It is possible that when a customer goes to a car showroom, he is not appreciated there or didn’t receive proper services from the salesmen working there. In order to show his disappointment, he is required to write a complaint letter to the car showroom informing the supervisor or the manager about the behavior or attitude of a particular salesman who disrespected the customer. The complaint letter about a car salesman that we are discussing here is used for this purpose. Key elements of this complaint letter include the name of the salesman, date when the customer visited the showroom and nature of complaint including specifics.

Brief description of the Complaint Letter about a Car Salesman:

When you write this complaint letter to the supervisor or the manager of a car showroom, it shows your unhappiness or disappointment about the staff or employees work there and specifies the way you were treated by the salesmen in there. If you take care of the essential elements of this complaint letter, it can make sure that your complaint will be heard by the supervisor and this matter will be resolved so that next time, you don’t need to face the same situation. There are many things that you need to include in this letter but you should understand that showing your anger towards the establishment or the management of a showroom won’t get you anywhere so you need to show some respect towards the receiver of this letter i.e. supervisor or manager of the showroom.

You need to choose your words and tone of the letter very carefully because if you use bad words in the letter, it is possible that the receiver will just throw it in the trash. While writing this letter, make sure to specify the salesman that disrespected you, the date when you visited the showroom, the specifics of the disappointment and the detailed conversation you had with the salesman. You also need to provide your contact information in the letter so that when the letter is considered seriously by the management, they can contact you in order to make sure that you are happy with the way the matter is resolved and you will visit the showroom again.

Sample Complaint Letter about a Car Salesman

To: Showroom Manager

Oriental Cars Limited

Head office, New York

Subject: complaint about a salesman

Date: 13 February 2015

Dear Sir,

I visited your showroom last Saturday and there I met, Mr. Peter, one of your salesmen. When I requested him to show me some used cars that have price less than $20,000, he didn’t take me very serious and asked me to take a look around the car lot outside the showroom and see if I like any car. I did that and liked 1998 Honda Civic and when I went inside again to talk to him; he simply ignored my choice and tried to convince me to buy a new car. I respectfully told him that I don’t want to buy a new car and then he disrespected me because I was wasting his time for only $20,000 worth used car. I was very disappointed in your service and writing this letter so that you can take care of this matter and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.


Adam John


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