sample condolence letter

Sympathy and Condolence Letter

There is nothing more painful in the world than the death of someone you really loved or spent a lot of time with. That person can be a friend, relative, close family member, or someone you know from work. Death is a reality of this world and everybody will have to face the death of his loved ones and friends. We can’t run from the pain we feel in our hearts when someone we really loved died. That person, who has died, is free from the world and its problems but his family and remaining members have to deal with the tenderness after him and in that situation, they need their surrounding people to encourage them and stay along with them in their hard times. As we know that happiness increases as we share it with others and pain decreases when we discuss our problems with our close ones that’s why when a family is grieving from the death of one of their member, it’s very important to say a few words to them to make them realize that in this hard time, they are not alone and there are thousand people out there who loved that person as much they do. Also, people say condolences and sympathies not only when a human being dies but also when a family pet dies. For example when you hear that your cousin’s family has lost their dog due to an accident; you say sympathy sentences to share their sorrow and support their kids in their hard times.

It’s not an easy thing to say condolences or sympathies by face so people use to send out sympathy cards to the family members who have lost one of their members. You can find a number of cards in a bookshop and choose according to the occasion and your relationship with that person and his family. For example, if your friend’s father has died, you will choose a different sympathy letter as compared to a death of a pet of your work buddy. As this letter shows that you really cared about that person and still do, it’s better to design this letter on your own. This is not a difficult job and the surviving family will feel more sympathy if you spend some time with the letter and handwritten it instead of getting a printed one. You can also add a poem, sympathy quotes, or a beautiful memory with the one person that will keep his family warm for a while. Also, some people use to send special gifts with sympathy cards such as flowers or something else.

General guidelines to write a letter of sympathy and condolences:

  • Start with buying a condolence card or colored paper if you want to design it by yourself. You should choose the letter or color scheme just according to your relationship with that person and his family.
  • This letter is just a way to stand alongside a family in their hard time so it shouldn’t be too long and one side of the paper is enough.
  • Start the body of the letter by telling how you know the person who died and what your relationship with him or her was. It’s best if you don’t use words like dead, murdered, or suicide because it will again remind them of everything and that’s only the opposite of the purpose of the letter.
  • In the second paragraph, you share your good memories with that person. If you don’t know that person, you can add a sentence such as “I wish I knew your grandma because she seemed a very good person.”

Finish the letter by adding a line such as “He/she will always be remembered” or “It’s not possible to forget such a nice person”.

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sample condolence letter

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Sample Marketing Letters Feature Image

Sample Marketing Letters

This is an official document that is sent by companies or businesses to individuals as a means of advertisement either for a new product or for an existing one. Companies also send this letter to general markets where this letter acts as an introduction to that company’s product. Sample Marketing Letters help the company and the marketer to build a professional relationship.


This document is mainly written on the company’s letterhead. Research shows that a letter written on company letterhead is proved more effective as compared to a simple common letter. Unlike older times, now people always search for a unique way to introduce their product in the general market and to the common consumer. Using marketing letters, the companies can achieve this goal by using a different method. This way it’s very easy to reach every person in the selected population.


Generally, this letter contains a statement in which the company addresses the reader and refers to one of his daily life problems. After that introduce the product as a solution to that problem. Mostly the receiver understands very quickly that this letter is a way of advertising. He assumes it same as the other publicity stunt. Therefore, it’s very important that you capture the mind of the reader at the very start. So, say such a thing that makes him curious and forces him to read the entire letter.


Although people don’t respond to this letter that effectively. But in the past few years, research shows that this way of advertising is proved very effective as compared to other publicity processes. Only a few people know that you can’t sell something through this type of letter. The key essence of sample marketing letters is to convince the reader to see a demonstration of the product you are selling.


This way when he agrees to that, you have pretty good chances that your sales team will convince him to buy that product. Many companies send out a marketing letter that is so long, and no one agrees to entirely read it. That’s why you should keep it short. You should give the sales pitch so that reader doesn’t have to read the entire letter just to know about the product or service you are offering.


General Guidelines to Write a Marketing Letter:


  • The first thing you should know is how you should write this letter. While writing it imagine yourself as the actual reader who will receive and read it. In this way, you will write what the reader needs to read.
  • Always use an official company letterhead to write these types of letters. This is a more effective way to leave a better image in the reader’s mind.
  • Start the letter with a short but precise introduction of yourself and your company. This is the first thing that the reader will see so you should make it short and interesting.
  • After that in the first paragraph, tell everything about the product or services you are offering. Keep the reader stick with the letter by offering him special discounts that he will receive if he buys the product in the next 24 hours or 1 week.
  • In the second paragraph, you should discuss the benefits of the product. Write about your offers and the advantages it has over a similar product available in the market. Here you also describe the advantages he will have in the future if he agrees to buy the product and how the company will serve him in the long-term relationship.
  • It’s important that you make it short and easy to read and avoid using difficult and big words. Because when the letter will appear very hard to analyze, the reader will lose interest in it and throw it in the trash.
  • In the end, write a few lines about the characteristics that your product possesses. Write the qualities it has that one can’t find in the products of other manufacturers.
  • Close the letter with a proper greeting like “Regards” or something like that.

Free Sample Marketing Letters:


Sample Letter #1 (Marketing Letter For a New Business)

1st August 2022

Dear Friends:


We are happy to announce the opening of the Club KPC in the JK Mall next to CK Multinationals on 15 August 2022 and welcome you all. We will have many means to keep you all entertain and engage. We are confident that once you step into our club, you will have each and everything that you need. It will be a great pleasure for us to have you on board for the opening ceremony.


There will be a 50% discount on all the items on 15 August 2022. So don’t miss this golden chance and reach Building #5 JK Mall, street #8 London at 06:00 PM.


Best Regards,


Your Name



Sample Letter #2 (Marketing Proposal Letter)


1st August 2022

Dear Mr. John,



We would like to congratulate you on starting a learning institute in society. This is a great idea to spread education and earn the money. You should also think about the marketing of your institute so that you can make your institute famous to the public. In this way, more and more students will take admitted to your institute.


To make it a five-star institute, you need to trust Star Marketing Agency. We ensure that your services will be known far. We use different ways to promote and to do advertisement of the new business so they can reach the heights of success in a short time. We offer different modes of marketing such as radio, TV, billboards, and social media accounts according to the requirement of the clients.


Give us a chance to make you a successful institute.


Best Regards,


Name of Agency,


Contact Number

Sample Letter #3 (Product Marketing Letter)


1st August 2022


Subject: Why KJ Soap should be your cleaning partner?


Dear Customers,


Most parents have to take their kids to the hospital after a good, playful day. As we all know, the Bactria causing germs are everywhere. Children being children have no knowledge of bacteria and dirt. They play everywhere and with everything they like. Touching contaminated surfaces make them ill and their skin rough.


If you have ever used our products, then you will admit the fact that they are the best. Our soap kills 99% of bacteria, keeps your child protected, leaves a good fragrance, and makes the skin smooth. You can buy our products from all the stores.



Your Name


Sample Letter #4 (Insurance Marketing Letter)


1st August 2022


Dear Sir,


We feel that it is our duty to keep you safe. Climate changes and natural disasters can impact your business badly. With the help of our services, you can reduce your loss by insuring your life, business, and assets. We are reliable and secure. There are many companies that provide similar services but it took them a lot of time to respond to their clients. We will provide all of our services timely, and will take care of everything perfectly.


Insuring yourself, your business and the property is the best decision. This decision will make you feel confident and secure.


Ensures yourself, your business, and your property today with us to live a fearless life.


Thanking You,

Your Name

Sample Letter #5 (Discount Marketing Letter)


1st August 2022


Dear Mr. John,


Everyone likes saving. We all love going to the stores that provide discounts to the customers. Nowadays everything is very expensive, and it is no less than a blessing to get something at a discount. So here we are providing you with a 25% discount on all eatables available in our superstore. Hurry up..! And grab this chance to buy all of your favorite eatables under one roof.


This discount is available only for the discount card holders. If a cardholder person has 10,000 or above points, then he will be eligible to enjoy this discount. If you are the one, then quickly reach the nearest KK Super Store.




Your Name





Sample Retirement Letter Feature Image

Sample Retirement Letters

If we explain retirement, it’s the disposal of a fixed asset when its useful life is completed. But in our general life, when a person reaches the age of 60-65, he stops working and ends his employment career. In many countries, the ideal age of getting retirement is 65 but many people choose to retire early or later than age according to their financial needs and health issues. As long as a person is working, he earns money for his living expenses. Sample Retirement letters help you to inform your retirement to the management. So the company can hire a new person for the specific position.

Once a person is retired, means he is no longer going to get any salary or payment from anywhere. So as a person starts his career, he also plans his retirement and saves some money in form of a retirement fund. After his retirement, he gets money from his pension plan, retirement fund, and social security and from the savings account.

Importance of Retirement Letters:

Informing your employer about your retirement is a standard procedure. It starts when you write a retirement letter to your superior. It’s an official and very formal letter and only exists in the office or business world. Employers deal with this kind of letter on a regular basis. This letter may state that you are retiring early or on time as you were supposed to.

When you write this letter, you actually request your employer to start your retirement process. It involves getting you an assistant who will assist you and learn from you in his or her training period. This is an essential step to make sure that you transfer your duties in full to the new employee who is going to work in your position. After that, the company arranges cash finances to give you your retirement fund that your office is deducting since you started your job in the company. According to your designation, the retirement fund may vary from $50,000 to $1000000. The employer also starts the process of your pension which you will get until the day you die. This pension is also directly related to your salary figure like the higher the salary was more the pension will be.

General Guidelines to Write a Retirement Letter:

  • This is strictly a formal letter so you shouldn’t handwrite it but type it or compose it on the computer. It would be much better if you use the company letterhead too.
  • You are working in the company for so long so you do know who your department head is. If he is the one whom you address in the letter or should you write the letter to the central HR department? Once you have figured that out, but the addressee’s name, designation, and department name on the letter.
  • Start the letter with a proper and respectful salutation like “Dear sir”. After that write the full name of the person you are writing to.
  • There is no need to make it too long or discuss things that are not relevant. Keep it short and concise and come to the point at the very beginning of the letter.
  • State the reasons you are retiring such as health problems, family issues, or if you have decided to start your own business.
  • Provide a little history of your employment and work with the company. Write the benefits it achieved because of your hard work and skills.
  • After that make a request to start the retirement process as soon as possible so that you don’t have to stick around for a long time.
  • Finish the letter by stating that you really enjoyed your time in the company and your superiors were really supportive of you. In the end, put your full name and signature by hand and close the letter.

Free Sample Retirement Letters:

Sample Letter #1 (Retirement Letter)

James Smith

House #5, Street #6



1 September 2022,


John Stiff

President of ABC Manufacturing

Street #13 London


Dear Mr. John,


This letter is written to serve as an official notice of my retirement from ABC Manufacturing effective from September 1, 2022.


My time with your company was very good, and I am thankful to have me on board. I have worked in the manufacturing division for the last 20 years and it is a very good experience. I had a great time with all of my team members.


