Complaint Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage

When an airline company loses luggage of a passenger, the passenger has the responsibility of informing the authorities and asking them to track his lost luggage. The complaint letter to airline for lost luggage is used for this purpose. It is written by the customer or passenger who lost his luggage to the airline luggage or baggage department providing details of the luggage along with other specifics i.e. flight number, flight route and date, number of bags, size and shape of bags and the items in the luggage.

Brief description of the Complaint Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage:

It is not very common that a passenger loses his luggage during a flight but this happens sometimes. Usually the airports and airlines have a very good tracking system to put the luggage on board and taking it off where it’s needed but when there are thousands of luggage items transferred from one place to another, it is possible that someone makes a mistake along the way and a passenger doesn’t find his luggage after getting off the plane.

When this happens, it is important for the passenger to inform the airport employees or luggage supervisor about this incident so that he can find out if the luggage is in the airport or the loaders didn’t put it on the board at the previous airport. If the luggage is in the airport, it can be given to the passenger within an hour where if the luggage didn’t arrive at the airport with the passenger, it is possible that it is still on board or loaders didn’t load it at the previous airport. When this happens, the passenger has only one choice; to make a formal complaint with the airline and asking them to track the luggage. Type, size and other specifics of the luggage is provided in the letter along with items in the luggage so that is easy for the company to find it.

Sample Complaint Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage

To: Manager/supervisor

Luggage/baggage department

Vice City airlines PVT LTD

Subject: about lost luggage

Date: 18 February 2015

Dear Sir,

I am writing this formal complaint letter to you in order to inform you that the airline has lost my luggage. I took the international flight number FG452 from Dubai and arrived this morning at New York airport. When I didn’t find my bags anywhere, I told the supervisor and he took an hour and then told me that the luggage is not here nor at the Dubai airport. It is possible that my bags are still on board and as the plane has already taken off, it’s not possible to get the luggage at this moment.

I have my important documents in the bag along with my laptop and digital camera. Along with that, there are some clothes, a pair of shoes and toiletries. The items are in a leather bag with brown color and wheels on sides and a white handle bar. I hope you will find me bag as soon as possible as I have to attend number of meetings after tomorrow and every presentation is in my laptop. I have included my contact information so as soon you track my luggage, please let me know.


Richard Simons