Sample Donation Letter

Donation letter is kind of a formal letter which is written to a number of people to ask for some financial help for your organization. This type of letters are sent to big companies or wealthy individuals to let them know about your organization or welfare firm, your key goals and previous achievements and ask them to donate some money to raise the charity fund. This money can be for any cause, from buying new clothes for poor to helping an entire nation when they are in trouble like a war or natural disaster like flood or earthquake.

This letter is also a form of getting donor’s permission to spend the money for the best cause whether it’s local or international regardless of nationality and religion. People who are very rich or belong to a wealthy family, always offer their helps in case of any problem so when your organization sends them the donation letter, they welcome the invitation and try to participate as much as possible. Also when you want people to donate their time not money, you send this letter. This way you tell them to share their time with children in orphanage or with old age persons in welfare homes just to show them that they are not alone and there are people out there who actually care about these poor and needy people.

Types of Donation Letters

There are only two types of organizations in the world; profitable organizations and non-profit organization. Profitable organizations produce enough money by making products or providing services that they survive without any outside help but non-profit organizations can’t survive or run without other people’s help. These types of companies or firms need other people to donate some money so that they can continue their duties and work smoothly. To get the donation, these non-profit schools, colleges, orphanages and other organizations send donation letters to general public and ask for their help to pay the expenses. Donations letters are like the essential part and a basic ingredient of a non-profit organization.

General Guidelines to write a Donation Letter:

  • It’s very important to do a little research before sending out donation letter to see who is capable of helping you and who is not in a position to donate some money right now.
  • It’s also very important to personally know the person you are writing the letter or at least you should have some idea of his financial position and reputation in the market. Accepting donation from a crept person or a criminal may lead you to some problems in the future.
  • After analyzing all that, it’s time to write the letter. Start is with proper salutation like “Mr. Jason” or “Mrs. Kendrick”.
  • In the first paragraph give a little introduction of your organization and the main purpose of collecting the donation. Also at this point you can show some recommendation from general public who have donated before and are satisfied with the outcomes.
  • In the second paragraph, explain why you wrote this letter to the reader or his organization and what specifically can he do to help you raise the funds for the donation. At this point you can share a bank account number and ask him to share it with his friends and relatives and ask them to donate some money in there.
  • After that appreciate and thanks the reader for his time and consideration and close the letter with a proper greeting like “Regards” or something.

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Sample Donation Letter

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