Sample Letter to Landlord with Notice to Vacate

When a tenant or renter wants to vacate the property and to move to another place, he is legally obligated and responsible by the tenancy agreement to inform the landlord at least 15 days to 1 month before actually vacating the property. With the provided duration, it is easy for the landlord to find another tenant and arrange for security deposit refund to the former tenant(s). The letter that is written by the tenants to the landlord informing them about the intent to vacate is known as the letter to landlord with notice of intent to vacate.

Brief Description of Vacate Notice Letter to Landlord:

It is very common knowledge that when tenants rent a building or property, they agree to inform the landlord before vacating the building. The duration mentioned in the eviction notice depends on each agreement or tenancy contract and it can be anywhere in between 10 days to 2 months. This time is very important for both the tenants and the landlord. With this time or the letter to inform the landlord about eviction intent is used by both the tenants and landlord. The tenants can find another place to live or move during this time and the landlord can also find new tenants for the property and arrange for the money to refund the security deposit to the tenants that are intending to vacate the building.

It is difficult to understand as a tenant that the landlord can’t arrange for the refund of the security deposit on hours notice but as a landlord, you can understand that if you haven’t given enough time, it will be difficult for you to arrange for the money and look for other tenants to rent your property. This is why tenants are legally obligated to formally inform the landlord before vacating the property so that he can evaluate the property and see for any damages or repair work in order to deduct services charges from the security deposit and arranging for the remaining refundable amount for the tenants in the eviction notice period.

Sample Eviction Notice Letter to Landlord

Landlord name:
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Subject: eviction notice

Date: 13 January 2015

Mr. Michael,

As you can recall that when I rented this property, we both agreed that when I intent to vacate the building, I need to inform you at least 1 month prior to the actual eviction so that you can easily find other tenants and arrange for the money to refund my security deposit as well evaluating the building for any damages and repair works.

So, I am writing this letter to you as a formal notice of eviction of the building with 30 days notice period. This time is enough for you to find another tenant and arrange for the security deposit refund. You can also visit the property anytime you want and evaluate any physical damage and repair works required for renting the place again to another tenant so that we can agree on the deduction of the charges from the deposit.

Yours sincerely,

Tenant name: