Complaint Letter about a Recent Auto Repair

When you take your car to an auto workshop for repair or services, it is possible that you don’t get the services or quality of the services that you expected. In order to show your disappointment or unhappiness towards the services provided by the staff members in an auto repair shop, you need to write this complaint letter to the supervisor or manager of the shop and ask him to resolve this matter. It depends on your choice if you just want the job done once again as it’s supposed to be done in the first place or you want your money back.

Brief introduction to the Complaint Letter about a recent Auto Repair:

You should understand that humans are supposed to make mistakes and errors as we are not computer or robots that are programmed to work only in a certain way. The same thing can happen when you take your car to an auto workshop for repair or services purposes. You may expect to be delivered with high quality services and in the same way you want them but it is possible that a repairer makes a mistake or doesn’t repair the car in the expected way and you face the same problem very soon. In this situation, you have the right to complaint to the management of that auto repair garage and ask them to take essential steps to satisfy you with their services. It depends on your choice if you want the repair work to be done once again as it was supposed to before or you just want them to refund your money so that you can take the car somewhere else and get it repaired.

Sample Complaint Letter about a recent Auto Repair

To: Supervisor/manager/in charge

Crown insurance auto garage

356 North Avenue, New York

Subject: complaint about recent auto repair

Date: 15 February 2015

Dear Sir,

Last Monday I bring my Honda Accord with registration number ABC12345 and model 2010 in your repair shop. There I talked to David, one of your senior repairers. I explained to him that sometimes my car doesn’t start and I have to ask people around me to push it and then it starts. It doesn’t happen very often but only a couple of times every now and then. I wanted him to diagnose what’s wrong with the car and how much it will cost me to pay for the repair. He took a thorough look at the engine and told me that the spark plugs are malfunctioning and they need to be replaced.

I paid the asked price of $200 and took the car back in two hours. It’s only been 2 days and now the problem is back and it’s worse than before. Now the car won’t start every morning and I have to push it very often. I am very disappointed in the services that you provided and as the problem is still there, I need you to refund my $200 so that I can take the car somewhere else and get it fixed. I hope you will consider my complaint very seriously and resolve the matter as soon as possible.


Max Johnson