Complaint Response Letter

Complaint Response Letter

Companies, businesses and organizations all over the world have realized that they can’t improve their profit and trusty relations with the customers if they don’t welcome the criticism. When an organization let his customers talk about its product or services, they indirectly hear what a customer wants or what a person is looking for out there. This way these companies improve the quality of their products or services and appreciate the customer for taking some time to let them know about their faults.

By this complaint process, sales of the company products increase and company have good relations with the consumers and people believe on them and their products. It’s a known process that when someone uses a product, he or she obviously has some issues with it and there are quite a few companies that have gradually decrease the customer complaint process and now no one have issues using their product. That means when you sell something, you have to make your mind for some criticism too along with a little appreciation from the market.

Writing Complaint Response Letter

When someone has some complaint about any of your product or service, they write you a complaint letter in which they explain about the problem they encountered during the use of that product and the damage happened to them if any. The first thing for you to do is to give them response for their feedback either its appreciation or criticism and this is done by sending those customers a complaint response letter. This letter is written by the companies or organizations to general consumers for a couple of reasons such as to let them know that there words are very important to the company, the management has taken important steps to eliminate the issue in the future products and that company is really sorry for what happened to you while using the product. This complaint response letter also admire the writer that he took some time and believed that company will listen to him and solve the problem he is having.

Although it’s important to response to the complaint as soon as possible but first it’s necessary to find out the discussed issue is real to someone is just doing a prank. The company investigates the whole matter on immediate notice by making a committee who analyze the seriousness and reality of the matter and prepares a report which contains all the information about the faults of that product. This way once the company is sure that the customer is right and he did had a problem with the product, they send him an alternate improved product or just send out a letter and tell him that he is right and ask him what he wants to do next. This whole process sometimes takes a couple of days and delays the complaint response process but this is very important because there are some customers out there who just can’t appreciate a thing or want to make a big mess of a tiny problem. Companies can’t alternate their reputation for that kind of person by admitting their fault with an inquiry which can ruin their credibility in the market.

General Guidelines to write a Complaint Response Letter:

  • At the start of the letter the first thing to do is to appreciate the person who made that complaint and admire his guts that he has balls to stand to a problem he had and his consideration to let the company know about the problem their product has.
  • After that show some sympathy or sorry feelings for the person for him bad experience. This way you decrease the customer’s anger by letting him know that company actually feels sorry for him.
  • After that you apologize for the issue your product had and you say sorry to that customer that the company is really ashamed of what happened and the customer’s satisfaction is the first thing company thinks of before introducing a new product.
  • Now it’s time to tell the customer about the steps you have taken regarding the problem and the future improvements you will have in the product. This way you convince them that the problem has been eliminated and there in nothing wrong with using the same product again in the future.
  • If it’s possible and not much to do, it’s better to award the complainer with some product or prize like special discounts in the future shopping or a special trip to Disney land with him family. This way it’s very easy to win the customer’s trust and starting good and long term relationships with the customers.
  • At the end, you just appreciate that person again and let them know that they can complaint as many times they want because there is nothing more important than their satisfaction.

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Complaint Response Letter

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Sample Complaint Letter

Just about the most powerful types of conversation is letter composing. The key edge is it provides enough time to the author to collect his ideas and set up them properly. Next, the receiver doesn’t need to react immediately, because he may take his own time also. This will make it a good moderate for promoting complaints to the anxious party.

Standard Recommendations for writing your Complaint Letter:

Abide by these types of easy guidelines for composing any complaint letter and find out the end result in your favor.

  • Your correspondence must be always tapped out without any lexical or format mistakes. In case you have to write it with hands, ensure the writing is readable and thoroughly clean.
  • Like a conventional letter, it ought to be always brief and accurate.
  • Steer clear of needless detail; however simultaneously don’t overlook crucial details.
  • Stay away from profanities of all kinds and don’t let your correspondence sound frightening.
  • It doesn’t matter how furious you are, always keep a courteous terminology throughout your letter.

How to Write a Letter of Complaint

To your Company
You have to create your complaint letter to your company for the situations when you aren’t pleased with their professional services. In this instance, start with the way you have loved the expertise of the interested company previously. And then point out all the pertinent information on the concerned occurrence.

To your Boss
There are many situations where composing your complaint letter to a boss turns into unavoidable. Even so, this can be a difficult place and also you have to follow very carefully. First of all, clarify your part in the firm while stating just how pleased you’re to get the job done with this type of fantastic company.

