When you apply for a job in an organization, before starting your work as a permanent employee, you need to go through a specific process. This includes several stages and the final letter of confirmation from the administration or management of the organization confirming that you are hired as an employee. This letter is known as the confirmation letter for employee or an appointment letter in general. Usually this letter includes the date from which, your employment begins in the company along with your salary package, incentives, and job description and job responsibilities.

Brief Description of Confirmation Letter for Employee:

Every organization and company around the world has its own process of hiring new staff members. It depends on particular situations if the company wants to hire employees on temporary basis, permanent basis or move the temporary employees to probation period. These rules are defined by the HR department in the company. The confirmation of employment is the full and final stage of this process at which the employee is given a written and signed confirmation that he or she is employed at the company on the position that is described in the letter. After receiving the letter of confirmation, the employee can state that he or she is hired in the company.

The content of the confirmation letter depends on each particular situation. For example, if the employee applied for a job and as he has experience, the company may indicate towards the fact that he is hired as a permanent employee where on the other hand, if the company has a policy to hire new employees on probation or temporary basis, the letter may indicate towards this fact that the company has hired him but he is still on probation and depending on his performance, a permanent employment letter will be issued by the HR department later. During the hiring process, once the HR department confirms that the applicant is eligible for working in the company, this confirmation letter is issued and handed over to the employee.


Sample Confirmation Letter for Employee


David Ellen

Manager HR

Power solutions PVT LTD

San Francisco


John McCarthy

Apartment 534, 20th floor

Plaza One, New York

Date: 12 August 2015

Subject: appointment letter


Dear John,

I am very happy to inform you that we have gone through your job application and we find you very suitable for our organization. Please consider this letter as the official appointment letter for the job of manager operations at Power solutions PVT LTD.

I wish you a very delightful adventure and a very pleasant journey at this company. You can start working from next Monday but we would really appreciate it if you can start by tomorrow as there is a very important meeting scheduled with one of our most important clients and I would like you to attend it as a key member of our team.

Please find the attached documents regarding your salary package, benefits, incentives, healthcare plan and a brief description of your job responsibilities as MO at this company. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


David Ellen

Manager HR

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