This was not an easy decision but the reason behind this decision is my wife and I have found a small home in California where we both will spend the rest of our days. That’s why I am informing you that I will not be able to contribute to the company anymore.


ABC Manufacturing will always have a great place in my heart and I will always keep you all remember.


Thank you for the opportunity and best of luck for the future.




Your Name

Sample Letter #2 (Retirement Letter)


James Smith

House #5, Street #6



1 September 2022,


John Stiff

President of ABC Manufacturing

Street #13 London


Dear Mr. John,


I have written this letter to inform you about my last day at work at ABC organization will be September 01, 2022. On that day I will leave the organization and will be retired. I want to spend 20 years in your organization but now I want to spend the remaining days of my life with my family.


I am very excited about my retirement and would like to say thank you for the opportunities that I have experienced. I have enjoyed my whole period of employment with all my team members. I will miss you, my colleagues, and my co-workers.


I want to work till my retirement date and will be happy to help you make an easy and smooth transition.


For further queries just contact me.


Thank You,




Your Name

Sample Letter #3 (Retirement Letter)


James Smith

House #5, Street #6



1 September 2022,


John Stiff

President of XYZ Manufacturing

Street #13 London


Dear Mr. John,


I have written this letter to officially inform you about my retirement. The day has arrived and I will be officially retiring from XYZ Organization on August 01, 2022.


I know it will be a great surprise for you. The past 20 years were very excellent, and I had a great time in your organization. Leaving this organization is a painful thing for me. But my wife is sick and I am also aged. I cannot provide my services. I want to spend the remaining days of my life with my beloved wife.


I will always be grateful for all the opportunities that I have experienced in your organization.


Yours Truly,


Your Name

Sample Letter #4 (Retirement Letter)

John Stiff

House #5, Street #7



1 September 2022,


Watson Willaim

President of CFG Manufacturing

Street #13 London


Dear Mr. Watson,


I want to announce my retirement from the CFG organization I will be retired on September 01, 2022. I have spent 20 years of my life in your organization.


I am very grateful to work in your organization with some wonderful and talented colleagues. I had a great time in your organization. It is a painful period for me to leave this organization. I have devoted a great period of my life to the betterment of this organization. It was a great time, and I enjoyed it a lot. But now I am aged and cannot provide my services to the organization.


I want to spend the rest of my life with my family and friends.


If you have any further queries, then contact me.




Your Name.

Sample Letter #5 (Retirement Letter)


John Stiff

House #5, Street #7



1 September 2022,


William James

President of XYZ Organization

Street #13 London


Dear Mr. William,


I am writing this letter to inform you about my upcoming retirement from the position of IT Manager at XYZ Organization. Considering my notice of two months, my last day will be 30 September 2022.


I am very thankful to you and everyone at XYZ Organization for the opportunities and support. I have given 20 years of my life to your organization and it was a very pleasant experience to work in a fully professional environment.


Let me know if there is something that I can do for you to transition easily. If you need any kind of support in the future, then just let me know, and will be there to help you out.


Thank you once again for all the opportunities and wish you the best of luck in the future.




Your Name

Certification Letters Feature Image

Sample Certification Letters

Certification Letters are used to verify previous information about previous employment in written form. This letter is requested by an employee from the employer at the time of the new job search to verify that you did work for them in past and have the capacity to work in the new company.

There are different situations that require a certification letter, such as verifying previous employment work and verifying completion of the course by the student. Further, the other name of the certification letter is the confirmation letter, and this letter should be direct and concise. If you have to design a certification letter, then it is essential to choose the standard business format and keep it as specific as possible. This type of letter is good for official records and it is important to keep information explicit and clear.

Tips to Write a Certification Letter:

Certification letters should be clear and informative. The following are some tips that will help you to write a perfect certification letter:

Use Letterhead:

You should type this letter on professional letterhead. But if you do not have then there is no need to worry as you can write important details like the name of your organization, address of your organization, contact information, and personal email address at the top of your certification letter.

Add Formal Salutation:

Give double space before writing the current date, name of recipient, his/her job title, name, and address of the company. Start your letter with a formal salutation and use an appropriate prefix to address the recipient. Write a short subject line to give reference to the body of the letter such as “Letter of certification of employment for Angelina Jolly”.

Add Introductory Paragraph:

The introductory paragraph should contain exact information about your credentials and certifications. It is important to write the name of the employee, the date of employment, and his/her job responsibilities. For instance, “This is to certify that Angelina Jolly was employed by Gambro Bank from June 15, 2007, to July 15, 2013”.

Include the Reason for Writing:

The second paragraph should explain the authority of writing the letter. Write the reason for which you want to certify a certain person. Write the name of the sender from Gambro Bank to acknowledge who is writing this letter and why.

Carefully choose the font:

Be careful about the selection of font style and font points such as Arial, Times Roman or Calibri are professional fonts and the points should be 12. Proofread your letter more than twice before sending it. Because any logical and grammatical error will be a question, mark on your professionalism.

Add a Short Critique of Job Performance:

A short critique of the job performance of employees will look valuable for the future of employees. Be specific and describe good qualities as well as attributes of the employee that you have noticed during his/her job tenure. Focus on the most valuable contributions of the employee and write your personal opinion about him/her.

Avoid Negative Comments:

Avoid any negative comments and statements about employees as this can harm his/her career. It is inevitable for you to end your relationship on a good note for future meetings.

Say Thanks:

Say thanks for his/her time and end with formal closing such as “Sincerely”. Hit double space two times and type name to sign the certification letter for its authenticity.