About a Colleague
If you wish to get even with an awful colleague, subsequently complaint letter is the greatest way. Yet, send out this specific letter to the appropriate individual, mainly your instant manager or group head. Communicate the reason for your problem and evidently point out the way the behavior of your colleague is impacting your overall performance. Steer clear of one on one criticism.

To Property manager
On particular situations, you may be needed to write a correspondence to the property manager concerning the restoration of house, payment of taxation or any kind of legitimate updates. This may go on a type of casual conversation in case you share this kind of relationship with your property manager.

To the Healthcare facility
Although composing business letters of problem to healthcare facility there’s a chance you’re forced to deliver the more information and related facts of your scenario. Point out the medical doctor or other employees in question as well as plainly express the reason for your distress.

Regarding your Manager
The structure of this correspondence is fairly like the structure of complaint letter for the organization. On the other hand, in cases like this, point out the specific supervisor and clarify exactly how his inability to execute his responsibilities has impacted you.


Sample Complaint Letter

Here is preview of a Free Sample Complaint Letter created using MS Word,

Sample Complaint Letter

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Download Sample Complaint Letter

Sample Letter to Landlord for Possible Payment Problems

The letter to landlord for possible payment problems is the letter that is written by the tenants to the landlord in order to inform him about their money situation and to ask him to agree for late payment. This is a very common letter that is used by the tenants when they can’t arrange for the rent money within the deadline they agreed on the agreement.

Brief description of letter to landlord for possible payment problems:

When a person rents a building, he signs a legal contract with the landlord which is known as the tenancy agreement. There are many elements discussed in the agreement but one of the most important factors is that the tenants agree to pay the rent before a specific date i.e. 5th or 10th of every month. If the tenants can’t arrange for the rent before the deadline, the landlord has every right to deduct the rent from their security deposit and ask them to leave the building unless they formally write a request letter to the landlord and explain why they can’t make the rent on time and how the landlord can compensate them i.e. either by decreasing the rent or giving them few extra days to arrange for the rent. In this scenario when the tenants can’t come up with the rent money before the deadline ends, the only option for them is to write his formal request letter to the landlord and ask him to extend the deadline and cope with the financial problems that the tenants are having.

Sample letter to landlord for possible payment problems:

Tenant name:
Street address:
City, State:
Postal Code:

Subject: enclosing security deposit

Date: 3 January 2015

Mr. John,

You can recall that when I rented this building, we both agreed that I will pay the rent before 5th of every month and if I am unable to pay the rent before the deadline, you may or may not give me 2-3 more days to come up with the money and after that, you have the right to deduct the rent from my security deposit and send me a formal eviction notice with 15 days notice period. You can also recall that I am renting this building for more than 3 years and up until now, I never made any excuses or sent you the rent after 5th of each month so we both can agree that I am not a person with lame or tenant with often excuses to pay the rent late.

The reason of writing this letter is that this month, I was asked to pay the taxes with fine and after that, it is not possible for me to come up with another $10,000 for the rent within 10 days. I am very sorry to inform you that I will not be able to pay the rent on time this month and by considering my previous record, I am requesting you to give me 10 more days and extend the deadline up to 15th of this month without deducing anything from my security deposit.

If you agree, I promise you that it won’t happen again. I hope you will consider my request and extend the rent deadline this month.

Yours sincerely,

Landlord name:


Complaint Letter to Travel & Tourism Company

As a customer, if you are not happy with the services and offers offered by a travel and tourism company, you should make a formal complaint to the company and let them know that they disrespected you, provided you wrong information and overcharged you or anything that you are angry with. The complaint letter to travel & tourism company is the formal application that is used for this purpose. You can easily draft this letter by yourself and there is nothing complicated with it. You just need to write to the right person in the company and provide details of what you want to discuss with him. If you have documented proofs, attach them with the letter to support your complaint.

Brief description of Complaint Letter to Travel & Tourism Company:

Usually we use a travel and tourism company just because it is easy to go in the office, take a look at the brochures, decide where we want to go on vacation and provide our requirements and needs to the travel agent and it’s done. These companies have made the travelling very easy and simple but on the same time, many of these companies make mistakes very frequently and rarely, they also misguide the customers too. If any of these things happens to you, you need to contact the supervisor or management of the company and inform them about your experience. This way you can ask them to solve it and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to any customer again. If you have very serious allegations, you can also demand to be compensated in order to drop the complaint.

