Complaint Response Letter

Companies, businesses and organizations all over the world have realized that they can’t improve their profit and trusty relations with the customers if they don’t welcome the criticism. When an organization let his customers talk about its product or services, they indirectly hear what a customer wants or what a person is looking for out there. This way these companies improve the quality of their products or services and appreciate the customer for taking some time to let them know about their faults.

By this complaint process, sales of the company products increase and company have good relations with the consumers and people believe on them and their products. It’s a known process that when someone uses a product, he or she obviously has some issues with it and there are quite a few companies that have gradually decrease the customer complaint process and now no one have issues using their product. That means when you sell something, you have to make your mind for some criticism too along with a little appreciation from the market.

Writing Complaint Response Letter

When someone has some complaint about any of your product or service, they write you a complaint letter in which they explain about the problem they encountered during the use of that product and the damage happened to them if any. The first thing for you to do is to give them response for their feedback either its appreciation or criticism and this is done by sending those customers a complaint response letter. This letter is written by the companies or organizations to general consumers for a couple of reasons such as to let them know that there words are very important to the company, the management has taken important steps to eliminate the issue in the future products and that company is really sorry for what happened to you while using the product. This complaint response letter also admire the writer that he took some time and believed that company will listen to him and solve the problem he is having.

Although it’s important to response to the complaint as soon as possible but first it’s necessary to find out the discussed issue is real to someone is just doing a prank. The company investigates the whole matter on immediate notice by making a committee who analyze the seriousness and reality of the matter and prepares a report which contains all the information about the faults of that product. This way once the company is sure that the customer is right and he did had a problem with the product, they send him an alternate improved product or just send out a letter and tell him that he is right and ask him what he wants to do next. This whole process sometimes takes a couple of days and delays the complaint response process but this is very important because there are some customers out there who just can’t appreciate a thing or want to make a big mess of a tiny problem. Companies can’t alternate their reputation for that kind of person by admitting their fault with an inquiry which can ruin their credibility in the market.

General Guidelines to write a Complaint Response Letter:

  • At the start of the letter the first thing to do is to appreciate the person who made that complaint and admire his guts that he has balls to stand to a problem he had and his consideration to let the company know about the problem their product has.
  • After that show some sympathy or sorry feelings for the person for him bad experience. This way you decrease the customer’s anger by letting him know that company actually feels sorry for him.
  • After that you apologize for the issue your product had and you say sorry to that customer that the company is really ashamed of what happened and the customer’s satisfaction is the first thing company thinks of before introducing a new product.
  • Now it’s time to tell the customer about the steps you have taken regarding the problem and the future improvements you will have in the product. This way you convince them that the problem has been eliminated and there in nothing wrong with using the same product again in the future.
  • If it’s possible and not much to do, it’s better to award the complainer with some product or prize like special discounts in the future shopping or a special trip to Disney land with him family. This way it’s very easy to win the customer’s trust and starting good and long term relationships with the customers.
  • At the end, you just appreciate that person again and let them know that they can complaint as many times they want because there is nothing more important than their satisfaction.

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