Appeal Letter

An appeal letter is also called a request letter in which you request an individual or a department to review their decision regarding some which problem you are a part of. This is a formal letter and needs to be written with great care and most appropriate tone. When a person is not satisfied with an individual’s or authority’s decision, he sends them an appeal letter. It’s like he is requesting them to please take another look at what they have decided and try to change the results of their analysis. People usually write an appeal letter to a senior in their organization or an official in the government department. In either case this is a letter written by low level person to a superior personality who has powers to take or change some actions. For example if your job application has got rejected you write an appeal letter to your employer and ask him to grant you another chance to show your abilities from a different perspective or you just ask them that what have you done wrong either in the application or at the interview. When you get the feedback, there are some reasons written which shows your weaknesses and mistakes you did in the application or at the interview. After that even when you don’t get that job, you take great care of those factors in the next application.

Kids and teenagers have a lot of fun in the school and college which sometimes lead them to detention or even suspension from the institute. Even if they didn’t mean to make that mistake or insult the teacher, there is nothing much that they can do besides writing an appeal letter. This letter addresses to the administration of the institution and request them to lower the punishment or just grant another chance to behave. Either way it’s a simple request to take back the decision of suspension because it can ruin the student’s whole educational career. In a completely different perspective, when two parties are following a case in the court and at the end when jury or judge reaches to a verdict, there are chances that one of the party will not be satisfied with the decision. In that situation they have a right to appeal for reconsideration or to continue the case in a higher court where they have better chances to win.

General Guidelines to Write an Appeal Letter:

  • This is a formal and official letter so always use just the appropriate tone. There is no need to use harsh words or abuse someone because no matter how hard you get with words, you can’t prove your point without logic and using big words isn’t logic. If you are presenting your company, it’s better to write this letter on company letterhead because that makes it more official and well-mannered.
  • Without any further due, you have to discuss the main purpose of your letter at the first paragraph of the letter. There is no time to tell stories or go into details so just address the problem you are having. Also provide the name of the person who made that decision which you want to reconsider and the date it was taken.
  • In the second paragraph once you have caught the eye of the reader, now it’s time to tell the whole story of what you went through and which decision was unfair to you or your company. Here you discuss all the rules and regulations that have been broken by that decision which can affect your life very badly and also it’s against the general law and order.
  • Before closing your letter, you should write the main theme or purpose of your letter once again in short points. At the end you enlist a couple of steps that you want the authorities or addressee to take which will benefit you.
  • After that you just finish the letter with a greeting such as “Regards” or “Sincerely”.

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