Request Letter to Open a New Account

When an individual or a company wants to open a new account in a bank, they are required to write a formal request letter to the bank manager asking for opening a new account with details and requirements. It depends on each bank and type of account that how much time it will take to open the account but the process usually starts right after bank receives this formal request letter from the client.

Brief description of request letter to open a new account:

If you haven’t opened an account in a bank before or you are not familiar with how a bank works, you may think that opening a new account is very simple. You just need to ask the bank manager to open a new account and that’s it. But, in reality, it is not that simple. When you open an account in a bank, it takes at least 2 to 3 days to more than 15 days depending on the type of the account. You will also require providing your business or job details to the bank so that when funds or cash is transferred to your account, the bank has proof that the money is legal and authenticated. When a person wants to open an account, he is required to provide number of documents with the application along with insurance or guaranty from a person who already has an account in the bank.

After the bank receives all the paper work and documents, it will then take some time to process the documents and authenticate the financial value of the applicant. Once everything is in order and according to legal requirements, the bank will open the account and inform the client that he now has an account in the bank and can operate it. It may sound complicated but it’s not very difficult. You just need to provide the amount of cash that you want to keep in your account and the source where the money will come from i.e. salary or business income. Along with that, you just need some friend or relative who already has an account in the same bank to introduce you to the bank.

Sample request letter to open a new account:

To: senior manager

West Virginia bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: new account

Date: 4 February 2015

Dear Sir,

I talked to your accounts manager yesterday and formally requested to open a new current account in your bank and he asked me to write this request letter to the bank manager in order to start the process. I understand that it will take few days for the bank to open my account but it’s kind of urgent for me because my client is waiting for the account to open to transfer funds.

So, I hope you will understand my situation and make it as quick as possible to open the account. I have attached the documents that you require for this process but if there is something missing or you need something else, you can contact me on the provided number with the account application.


Elliot K. Dean

Account number: 756-947-145215234-1598-01