Sample Follow Up Letter

A follow-up letter is also called a thank you letter which an applicant send to his interviewer after having an interview just to know about what have they thought about him or if he is required to give another interview. It’s not must to only send this letter after having an interview but people send the follow-up letter after sending a resume just to make sure that they have got the resume and going to call him for an interview or his has to submit some missing documents. This is an important step which an applicant should always take because on one hand it increases his chances of getting an interview or job and on the other hand, it leaves a very good impact on recruiter’s mind.

There is a concept out there that once you have sent a resume or delivered an interview, there is no need to hurry up of keep a check on the vacancy but you have to leave all on the recruiter and interviewer and if you are lucky enough you will get the job. But all that is a wrong concept and the right thing to do after giving an interview is to follow-up the interview and after 2 to 3 days, just casually ask the employer if they have decided yet about which applicant is going to be hired.

On the other hand, these types of letters are also used to inquire something other than a job interview. It includes about any proposal you have presented in front of a client or business firm and now you just want to know what have they decided about your proposal. If you have presented a new product to your department’s head or a new filling system to implement, after a few days you have to follow-up that proposal or presentation to know what is the result and how excited they are to work on your proposal.

General guide lines to write a follow-up letter:

  • The first thing a follow-up letter should present is your appreciation for the recruiter because he has taken interest in you and chosen you to interview among the other thousand applicants.
  • Secondly this letter should remind the employer that you are still interested in the job and looking forward to work with the company. If there are changes in terms and conditions make sure to show that you can compromise but don’t want to waste such a golden opportunity.
  • In this letter you remind the recruiter about your qualifications once more and tell him that you are the best option for the job and they should give you a chance to prove yourself. Also in this letter, you discuss the things that you forgot to tell at the interview. This is like a second chance for you to win your employer’s heart and convince him that you are the one.
  • By this letter you show them that you are not a loser who is just sending out resumes but not taking interest in their results but you show them that you are a tough guy who don’t give up that easily and want to cease every available option to get the job.
  • Also if the employer has asked you to provide any further information at the interview put that here at the end and try to stay on the subject all the time. Just tell him the things he wants to see not the things that you want him to see.

Here are Free Sample Follow Up Letters,

Follow Up Letter for Police Jobs Follow Up Letter for IT Jobs
Download: Follow Up Letter for Police Jobs  Download: Follow Up Letter for IT Jobs