Free Certification Letters:

Sample Letter #1 (Employment Certification Letter)

James Smith

678 Holden Streen

Metropolitan, IL 290

07 July 2022,

Dear Sir,

This letter is written to certify that John was an employee of our organization for the period of 2 years from January 5th 2020 to January 10th 2022.

In our organization, he was a general accountant. He is a very decent boy and performed all of his duties with full focus. He was responsible for designing and implement prices and he performed all of his duties with full honesty.

We had a great time in the presences of MR John, and we appreciate his efforts. I am confident that he will do a fantastic job wherever you put him in your organization.



Joseph Berlin.

Sample Letter #2 (Ownership Certification Letter)

James Smith
678 Holden Street
Metropolitan, IL 290
07 July 2022,


To whom It may concern:

This Letter certifies that MR John has a stake of 30% in the sample organization, license number #986754, and a stake of 20% in J organization, license #45678.

These are both common stock and voting shares. This letter clearly certifies that MR John is also an owner of both organizations according to the number of shares they have in both organizations.


Joseph Berlin.

Sample Letter #3 (Visa Certification Letter)

07 July 2022,


Dear Sir or Madam,

This letter certifies that Mr. Joseph is our employee from August 05, 2010, as an electrical engineer. I am confirming that his annual salary is equivalent to $ 200,000.

I am aware that MR Joseph is applying for a tourist visa to the United States. He had shared this with us, and we have no objection to his five monthly visits. Our organization has granted him leave from July 05, 2022, to November 05. 2022.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.



James Berlin

Regional Director

J Ornganization PVT


Sample Letter #4 (Residency Certification Letter)

07 July 2022,


Dear Superintendent Mr. James,

I am writing this letter to certify that I Joseph Berlin currently reside at house #5 street 10 Texas. I am present at this address for 10 years since January 05, 2012.

I Joseph Berlin certify that this information is accurate and I know that if this information will be found wrong, then I will be penalized under the law of the state.



Joseph Berlin

Sample Letter #5 (Certification Letter of Knowing a Person)

07 July 2022,


To whom It may concern:

I have written this letter to certify that I have known Mr. John for the last five years. It’s a long time to know someone deeply. He has never failed to impress me with his skills, abilities, and dedication. Mr. John started as a secretary and performed all the tasks with complete focus, attention, and commitment. However, he was a great asset to our organization.

He has a lot of potential and passion for the work. His positive energy, potential, and managing skills have inspired everyone in our organization.

He has been an excellent employee of our organization, and we had a great time with him. I am pretty sure that he will add more value to any organization where he will start a new position. I am strongly recommending MR John because he is a loyal and dedicated person.
If you have any further questions about MR John, then contact me at # 971-2354-99
Thank You for your consideration,



Your Name
Organization Name


Sample Letter #6 (Human Subjects Training Certification Letter)

07 July 2022,


To whom It may concern:


To fulfill the requiring education on the protection of human subjects, the University of California certifies that the key personnel listed below are the people involved with human subjects. They have completed this educational program at the University of California.


This program includes training on the responsibilities of research investigators, ethical principles, and federal regulations to make the learners professional in their skills. It is necessary to have all the knowledge about a field in which you are skilled.
Key Personnel:



If you need further information, then you can contact us.





Principal Investigator Signature

Instituitinal Signatures


Sample Letter #7 (Diploma Certification Letter)

John Smith
13, Southern Apartments


Date ()


Steve James
Managing Director
sample Institute of Management


Subjects: Diploma Certification Letter


Dear John,


I am very glad to give you this certification letter for the completion of your diploma in marketing management. We are grateful and thankful to you for being a part of this program. I am very impressed with your punctuality and the performance that you have shown.


Come office and collect your mark sheet anytime whenever you are free. I wish that this course could help you in achieving your future goals.



Wish you all the best.




Your Name

Sample Letter #8 (Service Certification Letter)

07 July 2022,



To whom it may concern:



I have written this letter to certify that Mr. John was employed from 04 July 2022 to 06 July 2022 to provide their services in our organization (organization name) to perform a specific task under certain terms and conditions. He performed all of his tasks with full honesty and focus. I am happy to have his services and will strongly recommend his services (add the name of services).



For further queries, you can contact us.






Your Name

Sample Letter #9 (Enrollment Certification Letter)

07 July 2022,


Dear John,


This letter certifies that you are enrolled in the program (program name) of our college (college name) for which you applied earlier. We are offering a 50% discount to you after seeing your previous performance.


Congratulations to you and your family. We are happy to have you on board. Soon you will have the information about your classes.


For any further queries, you can contact us.





Your Name
Institute Name,


Sample Letter #10 (Enrollment Certification Letter)

07 July 2022,


To whom it may concern:


This letter certifies that MR/ Mrs (name) was employed in our company (add company name here) Since () up to present.


Mr/Mrs (name) was a great employee and we are proud of him/her performance. He/she performs all the tasks with full attention, focus, and diligence. We had a great time with him/her. We’re confident that where he/she will go that company will be happy and reach at the heights of success.


Thank You Very Much.


For further queries, you can contact us.





Your Name
Company Name

request letter for salary certificate

Sample Request Letter for Salary Certificate

There are many occasions and situations where an individual is asked to provide proof of his income or salary. For a business owner, providing his income statement is not a problem because he is running a business so he surely has all the paper work in order. On the other hand, a person who is earning monthly salary has a lot to deal with before he can get his income statement. If an individual needs his or her salary certificate, that individual is required to write a formal letter to his employer or HR department requesting the salary slip for a previous month. Request letter for salary certificate is used for this purpose and it is exactly what the name suggests; a formal request to get salary statement for a particular purpose.

