Complaint Letter to Bank for Erroneously Bounced Checks

Usually it is not very common that a bank can make a mistake with even a single dollar but you should understand that banks are also run by humans and they are not computers or robots so they are allowed to make some mistakes rarely. In this scenario, when a bank wrongfully bounces checks of a customer even if the customer has enough cash in his account, the customer writes this letter to the bank manager informing him about the mistake made by the bank and a formal request to correct the mistake.

Brief Description of Letter to Bank for Erroneously Bounced Checks:

As an individual, you may not think that it is a big deal if your check is bounced back from the bank but when you are in a professional business, you need to take care of your clients, partners, suppliers and most importantly, the customers. As a professional, you can’t afford to lose the trust of your clients and suppliers. When a customer’s checks are bounced by a bank, he has all the rights to blame the company or individual that issued the check and most of the time, the bank is right to bounce the check as there is no money in the account of that individual’s account but sometimes a mistake is made by the bank and checks are bounced even if there is enough cash in the account. When this matter comes in notice of the customer, he writes this letter to the bank manager about the mistake or error that the bank has made and asks for correcting it with this official bank letter. The details of the bounced checks are usually attached with the letter.

Sample Letter to Bank for Erroneously Bounced Checks:

To: senior manager

Citizen bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: erroneously bounced checks

Date: 21 April 2015

Dear Sir,

I am a regular customer of your bank and as you know I run a very small company but even if there is not enough cash flow in my organization, I keep enough cash in my account so that when a supplier or client uses the check I issued, it never bounces.

But, a mistake is made by your bank recently and even if there is good cash in my account, you bounced the checks that Mr. Richard presented in the bank. He came to me with this problem and I instantly checked my account details and there was enough money. This explains that the bank has no right to bounce the check.

I can only assume that someone in your bank has made a mistake or error and bounced the check. So I am writing this official letter to you with the bounced checks details so that you can take a look at this matter and let me know what the original problem was and how to fix it as soon as possible so that my client can cash the checks.


Red M. Forman

Account number: 534-2323-1674554-223-0012