Complaint Letter to Airline for Flight Crew

As a customer, if you are not happy with the services provided by a specific airline company or you are unhappy with the way the staff members of an airline treats the passengers, you have the right to make a formal complaint to the customer services of that airline company. You can use the formal complaint letter to airline for flight crew for this purpose. It is a very simple letter and doesn’t require any experience or expertise in this matter. You just need to mention the flight that you took, the names of the crew members that disrespected you and the nature of complaint i.e. why you are unhappy with the crew members.

Brief description of the Complaint Letter to Airline for Flight Crew:

If you are not happy with the services provided by an airline or if the staff members did something to offend you, you should write a complaint letter to the management of that airline company and inform them about your disappointment and ask them to take action against this matter and solve it. It can be about anything from not sitting in a comfortable seat to un-cleaned restrooms to expired or bad food to rude behavior of the flight crew during the flight. Most of the time, even if a passenger is angry or rude, the flight crew doesn’t respond to them with the same attitude but try to settle them and make them comfortable but sometimes the flight crew is rude to the passengers and doesn’t respond to their questions or tasks very respectfully. This is not something that you should keep to yourself but you need to explain the situation to the authorities or management of the airline so that the same thing doesn’t happen to other passengers and the flight crew talks to the passengers politely.

Sample Complaint Letter to Airline for Flight Crew

To: Manager Customer Services

Air blue airlines

Head office San Francisco

Subject: complaint about flight crew

Date: 16 February 2015

Dear Sir,

I am very sorry to inform you that but I am here to make a formal complaint about your flight crew of the flight AN456 from London to New York. I took this flight last week and during this flight, the flight crew was very rude and unpleasant to the passengers and I am not the only one who felt disrespected by them but I am pretty sure you will receive number of complaints from other passengers of the same flight. There were two flight attendants with names Amber and Ashley and they were ruder to me as compared to other staff members.

I am writing this formal complaint letter to you so that you can take notice of this problem and make sure that the flight crew is reprimanded appropriately so that they don’t behave like that again. I have provided my contact details with this letter so that if you want to talk to me or discuss the matter directly, we can talk on phone or meet in person.


Robert Anderson