Letter to Former Tenant for Security Deposit Refund

A letter that is written from a former landlord to a former tenant with enclosing or returning him the deposit money that he submitted to the landlord by the time of tenancy is known as the letter to former tenant enclosing security deposit refund. It is very common and kind of mandatory that unless the landlord is satisfied and happy with the condition of his property in which the former tenant left the building or house, he has all the rights to keep the security deposit on himself and once he is satisfied, he can return the security deposit to the former tenant with this letter. It can be via a check attached with the letter or cash money enclosed in the letter envelop.

Brief description of letter to former tenant for security deposit refund:

Every state, city and country has its own laws, rules and regulations about tenants and landlords and usually these laws are different in each state and country but the most common law in tenancy is the one that allows the landlords to require security deposit from the tenants by the time of tenancy. Security deposit is very important for the landlords in many ways. For example, if a tenant refuses to pay the rent of next month, the landlord can simply deduct the rent from his security deposit and ask him to vacate the building. Or, if the landlord finds out that the tenant has done some damages to the building and he won’t pay for the repairs after vacating the property, the landlord can simple deduct the repair charges from the security deposit.

In every state and country, landlords have the right to keep the security deposit money on them until they are fully satisfied with the position and condition of their property and they can see that the tenant has done no damage to the property and it is safe to return his security deposit. After that, the landlord can simply call the former tenant and return him the deposit in person or he can just send him a letter including the check or cash for returning the security deposit. Once the tenant receives the check or cash of his security deposit, he no longer has the obligation to answer to the former landlord or pay him any kind of charges after that.

Sample letter to former tenant for security deposit refund:

Tenant name:
Street address:
City, State:
Postal Code:

Subject: enclosing security deposit

Date: 3 January 2015

Mr. John,

As we agreed in the tenancy agreement, I am returning you the security deposit that you submitted by the time of tenancy 3 years ago. When you left the property, I informed you that there are some damages to the kitchen cabinets and I have to deduct the repair charges from your security deposit.

So as we agreed, I have deducted $200 for the kitchen cabinet repair work and the rest of the $4800 is enclosed in the envelope via check. You can cash the check whenever you want.

I wish you a very happy future in your new house.

Yours sincerely,

Landlord name: