There are many reasons that a person doesn’t want negative remarks or penalties to show on his credit card statement. It can be because of taxation processes, employment purposes or just for mortgage loans. When there are negative remarks on a credit card that the owner wants to dispute i.e. remove, he needs to write a formal request letter to the company and ask them to remove these remarks. The letter to credit reporting services disputing negative remarks is used for this purpose. In this letter, you need to include credit card information, the remarks that you want to dispute and the reasons of doing so.

Brief Description of Letter to Credit Reporting Services Disputing Negative Remarks:

Most of the time, banks and credit card companies allow the customers to dispute the negative remarks on their credit card statements and records. This is done because if there are negative remarks on your credit card history, it can affect your credit habits or scores on the credit cards. Later, if these remarks are encountered by banks, mortgage loan companies and employers, it can lead to more serious problems. For example, you apply for a mortgage loan and the bank or the loan company finds out that you have negative remarks on your credit card statement; it can cancel your request because of your credit habits or scores.

There are two types of remarks that you can dispute; ones that show the mistakes that you did make and the others that are shown because of an error. It is easy to remove the errors from the credit history as it’s done by the bank and you didn’t do anything wrong but when you have made a mistake and it’s shown on the credit history, there are chances that the bank or credit reporting services won’t remove it. In either case, you need to make your point valid with the authorities and provide the reasons why you don’t want these negative remarks to be shown on your credit card history.

Sample Letter to Credit Reporting Services Disputing Negative Remarks

To: Senior Manager

Credit card department

National Capital bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: disputing negative remarks on the credit card record

Date: 23 March 2015

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to make a formal request to your department in order to remove the negative remarks on my credit card history. I have attached the history document and circled the remarks that I want to dispute. It is clear from the statement that I made the payments on time and if the records are showing that I was late with my payments, it’s obviously an error. If this thing is shown on the record, it can ruin my mortgage loan application. So I am requesting to you with this letter to remove the mentioned negative remarks on my credit statement so that it can’t back fire. I hope you will take it serious and make it happen as soon as possible.


Peter K. Foreman

Credit card number: 98-23597-028470-112-1


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