan your vacations and trip. These types of reservation letters are also used as an official document in case of any misunderstanding or dispute. For example what if you have sent a reservation letter to a hotel but then you cancelled your trip or visit but didn’t tell the hotel and they kept your room for the provided time you told them to and when they send you a bill of expenses, you just freak out that what the hell is this. Now if you have sent the letter and didn’t inform anybody that your trip has cancelled, the hotel has all the right to sue you in the court only because of that reservation letter which will now serve as an evidence in the court.

How to write a Hotel Reservation Letter:

  • As this is a formal letter and will save you from a lot of trouble, its better if you use an official letterhead or the letter is sent by your department instead of you. This way it will be less complicated and easier to verify.
  • Always put the date at the start of the letter just to avoid any later misunderstanding.
  • If you are a regular customer or have an account in the hotel, add that at the start of the main body so that the management will immediately know about you and your previous stays.
  • After that you add a brief description about the nature of your visit, duration of your stay and level of accommodation you are expecting from the hotel such as a common customer or VIP client.
  • At the end you put your contact information just to make sure if the hotel can contact if there is a change in the plans or reservations.
  • You can also add a note at the end such as the duration of the reply you are expecting from the hotel once they have received the letter.

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Sample Hotel Reservation Letter

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Letter of Credit (LC)

Letter of Credit Sample

A letter of credit is an official document which is issued by a company or business to assure another party (seller, vendor) that the goods or services have been received and soon the buyer will pay the amount he owes in return of that services or products. This is a document that proves that the seller or manufacturer has finished his services or deliveries according to the mutual agreement and now he deserves to be paid as soon as possible and he definitely will be. Although sometime the purchaser can’t arrange for the money right away, so he writes this letter of credit to the other party to ensure that he is soon going to pay the money he owes. This is the same letter that serves as a guarantee to the seller and if he doesn’t get his money, he can sue the purchases in the court on the basis of this letter.  This letter also serves as evidence that all the delivered services or products meet the standards according to the agreement and the seller or vendor has done his part.

There are various types of letters of credit but some of them are more important. When a company sends a letter of credit, it could be of one kind of more than one kind at once. This all depends upon the present situation of that time. The common types of letters of credit are:

  • Unconfirmed
  • Confirmed
  • Irrevocable
  • Revocable
  • Transferable
  • Stand-by
  • Back-to-back
  • Revolving

The main advantage of the letter of credit is that it ensures the seller that he is going to get his money without any risk of loses. When the seller and purchaser are in different countries and the same laws can’t apply on both of them at the same time, this letter is the most powerful document in the business world that can be challenged in almost every country and court in the world. In case a bank or number of banks is also involved in the deal or agreement, the risk of non-payment is transferred to the bank(s). Although when you involve a bank in the contract, it may charge you some extra money for issuing the letter of credit. On the buyer side, this letter is also very important as with issuing this letter, the buyer ensures that he won’t be asked for the payment before time as per the contract.

How to write a Letter of Credit:

  • Before you write the letter, make sure that you are addressing to the right person and sending it to the correct department. All the companies have websites from where you can find addresses and in case it’s not possible, call that company and ask about the person and department who deal with the credit issues.
  • At the top of the letter, put your name and contact addresses such as phone number and mail address so that there is no complication to contact you.
  • In the very beginning of the letter, explain the reason of the letter and what type of issues you are having in this process.
  • If you have sent a letter before and this is your second or third letter, provide the reference number of the previous letter(s).
  • Attach the credit report with your letter which indicates the amount that company owes you. If they have made some previous installments, include that information too.
  • If you have an account in that company or some reference number to the mutual agreement, provide it too. This makes it easy for that company to immediately recognize you and collect all the information and documents of your deals and agreements.
  • Finish the letter with a hope that the company will soon respond to your request and will make the payment as soon as possible. Put your full name and signature at the end and close the letter.

Letter of Credit Sample

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Letter of Credit (LC)

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