Hotel Reservation Letter

A Hotel Reservation letter is a formal letter which is written by an individual or his office to a hotel authority to reserve a room for that person. This letter includes all the relevant and necessary information such as the purpose of the stay, duration and the position of that employee in the company just to make sure that hotel accommodates him according to his designation and superiority. If the hotel is at a populated or crowded location or it’s just that part of the year when it’s hard to find a hotel room, the visitors make sure to reserve a space a few days before their actual visit. For example if you know that in next month you have to go to London to attend a business meeting and that time of the year, it will be absolutely impossible to find a five start hotel in the city, you write a reservation letter to a hotel you like or regular stay at and provide them the information of your visit and ask them to reserve a room for you and one for your assistant or you just tell your department to send the letter officially to that hotel.

There are some places in the world where millions of tourists visit in every season of the year and if you want to visit to that exotic beech or Iceland, you have to send out a reservation letter to a few hotels in that city to check if any of them has a vacant room or will have in the near future. After making sure that you and your family have a place to stay there, you plan your vacations and trip. These types of reservation letters are also used as an official document in case of any misunderstanding or dispute. For example what if you have sent a reservation letter to a hotel but then you cancelled your trip or visit but didn’t tell the hotel and they kept your room for the provided time you told them to and when they send you a bill of expenses, you just freak out that what the hell is this. Now if you have sent the letter and didn’t inform anybody that your trip has cancelled, the hotel has all the right to sue you in the court only because of that reservation letter which will now serve as an evidence in the court.

How to write a Hotel Reservation Letter:

  • As this is a formal letter and will save you from a lot of trouble, its better if you use an official letterhead or the letter is sent by your department instead of you. This way it will be less complicated and easier to verify.
  • Always put the date at the start of the letter just to avoid any later misunderstanding.
  • If you are a regular customer or have an account in the hotel, add that at the start of the main body so that the management will immediately know about you and your previous stays.
  • After that you add a brief description about the nature of your visit, duration of your stay and level of accommodation you are expecting from the hotel such as a common customer or VIP client.
  • At the end you put your contact information just to make sure if the hotel can contact if there is a change in the plans or reservations.
  • You can also add a note at the end such as the duration of the reply you are expecting from the hotel once they have received the letter.

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