Sample Complaint Letter to Travel & Tourism Company

To: Supervisor/Manager

Ruby travel and tourism PVT LTD

463 Broadway, New York

Subject: complaint about your staff members and packages

Date: 19 February 2015

Dear Sir,

Last month on 13th, I visited one of your offices in North Avenue and met with Ashley. She is the ticketing agent in the agency and we asked her to tell us about a good vacation place for a family. She told us that we would really love Miami as it is very good around this time of year and beaches are very beautiful there. We agreed and told her that we have one child that will be going with us so we need a good hotel with at least 4 stars or better and the room should be quiet enough so that the baby can rest. We also told her that the hotel must be close to the beach and for the flight; we would really appreciate any flight after noon.

She agreed to everything and told us that all the things are arranged. But as it turned out that she was wrong. We didn’t have seats on the afternoon flight and we had to wake up early to board the plane. The hotel in Miami was 3 stars and wasn’t appropriate for a family with 16 months old child. Also it turned out that the hotel was at least half an hour away from the beach. We arrived yesterday in New York and I am very sorry to say but the trip was really disappointing. I have explained everything and I hope you will take care of this matter. Please contact me if you want to know or discuss anything else.


Adam Fore

Complaint Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage

When an airline company loses luggage of a passenger, the passenger has the responsibility of informing the authorities and asking them to track his lost luggage. The complaint letter to airline for lost luggage is used for this purpose. It is written by the customer or passenger who lost his luggage to the airline luggage or baggage department providing details of the luggage along with other specifics i.e. flight number, flight route and date, number of bags, size and shape of bags and the items in the luggage.

Brief description of the Complaint Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage:

It is not very common that a passenger loses his luggage during a flight but this happens sometimes. Usually the airports and airlines have a very good tracking system to put the luggage on board and taking it off where it’s needed but when there are thousands of luggage items transferred from one place to another, it is possible that someone makes a mistake along the way and a passenger doesn’t find his luggage after getting off the plane.

When this happens, it is important for the passenger to inform the airport employees or luggage supervisor about this incident so that he can find out if the luggage is in the airport or the loaders didn’t put it on the board at the previous airport. If the luggage is in the airport, it can be given to the passenger within an hour where if the luggage didn’t arrive at the airport with the passenger, it is possible that it is still on board or loaders didn’t load it at the previous airport. When this happens, the passenger has only one choice; to make a formal complaint with the airline and asking them to track the luggage. Type, size and other specifics of the luggage is provided in the letter along with items in the luggage so that is easy for the company to find it.

Sample Complaint Letter to Airline for Lost Luggage

To: Manager/supervisor

Luggage/baggage department

Vice City airlines PVT LTD

Subject: about lost luggage

Date: 18 February 2015

Dear Sir,

I am writing this formal complaint letter to you in order to inform you that the airline has lost my luggage. I took the international flight number FG452 from Dubai and arrived this morning at New York airport. When I didn’t find my bags anywhere, I told the supervisor and he took an hour and then told me that the luggage is not here nor at the Dubai airport. It is possible that my bags are still on board and as the plane has already taken off, it’s not possible to get the luggage at this moment.

I have my important documents in the bag along with my laptop and digital camera. Along with that, there are some clothes, a pair of shoes and toiletries. The items are in a leather bag with brown color and wheels on sides and a white handle bar. I hope you will find me bag as soon as possible as I have to attend number of meetings after tomorrow and every presentation is in my laptop. I have included my contact information so as soon you track my luggage, please let me know.


Richard Simons

Complaint Letter to Airline for Flight Crew

As a customer, if you are not happy with the services provided by a specific airline company or you are unhappy with the way the staff members of an airline treats the passengers, you have the right to make a formal complaint to the customer services of that airline company. You can use the formal complaint letter to airline for flight crew for this purpose. It is a very simple letter and doesn’t require any experience or expertise in this matter. You just need to mention the flight that you took, the names of the crew members that disrespected you and the nature of complaint i.e. why you are unhappy with the crew members.

Brief description of the Complaint Letter to Airline for Flight Crew:

If you are not happy with the services provided by an airline or if the staff members did something to offend you, you should write a complaint letter to the management of that airline company and inform them about your disappointment and ask them to take action against this matter and solve it. It can be about anything from not sitting in a comfortable seat to un-cleaned restrooms to expired or bad food to rude behavior of the flight crew during the flight. Most of the time, even if a passenger is angry or rude, the flight crew doesn’t respond to them with the same attitude but try to settle them and make them comfortable but sometimes the flight crew is rude to the passengers and doesn’t respond to their questions or tasks very respectfully. This is not something that you should keep to yourself but you need to explain the situation to the authorities or management of the airline so that the same thing doesn’t happen to other passengers and the flight crew talks to the passengers politely.