Important uses of Request Letter for Salary Certificate:

Salary certificate is one of the important official documents that are used in professional careers. The first example of using a salary certificate is when you apply for a loan to the bank or a loan company. Hundreds of individuals apply for loan i.e. house loan, automotive loan, student loan and business loan on daily basis but the bank doesn’t approve all the requests. Instead, they go through each applicant and see if he will be able to pay back the loan on time. When an employed person applies for loan, the only way to understand his financial strength is to see his monthly income i.e. salary statement.

Another very common scenario to use a salary certificate is when you apply for a job and you ask for a certain salary figure i.e. 50% more than your current salary. The employer or the company doesn’t simply give you your desired salary but they first evaluate your worth and if you deserve the salary that you want. One way to know this is by seeing current salary certificate. For instance, if you are currently earning $5000, you can easily ask for $6000 to the new employer but the same salary figure won’t be possible if your current salary is $3000. Key focus is put on the net receivable salary when someone writes a request letter for salary certificate.

Getting an apartment or renting a residential place is very difficult these days. If an apartment becomes vacant, there are dozens of applicants who go for the same place. The landlord or the owner of the apartment takes great care scrutinizing the applicants and then he finds the most suitable tenant for the apartment. A very common method of evaluating an individual is by asking him for the salary certificate. For instance if an individual rents an apartment with $5000 monthly rent, how would he be able to afford it with a monthly income of $6000? This is what the landlords and owners check before accepting a tenant.

Key Elements of Request Letter for Salary Certificate:

  • Name of the person writing the letter
  • Name and other details of the recipient
  • Date of writing the letter
  • Subject stating the main purpose of the letter
  • Formal request to issue salary certificate for a specific period
  • Reason(s) for asking for the salary certificate
  • Specific time period of the certificate i.e. past 6 months
  • Particular format in which the certificate is acceptable
  • Signature and closure of the letter


Sample Request Letter for Salary Certificate


 Rendell Carter

Manager HR

Sigma Enterprise Pvt Ltd.

Date: 5th December, 2021


Subject: Request for salary certificate


Dear Mr. Carter,

This is Stephanie Huppert from marketing department. I am working at this company since past 3 years as an assistant manager marketing under supervision of our HOD Mr. Japer Lloyd. With this request letter for salary certificate, I am formally requesting you to issue my salary certificate for the past 6 months. Approval of Mr. Lloyd is attached with this letter.

Last week I applied for home loan and yesterday I got the email from the bank that in order to consider and precede my loan request, they need to see my salary slips first. As they explained, it’s important to see if a person earns good money and he or she will be able to pay back the loan with interest on time. They can only verify it with the income statement and a guarantor.

I found an old friend at the same bank who will vouch for me and will be my guarantor but still I need the salary slips to present to the bank. My employee code is SE56982 and my salary is $3200 without any deductions and taxation. In the salary certificate that you will issue me, my gross salary, added bonuses and compensations and deductions will be mentioned after which net salary will be calculated.

It was advised by my colleague that HR department doesn’t issue salary certificate upon informal request but one has to write a formal request letter with the approval from their HOD to the HR department and then they will consider issuing salary slip. I have attached required documents here with the request letter for salary certificate and I have explained the reason for requesting the salary certificate. Hopefully there won’t be any problem. It would be a great favor from your side if you can process my request and issue the salary slips within next 2-3 days.

I am hoping to hear from you very soon.





Stephanie Huppert

Assistant Manager

Marketing Department

Employee Code: SE56982

recommendation letter for internship

Sample Recommendation Letter for Internship

Finding a job for an experienced person is not a problem because his capabilities and expertise are important. For someone who is not experienced and just finished his or her college degree, finding a job to start a career is not that easy. Companies and organizations prefer experienced employees over fresh graduates. The internship is a very useful and helpful option for this individual. Companies allow inexperienced individuals to work in the office without offering them a permanent position or any salary and in return, the individual gains experience and work-related expertise. But, getting an internship is also not easy so individuals i.e. fresh students ask their teachers to write them a recommendation letter for an internship.

Importance of Recommendation Letter for Internship:

Teachers and professors who spend time with their students understand the capabilities and abilities of each student better than anyone else. This is why before the final examination; the teachers can guess very accurately which student will score the most, which student will score average, and which of them will fail. Organizations and corporations that offer an internship to fresh graduates usually request a recommendation letter from a teacher or professor. This is requested because even if a student has scored very high in the exams, it’s possible he or she doesn’t have any communication or management skills.

When a company allows an individual internship, they are investing their time, money, and efforts in that person. If that person turns out to be wrong for the job or he doesn’t have the required skills, all the work is gone down the drain. That’s why a recommendation letter for an internship is preferred to evaluate the qualities and abilities of individuals. These recommendation letters aren’t always from the teachers but a previous owner can also write this letter for their employees. You can ask someone in your family with a professional background to write this letter for you before you apply for an internship at a company.

Key Elements of a Recommendation Letter for Internship:

  • Name of the recipient of the letter
  • Name of the person writing the letter
  • Date of sending the letter
  • Subject of the letter
  • Name and other details of the recommended person
  • Educational accomplishments and achievements of the individual
  • Previous experience of the individual
  • The desired position for the internship
  • Either the internship is paid or unpaid
  • The date when an individual can start
  • Duration of the internship (if applicable)
  • Personal recommendation of the individual for the internship


Sample recommendation letter for internship


Hilda Williams

Manager Sourcing

Nova Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Date: 11th December 2021


Subject: Recommendation letter for internship


Dear Ms. Hilda,

I hope I find you in great health and prosperity. I am writing this letter to recommend one of my students Julie Thomas for a paid internship at your company.

