Letter of Intent to Purchase Property

It is pretty clear and very obvious that the students who want to enter in a college in order to continue their studies send a letter of intent for college. This letter of intent shows the intentions of the students who want to enter in a specific college and they let the administration of that college know about their decision of entering in a particular session in the college. This letter of intent for college when received by the administration of the college clears it that a student is wishing to enter in the college and asking the administration to consider him and allow him to enter in the college.

Brief Description of Letter of Intent for College:

As soon a student finishes his senior or high school diploma, it’s time to start searching for the colleges that offer the courses or subjects that he takes interest in and wants to continue his studies in. There can be a lot of colleges that offer the same courses and even if a student wants to attend the best of them, there are chances that he might not get into one that he wishes to enter in. This is where the letter of intent for college comes handy. There are no restrictions about a student sending letters of intent in multiple colleges and this is kind of a safety step that all the students should take.

As a student, you should conduct a research on the colleges that you want to enter and then you should send the letter of intent for college to the institutes that offer the courses of your choice. This way you can let the administrations of these colleges know that you are taking interest in their courses and you wish to attend the classes in there. This letter also serves the key purpose of showing your decision that you want the college administration to consider you for the course.

Sample Letter of Intent for College

June Alley
2094 Brooklyn
New York, NY 76503


Admission and enrolment department
Finlay College of modern technologies
Florida 059321


Subject: Letter of Intent for College

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to show my intentions to enter in your college for the modern laser technology course that I learnt about in a pamphlet distributed in my school.

I have recently finished my high school education and got my diploma and now it’s time to pursue my lifelong dream of studying in the modern technology and become a scientist so that I can work in NASA.

I have conducted my research on your college and I am very proud to say that this is one of the best and most prestigious colleges in the state and I would like to be considered for the enrolment in the next session in your college.

I have attached my credentials including my high school diploma, my recommendation letters from my teachers and principle and the formal application for the enrolment in your modern laser technology class. I hope you will give me a fair chance and let me discover my professional path with studying in your college.

Yours sincerely,
June Alley

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