Bank ATM Card Replacement Request Letter

When a customer accidentally losses or damages his ATM card and can’t use it anymore, he is required to inform the bank management about the broken or lost ATM card and asked them to block the previous card and issue a new one so that he can again make payments and withdraw cash from ATM machines with his new card. This is an official letter written by the customer to the bank informing them about the broken or lost card and asking them to issue a new one.

Brief Description of Request Letter for Replacement of Bank ATM Card:

ATM cards have made our lives easier and it’s only possible with these cards that we can get cash instantly from an ATM machine without going in a bank and standing in a line for hours. But, as convenient these cards are; it is also very easy to lose them or broke them. Usually individuals take great care of their ATM cards but it still can happen that an individual loses his ATM card or somehow breaks it and it won’t work anymore. It can be because he keeps his card and keys in the same pocket or accidently rubs a metal or magnet on the card that ruins the magnetic strip on the card and the card won’t be usable anymore.

In this scenario, the individual is required to inform the bank about this misfortune and ask them to both block the previous card so that if someone finds it, he can’t use it and also issue a new one for the customer. Usually the customer is asked to visit the bank personally in order to get a new ATM card but even before that, the customer has to make an official request with the bank in order to start the process of issuance of a new ATM card and this letter is the starting point of that process.

Sample Request Letter for Replacement of Bank ATM Card:

To: senior manager

National Bank of New York, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: ATM card replacement

Date: 13 April 2015

Dear Sir,

I opened a current account in your bank 6 months before and from that time; it is very convenient for me to use the ATM card whenever I need money without coming to the bank either during day or at night.

I took great care of my ATM card as you have asked to all your customers when they are given the card but unfortunately, there is something wrong with my ATM card and I can’t use it anymore. When I insert it in the ATM machine, the machine can’t recognize the card so I can say that the magnetic strip on the card is somehow broken or damaged.

So I am writing this letter to you in order to make a formal request to issue me a new ATM card so that I can use it as before.


Michael J. Thomas

Account number: 0972-121-0098112-124901