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When a party or event organizer is working on an event, the most important thing about it is to invite a well known or very successful person as a chief guest to the event so that people take it serious and attend the event. If the event itself is quite important, the key purpose of inviting someone in particular is to make it more special. In the same way if you want to invite the mayor of your city to an event, you should ask the mayor office with the formal invitation letter for the mayor to invite for an event.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for Mayor to Invite for an Event:

Before anything else, remember and understand that this is a very formal and professional letter. Keep in mind that you are not inviting just anyone to an event but you are sending this letter to the mayor and if you don’t use appropriate tone and words in the letter, you are practically asking the mayor’s office to throw the invitation in the trash without asking the mayor. This means that when you want to write an invitation letter to the mayor, use respectful tone and polite wording in the letter. Also, you should indicate the particulars of the event for the convenience of the mayor including the date, duration, location and type of the event.

Sample Invitation Letter for Mayor to Invite for an Event

Dear honorable mayor

Joseph K. Steven

The office of the mayor, city hall

4234 down town, New York

Date: 29 July 2015

Subject: formal invitation to the graduation ceremony of Preston High School, Queens, New York

Dear Mr. Mayor,

Preston High School is awarding the graduated students with high school diplomas this week and it will be an honor if you Mr. Mayor can attend the closing ceremony and speak a couple of words to the graduates.  Please consider this letter as the formal invitation for this ceremony and kindly accept it.

It’s been a tradition for this school that every year in the graduation ceremony, there is always an extraordinary personality invited to the event so that he can inspire our young and fresh graduates who are at the cusp of entering into professional lives. This year we considered many names including the State Senator Mr. Johnson and you but it was very hard to choose from and then I decided that it should definitely be you because you are also one of the students who went to this school.

As a former student, I am sure coming to this school will also bring back some good and pleasant memories for you. You can be the one that the graduates can see as a mentor or inspiration for their next phase of the life. The ceremony will start at 9am on the last Thursday of this month, 30, July 2015 and it will be completed around 12pm which is the time around which we want you to speak to the students. I hope you will find some time to spend with these young graduates and speak some inspiring words to them.

Yours sincere

Will Farrell

Principal, Preston High School

Queens, New York

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