Julie has completed her graduation in computer sciences last month and I am proud to say that she is one of the brightest students I have ever had. During our time together, she always outran my expectations and she proved to be reliable throughout her education career.  When she came to me with the request to write her a recommendation letter, I was much pleased because I have known her for the past 3 years and we had a special bond inside and outside of the class. These are the key reasons why I agreed to write a recommendation letter for an internship for her.

She has great communication skills, management skills and she has proven herself to be a great problem solver and a team leader. In the class, she was always well prepared and she always knew what I will teach in the class so she used to go through the helping material and used to ask me really good and relevant questions during lectures.

I am also proud to say that in the final exam, she again proved that she is the best by taking the first position in her major subject: robotic coding and development engineering. She has a great grip on all the coding languages including; Python, Java, and Kotlin while she is still working to improve her skills in S++ and Swift.

To my knowledge, she would be a great asset for your organization, and not only that you will benefit from her skills a lot, but she also has a lot to learn from your next-generation development lab and extraordinary coding equipment. Although she asked me not to mention it in the recommendation letter for an internship because she just wanted to enter your company at the ground level and work her way up with a free internship but I still feel that she should be paid even if it’s next to nothing.



Samantha Shepard

Senior Lecturer

Columbia University

IT Division

property management takeover letter

Property Management Takeover Letter Sample

Managing a property and handling the problems and issues of residents is not easy. That’s why many property owners hire management companies to manage their properties professionally. These firms are responsible for putting a landlord or manager on site, hiring a handyman for day-to-day repair works, collecting rents from the tenants, ensuring tenants comply with rules and regulations, and finding new tenants for vacant properties i.e. apartments or shops. The owner of the property can change the management at any time but it’s important to inform the tenants about the change. A property management takeover letter is written to the tenants in this situation.

Importance of Property Management Takeover Letter:

As discussed above, a property manager has lots of duties and responsibilities. He deals with the tenants on regular basis i.e. collecting rent, late payments, receiving repair charges, updating tenants about rules and regulations, and most importantly, ensuring that there is no damage caused to the property and the tenants are residing under safe conditions. The owner of a building can change the management at any given time because of various reasons. The important thing is to let the tenants know about the change so they can update their records.

Informing the tenants about the management takeover can be vital in most cases. A tenant might want to file a repair request but the number or email of the previous landlord or manager is no longer in service. This can create a delay in the repair process and can cause further damage to the building. When the tenants have updated management details, they can remember to contact the new landlord as soon they have a repair request.

Another important element to consider is that the previous landlord used to receive rent payments through cash, check, and online bank transfer. If the tenants don’t know the landlord is changed, some might transfer their rent payment to the old landlord’s bank account. Usually when we talk about property management takeover letter, there is also a separate letter introducing the new management or landlord. This letter is mostly written by the new landlord where he introduces himself to the tenants, makes them familiar with his experience and expertise and asks them to contact him for further queries and requests.

Key Elements of Property Management Takeover Letter:

  • Name and details of the recipient of the letter
  • Date of writing the letter
  • Subject stating the purpose of the letter i.e. property management takeover letter
  • Statement saying that the property management is under changes
  • Formal introduction of the new management
  • Date from which the new management will takeover
  • Key changes in the management method
  • Suggestions from the new management for tenants
  • Guidelines for the tenants from new management


Sample Property Management Takeover Letter


Tenant Welfare Society

Date: 17th December, 2021


Subject: property management takeover letter


Dear Tenants,

It is hereby stated that as the owner of this building, I have changed the management including the landlord, handyman, security supervisor, genitor, receptionist and the lift boy. You will find the details of the new management in the letter attached here.

Previously this building was under supervision of DuPont Property Management and that was a good company. They handled the responsibilities very well for the past 10 years and neither I nor the tenants had any complaints about them. Sadly, the owner of the company died a few months ago and I wasn’t very happy about the way the company moved forward under new ownership. I also got some complaints from the tenants about misbehavior of the management with them.

Because of these reasons, I decided to change the management as soon the agreement expired. Instead of renewing the contract with them, I went with Leopard Property Management which was recommended to me by couple of friends and family members. This company has very good reviews and I have met with a few of their current clients who seemed very comfortable with their services.

I am sure that you will find them professional and experienced as well. Previously I didn’t have any saying in who will be the landlord of the building, who will sit at the receptionist and who will be appointed as the security supervisor but this time, I added specific clauses in the agreement that all the important positions will be filled with the approval of the welfare society. I have added the details of the selected individuals with this property management takeover letter and you can discuss these candidates in the next society meeting. If you have any concerns about someone, you can inform me and I will request the company to rethink and hire someone else.

I am waiting to hear good feedback from you on this.




Steven Collegian

Owner, building 243

West Virginia

Promissory Note to comply with Requirements

Sample Promissory Note to Comply with Requirements

In any production unit or manufacturing plant, there are hundreds and even thousands of workers and employees working. Because it’s very important to ensure the safety of the workers and the products being made under strict rules and regulations, customers and clients send third-party evaluators and inspectors to check the production units randomly. During their visit, these inspectors evaluate all the areas that are important for compliance purposes and they prepare a report at the end. This report is shared with the production facility and the client and it shows which areas need improvements, which factors are clearly against the compliance regulations, and what the production unit should do to show improvements. In return for this report, the unit issues a promissory note to comply with requirements.

