Sample Letter of Intent to Hire

When a company or an employer in the recruitment department in a company wants to inform an applicant that they are considering his application for a specific position in the company and they want to inform him that he has pretty good chances in winning the position, they send the letter of intent to hire to the applicant. This letter of intent on one hand, informs the applicant that he should stop sending job applications to other companies before something is finalized in the company that sent the letter where on the other hand, this letter also includes the guidelines that the applicant is required to follow in order to show his intentions for getting hired in the company i.e. coming for an interview, sending particular documents etc.

Brief Description of Letter of Intent to Hire:

Every employer knows that when an applicant sends a job application in a company, it’s not the only company they applied in by most of the people sends multiple applications so that they can get hired on at least one of the positions they sent the applications for. This is why it is really important for the employer to find out if the applicant is still interested in getting the job in his company or he has already find job in another company. With the letter of intent to hire, the employer shows his interest in the applicant and informs him that the company is considering hiring him.

With this letter, if the company wants, the employer can also guide the candidate to perform something or do something i.e. come for an early interview or send his educational and experience credentials or provide his reference so that the employer can verify them in order to finalize his decision. If you have received such letter from an employer, you should understand that sending a letter of intent doesn’t mean that the employer has hired you and you should not consider it as the appointment letter but this is just a formal way to letting you know that you are one of the selected candidates for the position you applied for and the employer wants to know if you are still interested in getting the job or not.

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Letter of Intent to Hire

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