Authorization Letter

An authorization letter is a legal document which gives permission to a third person to act according to the situation of your behalf. This is a letter by which you transfer your decision making powers to someone else for a short time so that he or she would take decisions when you are not around. Statuses, influence, ability for signing a legal document like contract or something or permission to take actions according to the situation are some common factors that are includes in an authorization letter. It’s understood that only superiors can take decisions in an organization and only high class officials give orders in government organizations and agencies but it’s not possible for such a person to be present at every incident to address to the juniors or give permissions to take actions but he nominate someone else less superior on his behalf who is granted with his powers and on his behalf, that person is allowed to take actions as per the instructions written on the authorization letter.

An authorization letter has many other uses too such as when we say a bank authorization letter, it’s a letter you write when you can’t appear personally in the bank and by this letter you give authority to someone else like your spouse or sibling to use your bank accounts on your behalf and bank allow that person to do so only because of a bank authorization letter. When it comes to a property authorization letter, it’s a letter written by an owner of a property to a third person which able him to sell or lease the property on the behalf of the actual owner. This is a very common example in our daily life when a person goes abroad for few years; he can’t come back every time there is a case in the court regarding his property so he gives the dealing rights to someone who is staying there and can appear in the court on every hearing. Another common example of authorization letter is that when you sell a vehicle but the transfer documents are not ready yet, in order to let the new owner drive it safely in the city, you issue an authorization letter to that person which shows that you have sold the vehicle to that person but the transfer papers are not done yet.

How to Write an Authorization Letter:

  • Unlike most of other letters, its better if you type instead of hand-write it. As an authorization letter is an important document, typed letter on company’s letterhead makes it more official and vital.
  • It’s important to use just the right tone which is only possible if you know the person you are addressing to. If you are giving permission to someone to act in a legal situation by himself, it’s important to sound like a professional and superior.
  • There is no need to make it long and dense but keep it as concise as possible. Add the necessary information thoroughly and avoid useless discussions.
  • Before starting the body of the letter, write your name, your designation and sensitive and confidential information and also the full details of the person you are addressing to.
  • Close the letter with an appropriate closing note such as “Regards” or “Sincerely”.

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