Sample letter denying acceptance of salary structure

Sample Letter Denying Acceptance of Salary Structure

The salary of an employee mainly depends on the fact that how much experience he has and the skills and abilities he possesses. Another important factor to consider here is if the employee wants to switch to a different organization or another company offered him a better job with a higher salary. In most cases, if a company approaches an individual and offers him a better position at their company, it means they are willing to pay him more and offer him an even better salary structure. If that’s not the case, the individual has the right to just deny the offer by sending a letter denying acceptance of salary structure.

Importance of Letter denying Acceptance of Salary Structure:

There are many factors that an individual considers before agreeing to a job offer. For instance, if a person is unemployed, he would do anything to get a job whatever the salary is but if a person is already employed and he is earning a good salary package, switching to a different company will only make sense to him if he is getting his expected salary package or a better position at the company. These things are usually discussed with the employee during their interview and meetings with the HR department.

As soon the company finalizes an offer letter and sends it to the individual, the recipient has 5-10 days to make up his mind if he wants to accept the offer or not. If the salary structure is not what he expected or discussed during the meeting, he still has the chance to negotiate it with the HR department by sending a letter denying acceptance of the salary structure. In most cases, after the negotiation, the employee gets what he wants because he is sure he is worth more than what he is offered. The overall tone of this letter should be polite and the individual should explain why he thinks he deserves a better salary than what he was offered.

Key Elements of Letter Denying Acceptance of Salary Structure:

  • Name of the person writing the letter
  • Name of the recipient of the letter
  • Date of writing the letter
  • Subject of the letter stating the reason
  • Explanation of why the salary structure is not acceptable
  • Explain your expectations
  • Terms and conditions that you want to discuss
  • Acceptable salary structure and designation


Sample Letter Denying Acceptance of Salary Structure


Joseph Sheppard

Manager HR

Terra Reliance Group

Date: 10th December, 2021


Subject: Letter Denying Acceptance of Salary Structure


Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter in reference to the last meeting we had about 2 weeks ago about a vacant position at your company. I just got the email from your side stating that you are offering me position of assistant manager compliance with net salary of $1250 per month.

With this letter denying acceptance of salary structure, I regretfully inform you that the designation and salary is not what I had in mind. If you remember, during our last meeting I told you that I am currently working as assistant manager compliance with salary package of $1000 with added bonuses and compensations. Every month I receive performance bonus, travel allowance and residence allowance from my current employer and it all sums up to $1200 with just $50 deduction of tax.

I would like you to consider that if I leave my current employer and start working for you, there is nothing much that I am getting out of it. I will be working on the same designation with added responsibilities and load of work because your organization is bigger and there is a long list of clients working with you meaning I will be dealing with multiple clients at once. Additionally if I accept your offer, I will be moving to a different apartment so the commute time is shorter which will ultimately mean I will pay more rent.

You have already conducted two interviews with me and you very well know that I am a competent and experienced employee who knows all the tweaks and perks of compliance related issues. When you contacted me and offered me a position at your company, I was under the impression that I will be getting what I deserve but that’s not the case here.

I am not saying that this salary package is not acceptable but it’s just not right for me. My counter offer to you is that you give me position of deputy manager compliance with level 3 medical insurance for me and my family members and salary of $1500 per month with added bonuses and compensations i.e. house rent, travel allowance, vehicle maintenance etc.

I am hoping to hear good news from your side very soon.



Robin Bryans

Sample Rejection Letter

Copy writers, job seekers, designers and creators may all get knock back letters after presenting the work they do or cv to a firm or having an employment interview. Many people may get a bunch, even 100s, of rejection letters. While rejection letters in many cases are considered as unfavorable and unsatisfactory, they can provide useful details and persuade folks to keep working at it. Doing selection interviews and stating “no” to candidates does not have to be nerve-racking. It is possible to generally uncover something best to say (or at best something natural) about a prospect — even if you aren’t providing them that desired placement.