Sample Complaint Letter to Airline for Flight Crew

To: Manager Customer Services

Air blue airlines

Head office San Francisco

Subject: complaint about flight crew

Date: 16 February 2015

Dear Sir,

I am very sorry to inform you that but I am here to make a formal complaint about your flight crew of the flight AN456 from London to New York. I took this flight last week and during this flight, the flight crew was very rude and unpleasant to the passengers and I am not the only one who felt disrespected by them but I am pretty sure you will receive number of complaints from other passengers of the same flight. There were two flight attendants with names Amber and Ashley and they were ruder to me as compared to other staff members.

I am writing this formal complaint letter to you so that you can take notice of this problem and make sure that the flight crew is reprimanded appropriately so that they don’t behave like that again. I have provided my contact details with this letter so that if you want to talk to me or discuss the matter directly, we can talk on phone or meet in person.


Robert Anderson

Complaint Letter about a Recent Auto Repair

When you take your car to an auto workshop for repair or services, it is possible that you don’t get the services or quality of the services that you expected. In order to show your disappointment or unhappiness towards the services provided by the staff members in an auto repair shop, you need to write this complaint letter to the supervisor or manager of the shop and ask him to resolve this matter. It depends on your choice if you just want the job done once again as it’s supposed to be done in the first place or you want your money back.

Brief introduction to the Complaint Letter about a recent Auto Repair:

You should understand that humans are supposed to make mistakes and errors as we are not computer or robots that are programmed to work only in a certain way. The same thing can happen when you take your car to an auto workshop for repair or services purposes. You may expect to be delivered with high quality services and in the same way you want them but it is possible that a repairer makes a mistake or doesn’t repair the car in the expected way and you face the same problem very soon. In this situation, you have the right to complaint to the management of that auto repair garage and ask them to take essential steps to satisfy you with their services. It depends on your choice if you want the repair work to be done once again as it was supposed to before or you just want them to refund your money so that you can take the car somewhere else and get it repaired.

Sample Complaint Letter about a recent Auto Repair

To: Supervisor/manager/in charge

Crown insurance auto garage

356 North Avenue, New York

Subject: complaint about recent auto repair

Date: 15 February 2015

Dear Sir,

Last Monday I bring my Honda Accord with registration number ABC12345 and model 2010 in your repair shop. There I talked to David, one of your senior repairers. I explained to him that sometimes my car doesn’t start and I have to ask people around me to push it and then it starts. It doesn’t happen very often but only a couple of times every now and then. I wanted him to diagnose what’s wrong with the car and how much it will cost me to pay for the repair. He took a thorough look at the engine and told me that the spark plugs are malfunctioning and they need to be replaced.

I paid the asked price of $200 and took the car back in two hours. It’s only been 2 days and now the problem is back and it’s worse than before. Now the car won’t start every morning and I have to push it very often. I am very disappointed in the services that you provided and as the problem is still there, I need you to refund my $200 so that I can take the car somewhere else and get it fixed. I hope you will consider my complaint very seriously and resolve the matter as soon as possible.


Max Johnson


Complaint Letter about a Car Salesman

It is possible that when a customer goes to a car showroom, he is not appreciated there or didn’t receive proper services from the salesmen working there. In order to show his disappointment, he is required to write a complaint letter to the car showroom informing the supervisor or the manager about the behavior or attitude of a particular salesman who disrespected the customer. The complaint letter about a car salesman that we are discussing here is used for this purpose. Key elements of this complaint letter include the name of the salesman, date when the customer visited the showroom and nature of complaint including specifics.

Brief description of the Complaint Letter about a Car Salesman:

When you write this complaint letter to the supervisor or the manager of a car showroom, it shows your unhappiness or disappointment about the staff or employees work there and specifies the way you were treated by the salesmen in there. If you take care of the essential elements of this complaint letter, it can make sure that your complaint will be heard by the supervisor and this matter will be resolved so that next time, you don’t need to face the same situation. There are many things that you need to include in this letter but you should understand that showing your anger towards the establishment or the management of a showroom won’t get you anywhere so you need to show some respect towards the receiver of this letter i.e. supervisor or manager of the showroom.