Importance of Promissory Note to comply with Requirements:

Global customers and clients place their orders with companies where compliance rules and regulations are followed. For instance, a garment buyer who is getting men’s jeans from China finds out that the production unit is using the unsafe sandblasting technique to create designs on the jeans. This is really harmful to the employees and workers. They immediately issue a notice to the production unit explaining the situation and ask them to change the technique and move to some option that is safer and better. In return, the factory or company sends a promissory note to comply with requirements. This is a formal way of saying that the factory is willing to make necessary changes and implement new rules and regulations.

This is just an example of how clients work with global manufacturers. Actually, a multinational company has a compliance department of their own that takes great care of these health and safety issues. When an auditor comes for a compliance visit, they meet with the internal compliance and they both conduct the inspection inside the premises. During their visit, lots of areas and elements are inspected including the working environment, safety of the employees, health concerns, emergency situation planning, safety drills and the behavior of the employees with each other. If there are females working in the factory, harassment is a big issue which is discussed during the inspection.

It’s always possible that there are some concerns that the auditor raises and the rating of the production unit is put on hold. By putting the rating on hold means that the factory won’t receive any production order from the client until the improvements are shown to the auditor and the rating is specified to A grade, B grade or C grade. Meanwhile the factory makes necessary changes in the facility, they write a promissory note to the client and the inspector stating that they have started taking final steps to implement the changes and get the facility ready for inspection in the near future.

Key elements of Promissory Note to comply with Requirements:

  • Name of the recipient of the letter
  • Name and other details of the person writing the letter
  • Date of writing the promissory note
  • Subject stating the reason of writing the note
  • Formal reference to the previous discussion/meeting
  • Details of the issues raised by the individual
  • Valid steps taken to show improvement and compliance with requirements
  • Further steps that will be taken in the future for improvements
  • Details of the next visit to check the improvements

Sample Promissory Note to comply with Requirements


Jacob Reynolds

Manager Compliance

Sigma Compliance Auditing

Date: 14th December, 2021


Subject: promissory note to comply with requirements


Dear Mr. Reynolds,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter in response to your notification about our production unit not following the compliance terms and conditions. I hereby ensure you that we will comply with the requirements as per provided guidelines.

During your inspection of our production facility last week, you pointed out a few elements that should be corrected before we get the A grade from your company to continue the production. I have discussed these points with our internal compliance department and we have made solid plans to comply with the requirements. This promissory note to comply with requirements actually explains how we are planning to tackle the problems and issues within our premises.

The first issue that you raised was to found outside people and guests inside the factory premises without any identification ID. Upon investigating, it was revealed that our receptionist had limited supply of the guest IDs and the guests who couldn’t get an ID were allowed to enter the factory premises for a limited period of time. We have ordered excess number of these IDs and hopefully from next week forward, all the guests will be logged-in at the reception properly.

Another issue that you found was that number of machine operators weren’t wearing safety helmets and goggles. This is a very serious safety concern that we have discussed with the compliance department and supervisors of production unit and they have ensured us that no operator will be allowed to operate a machine without safety precautions. Related to this, there weren’t enough hand sanitizer stations at the entrance of the facility and we have already installed 6 more stations so all the employees can sanitize more often while working inside the factory. In addition to these, all the employees are required to get vaccination and keep their vaccine certificate with them all the time.

Further issues included first aid box being locked and the person with the key was outside of the factory for office work, emergency exit door not opening properly in the production unit II, bathroom floors had slippery tiles and moisture which could cause a serious injury to the employees and people not wearing masks and sitting too close to each other in the production unit. You will be pleased to know that all these issues are resolved now and hopefully you will see lots of improvements during your next visit.

Once you find this promissory note to comply with requirements and you think there is something else that is essential to implement or change, please let us know.



Simon Jefferson

General Manager Production

Lenten Textile Corporation

Sample letter denying acceptance of salary structure

Sample Letter Denying Acceptance of Salary Structure

The salary of an employee mainly depends on the fact that how much experience he has and the skills and abilities he possesses. Another important factor to consider here is if the employee wants to switch to a different organization or another company offered him a better job with a higher salary. In most cases, if a company approaches an individual and offers him a better position at their company, it means they are willing to pay him more and offer him an even better salary structure. If that’s not the case, the individual has the right to just deny the offer by sending a letter denying acceptance of salary structure.

Importance of Letter denying Acceptance of Salary Structure:

There are many factors that an individual considers before agreeing to a job offer. For instance, if a person is unemployed, he would do anything to get a job whatever the salary is but if a person is already employed and he is earning a good salary package, switching to a different company will only make sense to him if he is getting his expected salary package or a better position at the company. These things are usually discussed with the employee during their interview and meetings with the HR department.

As soon the company finalizes an offer letter and sends it to the individual, the recipient has 5-10 days to make up his mind if he wants to accept the offer or not. If the salary structure is not what he expected or discussed during the meeting, he still has the chance to negotiate it with the HR department by sending a letter denying acceptance of the salary structure. In most cases, after the negotiation, the employee gets what he wants because he is sure he is worth more than what he is offered. The overall tone of this letter should be polite and the individual should explain why he thinks he deserves a better salary than what he was offered.

Key Elements of Letter Denying Acceptance of Salary Structure:

  • Name of the person writing the letter
  • Name of the recipient of the letter
  • Date of writing the letter
  • Subject of the letter stating the reason
  • Explanation of why the salary structure is not acceptable
  • Explain your expectations
  • Terms and conditions that you want to discuss
  • Acceptable salary structure and designation


Sample Letter Denying Acceptance of Salary Structure


Joseph Sheppard

Manager HR

Terra Reliance Group

Date: 10th December, 2021


Subject: Letter Denying Acceptance of Salary Structure


Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter in reference to the last meeting we had about 2 weeks ago about a vacant position at your company. I just got the email from your side stating that you are offering me position of assistant manager compliance with net salary of $1250 per month.