Rejection Letter Format Tips

  1. Use official letterhead when inputting your correspondence. Don’t hand write your rejection letter.
    Confront your prospect by name.
  2. Say thanks to the applicant for his time, efforts and curiosity about the company.
  3. Write the encouraging phrase about the candidate’s skills, expertise or, at quite least, passion or determination.
  4. Let them know that the purpose you decided not to employ the applicant was as you found another person with better skills and expertise.
  5. Explain the firm’s methods. For instance, the organization maintains resumes on record and informs prospective applicants about employment opportunities. On the other hand, you may make no reference to this in any way.
  6. Only wish your applicant best of luck in their job progression.
  7. Close up your letter officially with “sincerely” or even “best hopes.”
  8. Mark your company name, as well as your name.
  9. Ensure that it stays good and short, except if a particular connection is out there between applicant and job interviewer.
  10. Do not include things like anything personal.

Essentials before being rejected

·       Type

Due to great number of submissions they get, a lot of companies use type letters for denial. This can consist of common phrases, like “does not really match our requirements at the moment.” A number of companies, such newspaper or book marketers, use a listing type form correspondence, that allows all of them to indicate a summary of causes the bit appeared to be declined.

·       Time Period

A few companies mail out rejection letters soon after making the decision, while some may never contact candidates who’re not successful. Numerous mags, book marketers and agencies list approximately time period in their recommendations for getting a reply.

·       Importance

For most people, getting rejection letters is usually discouraging and frustrating. Some may consider rejection letters like a personal assault on their job or skills, or even an indication that they’ll not be employed or publicized.

·       Risk Elements

A lot of companies and marketers refuse most job applications and submissions since they have only a restricted quantity of opportunities, and may just acknowledge a very small proportion of whatever they get.

·       Expert perception

There are numerous methods for individuals to cope with rejection letters. In some instances, they may opt to keep working at it, and just cross punch that firm off the record and check out other opportunities.

Here are some free Sample Rejection Letters created using MS Word,

Rejection Letter for Scholarship

Download: Rejection Letter for Scholarship

Sample Refusal Letter To Accept Resignation

Usually when it comes to employee leaving a company or as we say it “employee turnover”, the ratio of employees that leave a company annually, companies tend to keep it as low as possible. In other words, companies and organizations prefer to keep their employees for longer times and avoid the circumstances in which employees leave the company. But, besides taking all essential steps, it only depends on the employee if he wants to leave or prefer to stay and if he decides to leave, the employer can’t force him or stop him other than some particular situations.

If the employee signed an agreement known as employment agreement with the employer by the time he joined the company, there are possibilities that he can’t leave the company without consent and permission of the employer or at least not without fulfilling certain criteria. This way if an employee sends his resignation letter to the employer and he doesn’t qualify for such criteria, the employer has the legal right to refuse to accept the resignation letter and force the employee to either change his mind or fulfill the criteria of leaving the job as explained in the service agreement signed by both the employer and employee.

For example, there is written in the agreement that as the employee got signup bonus when he joined the company, if he wants to leave, he has to pay that bonus back to the employer. Another example is that the employer can’t let the employees leave the company right after providing them a training or career development sessions and if the an employee wants to leave in this situation, he will have to pay for the training sessions to the employer as per the service contract. After the employer refuses the resignation letter, the employee can negotiate on the resignation terms with the employer and as they reach a mutual ground, the employer can accept the resignation letter.

Sample Refusal to Accept Resignation Letter

Employer’s name:
Designation in company:
Company name:
Contact number:
Email address:



Employee’s name:
Designation in company:
Department info:

Dear (Recipient’s name),

Yesterday I received a resignation letter from you stating that you are leaving this company and you have given 2 weeks of notice period. I am writing his formal notification to you in order to notify you that I have refused to accept your resignation.

When you joined this company, you signed the service agreement and according to this agreement, you can’t leave the company in between an order worth more than $500,000 and if you can recall, we are currently going through such order and as I spoke to the project supervisor, it will take 1 more month to complete this order. Before this order is completed, you can’t leave the company as per the service agreement.

I hope you can understand this situation and postpone your decision for at least 1 month or until the above mentioned order is completed and if you still want to leave, we will have to take legal action against you.

Yours sincere,

Employer’s name: