Proof of Employment Letter

Businesses and organizations hire new staff and employees on regular basis and sometimes even when the company isn’t hiring at the time, some unemployed people send employment applications for the upcoming openings in the firm. These applicants need to be informed back about their applications and the processes of the company. If the company has decided to hire the applicant, he is informed by an official document which states that the company is agreed to hire him and welcomes him in the staff. This document is called an employment proof letter or job appointment letter which serves as an evidence for the future if the company claims that they can’t find a job for him. Companies who hire new staff anytime in the year, send this letter regularly even number of times per day but those companies who only hire during a particular period of time, send this letter around that time only.

A company hires lots of employees on regular basis and it’s impossible for the staff to remember the name of every employee so they are served with a job appointment letter for later procedures. The key advantage of this letter is that it serves like evidence in the standard office procedures and law related situations. For example if a person applied in more than one company and got job in two or three of them but, only one of them has sent the appointment letter up until now. So what will he do? He will accept that job and if any other company appoints him, he will simply deny it because he already got the job. The problem starts when his employer states that he received the letter due to a fault but the company didn’t actually hire him. In this situation, he has no job and still unemployed so if he wants to sue the company in court, he would use that appointment letter and file a case against that company.

General guidelines to write a proof of appointment letter:

  • This is a formal letter which is only used in offices and businesses so you better keep it professional. Use the company letterhead and compose the letter on computer.
  • This is just a way to inform the applicant that he has got the job so you should keep it short and concise and don’t add any irrelevant stuff.
  • It is possible that the applicant applied in more than one company so you should introduce you and your company in the start so that he has a clear idea about the application he sent you.
  • After that you state that the addressee is hired by the company and after that you provide the position he is hired on.
  • You also have to tell him about the duration he is hired for such as if it’s temporary employment or permanent.
  • After that you should state the duties of that person and the skills he is supposed to use on the job.
  • Finish the letter by wishing good luck to the applicant for his new career and put your name and signature at the end and close the letter.

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Proof of Employment Letter

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