Love Letters

Love letter is a letter you send to your loved one i.e. girlfriend/boyfriends or spouse to show them how much you love them and how important they are to you. In this age of technology where emails and mobile messages have made communication a very easy part of daily life, a handwritten love letter is a special gift for your love to remind them that they are the most important thing in your life. Through a love letter you share your feelings with your spouse and ask about what they think of you. You share the precious moments with them that you both shared which still makes you happy and your eyes sparkly.

There were times when there was no internet or telephone and people only had letters to send through post to communicate with their loved ones and spouses. Back then people used to give time, consideration and their true feelings to the words of a love letter. They used to sit for hours just to make every word and sentence perfect according to their situation and feelings and the amount of love inside their heart. Although all that sound like a waste of time these days but there are still people who only use letters to communicate with their loves. According to their thinking, the emails and mobile messages are emotionless means of communications and are very casual which can’t show the right amount of your love to your spouse so they spend more time with the words and write letters with their hearts poured on the paper.

Sending a love letter through post is a time consuming procedure which takes about 3 to 4 days to get the response of your letter from your spouse but when you receive the reply of your letter and open it and see the words of your love, it’s worth waiting. You can use different fonts, colors and use accessories to fashion it like glitter, sparkle, perfume or a fresh rose or tulip. This is the thing that is not possible with a mobile message or email and only can be done with a handwritten letter.

Love Letter Writing Tips:

  • Instead of using a white paper, use a colored and designed one. This will make it look more beautiful and special which is not possible with a simple white paper.
  • Try to write the letter when you are all alone and there is nothing disturbing you. If possible, pop in a CD or cassette to set your mood and relax you. Them ease your mind and try to look back in times when you spend time with the one you are sending the letter to and remember all the precious moments.
  • Use a salutation which shows your love and care and the soft side of your personality. Start with calling the person “Beloved” or “Dearest” or “most beautiful”.
  • Now start writing the body with the feelings you have inside your heart and pour them on the paper to make your love feel very special when he/she reads it.
  • It’s important to tell the person what’s the special thing about them which makes them so special. The beauty of their face, their smile, their voice or the way they talk it can be anything, anything either outside or inside of their personality. You have to show your real feelings and let them believe that there is nothing more important than that one person.
  • Then close the letter with some complementary close like “Yours” or “Yours forever” or “kisses”. Then after that if you call that person with a pet name, write that too to make it more special.
  • Do a personal touch which makes it unique like spraying perfume that you use all the time or a flower inside the folded letter.

Sample Love Letters:

Here are a few quick sample love letters to help anyone starting writing it,

Sample Love Letter

Download Sample Love Letter