You need to choose your words and tone of the letter very carefully because if you use bad words in the letter, it is possible that the receiver will just throw it in the trash. While writing this letter, make sure to specify the salesman that disrespected you, the date when you visited the showroom, the specifics of the disappointment and the detailed conversation you had with the salesman. You also need to provide your contact information in the letter so that when the letter is considered seriously by the management, they can contact you in order to make sure that you are happy with the way the matter is resolved and you will visit the showroom again.

Sample Complaint Letter about a Car Salesman

To: Showroom Manager

Oriental Cars Limited

Head office, New York

Subject: complaint about a salesman

Date: 13 February 2015

Dear Sir,

I visited your showroom last Saturday and there I met, Mr. Peter, one of your salesmen. When I requested him to show me some used cars that have price less than $20,000, he didn’t take me very serious and asked me to take a look around the car lot outside the showroom and see if I like any car. I did that and liked 1998 Honda Civic and when I went inside again to talk to him; he simply ignored my choice and tried to convince me to buy a new car. I respectfully told him that I don’t want to buy a new car and then he disrespected me because I was wasting his time for only $20,000 worth used car. I was very disappointed in your service and writing this letter so that you can take care of this matter and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.


Adam John


Sample Complaint Letter for an error in Credit Card Statement

When an individual or a company uses a credit card issued by a bank or credit card company, the expenses they make with the credit card are recorded by the bank and at the end of each month, a detailed document is sent to the credit card owner in order to inform him about the expenses he made with the credit card. It is possible that there is an error in the statement i.e. an expense that the card owner didn’t make or a mistake in the sum of the expenses. When this happens, the credit card owner has the right to send a formal letter to the credit card company to point out the error and settle it. The complaint letter to report an error in credit card statement is used for this purpose and it’s used by card owners and sent to the banks and credit card companies.

Brief Description of Complaint Letter for an error in Credit Card Statement:

It is possible that due to some reasons or computer or human errors, there is a mistake on the credit card statement i.e. additional expenses, wrong taxation or other things. When this happens, the credit card owners have the right to file an official complaint with the Credit Card Company or bank and ask them to correct the mistake. This is a very common problem these days and individuals with dozens of expenses every day usually encounter with such errors. If this happens, they can write the formal complaint letter to the company or bank and ask them to remove the error and issue the card statement once again.

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Sample Complaint Letter for an error in Credit Card Statement

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Complaint Letter for Mortgage Payment Problems

When an individual or a company gets loan or mortgage loan from a bank or mortgage company, they agree to pay the installments on time every month or twice a year depending on the agreement. But, it is possible that the lender or debtor can’t make the payment on time and when this happens, he has to write a formal application letter to the mortgage company informing them about the financial problem and possible delay in the payment process. The complaint letter to mortgage company for payment problems is used for this purpose and with this letter, the individual or company saves the trouble of being declared defaulter by the mortgage company after not making the payment(s) on time.

Brief description of complaint letter for mortgage payment problems:

It is possible that even if the lender or loaner has signed a formal contract with the mortgage company to make the loan payments on time and within deadlines provided by the mortgage company, there are some issues or financial problems due to which, the loaner can’t make the payments. Most of the time, loaners sense this problem may occur in future so they include the clause in the loan agreement and reserve the right to apply for a concession in such scenario. This letter is a formal way to apply for disclosing the financial problems that a company is having and asking for some kind of compensation or concession in the deadline to make the mortgage loan payments.

Sample Complaint Letter for Mortgage Payment Problems

To: senior manager

ABC Mortgage Company

New York NY 35094

Subject: possible payment problems

Date: 27 January 2015

Dear Sir,

As you can recall that I got mortgage loan from your company 2 years ago and as I agreed on the loan contract, I always made the installments or loan payments on time during this time. I am also willing to keep my end of the deal and make the payments on time but there are some financial problems in the business and I have to pay my partner as he wants to leave the company. When this will happen, you can understand I won’t be able to make the loan payments on time. So I am writing this formal request letter to you to consider my situation and compensate me with delaying the payment schedule.

It’s not sure but I can say that I will make the payment only a month later and if you are willing to give me this concession, I will make the payments with 2% extra. As a business owner, you can understand that there comes some times in the business when we can’t keep our promises and we have to look forward to the other party for some compensation and I am doing the same by writing this letter to you.

I hope you will consider my request and allow me to make the payments after the deadline. If you have anything to say or you want to discuss anything, you can contact me or we can fix a meeting to talk these things.


Nicolas Pitt

Account number: 76-9549374-1937-01-0471