With this letter denying acceptance of salary structure, I regretfully inform you that the designation and salary is not what I had in mind. If you remember, during our last meeting I told you that I am currently working as assistant manager compliance with salary package of $1000 with added bonuses and compensations. Every month I receive performance bonus, travel allowance and residence allowance from my current employer and it all sums up to $1200 with just $50 deduction of tax.

I would like you to consider that if I leave my current employer and start working for you, there is nothing much that I am getting out of it. I will be working on the same designation with added responsibilities and load of work because your organization is bigger and there is a long list of clients working with you meaning I will be dealing with multiple clients at once. Additionally if I accept your offer, I will be moving to a different apartment so the commute time is shorter which will ultimately mean I will pay more rent.

You have already conducted two interviews with me and you very well know that I am a competent and experienced employee who knows all the tweaks and perks of compliance related issues. When you contacted me and offered me a position at your company, I was under the impression that I will be getting what I deserve but that’s not the case here.

I am not saying that this salary package is not acceptable but it’s just not right for me. My counter offer to you is that you give me position of deputy manager compliance with level 3 medical insurance for me and my family members and salary of $1500 per month with added bonuses and compensations i.e. house rent, travel allowance, vehicle maintenance etc.

I am hoping to hear good news from your side very soon.



Robin Bryans

Sample promissory note for delayed payments

Sample Promissory Note for Delayed Payments

From time to time, we go to credit companies and banks for requesting a loan. This process can take some time because the bank first verifies that the applicant has good financial value and has enough assets to return the loan payment with interest rate and then the documentation starts, approvals are gathered from various departments, and then the loan amount is transferred to the applicant. Before accepting the loan payment, the individual signs an agreement with the bank where all the terms and conditions are written including the interest rate, monthly installments, and duration to return the loan. In case the loan is not returned and the bank wants to foreclose the pledged asset, the individual can write a promissory note for delayed payment to the bank. This is a simple document where the individual explains his or her situation and promises to pay the loan in near future.

Importance of Promissory Note for Delayed Payments:

There can be many reasons for asking for a loan. For instance, an individual can ask for a loan to pay for his studies while another person can ask for a loan to pay for medical expenses, to buy a car, to rent an apartment, or to aid a bankrupt business. No matter what the reason is, some specific terms and conditions are discussed with each applicant before their loan request is approved. One of the common reasons for writing these terms and conditions is that if the individual fails or denies repaying the loan, the bank has the right to seize the pledged property or item i.e. jewelry, stocks, shares, etc., and sell them through auction to recover their amount.

If such a situation occurs, the individual has no right or control over the circumstances and he can either pay the loan back to the bank or watch his property being auctioned away for recovery. Taking legal action in this situation is never the right choice or a possibility. Instead, writing a promissory note to the bank, explaining your situation, and requesting them to give you some more time to pay back the loan amount can result in better handling of these situations. In this promissory note for delayed payment, the applicant strikes the human side of the bank by showing real emotions and requesting them to show some kindness and allow more time to repay the loan.

Key Elements to include in Promissory Note for Delayed Payments:

  • Name of the recipient of the letter
  • Date of writing the letter
  • Subject of the letter
  • formal introduction of the person writing the letter
  • Explanation of the loan agreement, capital amount, interest rate
  • Pending amount of the loan
  • Particular circumstances that caused the delay in the payment
  • Expected timeline to repay the loan
  • Formal request to extend loan limit/duration before foreclosing

Sample Promissory Note for Delayed Payments


Mr. Adam Smith

Manager FWO

Commercial Bank Ltd

West Downtown Area

Washington DC

Date: 18th December 2021


Subject: promissory note for delayed payment


Dear Mr. Smith,

I hope you are in good health. I am writing this letter in response to the late payment notice I received from your bank 2 days ago. With this letter, I am formally requesting you to extend my credit period and that I will make the balance payment as soon as possible.

I took a loan of $500,000 from your bank at a fixed interest rate of 7.2% for 2 years. In the agreement, I agreed that if I fail to pay back the loan within the next 2 years, I will comply with the interest rate of 9% for the 3rd year. If I fail to completely return the capital amount with the interest gain within 4th year, the bank has every right to seize my pledged property and auction it.

It’s already been 4 years and I am sorry to say that I haven’t paid the loan to you yet. There is still the capital amount of $50,000 that is unpaid along with $23,000 in interest. I am not saying that I won’t be able to pay it back but I am just asking for a little more time from your side before you sell my home in the auction to recover your amount.

You know it very well that last year and the year before that wasn’t good for businesses because of the pandemic and overall failed financial situations of the businesses. I am running my company for the past 15 years and I never had to fire an employee because of money issues. Last year because of COVID19, I had to fire 3 of the employees, and overall decreased sales hugely affected my profit margin.

I have a very good and long relationship with your bank and I never defaulted on any payment let alone delaying or not paying it at all. For the sake of our past together, I am requesting you to reconsider your request of foreclosing my residence and allow me 2-3 months to make the loan payments. Because this is a problem from my end, I am willing to pay an interest rate of 12% for the remaining amount of the capital figure. The pandemic is almost over and the sales have started to increase since last week and I am very positive that the whole situation will be in my control within the next 4-5 weeks.

I hope to hear good news from you very soon.



Joshua Sestina


Oregon Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd