Request Letter to Stop Payment on a Check

When it comes to sending money or transferring funds, big companies and organizations usually use online transactions for funds from one account to another but for small companies and mostly individuals, issuing checks to clients and parties is a more convenient option and better way to make the payment. When a person issues a check, he allows the receiver to cash out the check and withdraw the money but in some cases when there is some kind of complication or dispute between two parties, the issuer or the check can also ask the bank to stop the payment on a particular check until further notice. The letter that is written to the bank for stopping payment on a check is known as the request letter to stop payment on a check.

Brief Description of Request Letter to Stop Payment on a Check:

There are many scenarios when a person who issued a check wants the bank to stop the payment on that particular check or inform the issuer when any person comes in bank to issue payment on that check. It can be because of legal problems, business disputes, lost check or just because there is not enough money in the account and the account holder doesn’t want the bank to bounce the check as it can create bigger legal problems for him. These are just some examples but in reality, there are hundreds of reasons why a person doesn’t want the bank to issue money on a particular check that he wrote to a party i.e. supplier, partner, client or customer.

When a person wants to do so, he is legally required to contact the bank formally and ask them to stop the payment on a particular check or multiple checks. Usually bank managers don’t ask for the reasons to stop the payment but when the requestor is very important client of a bank, the manager has the right to ask him why he wants to stop the payment on the check. This is important because if there is a third party involved in the process, the bank has to answer them too about why they can’t cash out the check and how much time it will take to cash the check or if they want to contact the check issuer for further details.

Sample Request Letter to Stop Payment on a Check:

To: Senior Manager

National Citizen bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: Check Payment Stop

Date: 14 March 2015

Dear Sir,

I hereby formally request you to please stop the payment of the check # 9817-53491-89655-019 that I issued last week on 7 March 2015 to Global Software solution providers with amount $50,000. I just found out from the client that somehow they have lost the check and it is possible that someone else will try to cash it out. So, I am requesting you to stop the payment on this particular check and if someone comes in bank with this check number, kindly inform me so that I can take care of this misfortune in time.


Raymond Taylor

Account number: 9770-44521-09748-91821-11