Introduction Letter

This is an official letter and written to someone you know to refer a person for employment or general assistant in the office. On the other hand, someone also writes this letter to a superior to introduce him in some business or organization for employment. Whatever the situation is, the key purpose of this letter is to introduce someone to a third party. Businesses and individuals both use this letter on daily basis. Sales representatives ask a well-known person to write this letter to a client before the meeting so that when they present the product or service to that person, he is half way to buy that product. People who are new in some career use to ask their relatives or friends who are already into that career, to write this letter for them so that their job application is well received. Generally this letter is sent through mail before the actual job application or resume but people also sent it along with the resume so that when the recruiter checks the resume, he is already know a little bit about the applicant and his credibility.

Although usually people don’t care about sending this type of letter with their job applications but some organizations who are well reputed and of high profile, ask the applicants to send an introduction letter as well with their resumes. This way when that company calls someone for an interview, it knows that the correct person has been selected and he will be a great asset for the organization. This letter contains a number of section in which one introduces himself and his capabilities. This letter starts with a section of basic personal information like the name, DOB and nationality about the person who is writing it and after that his contact information like phone number and mail addresses. Then he adds a section where the applicant is supposed to provide his work history and the references he has. Then it’s time to add the educational history as well. This letter also includes the special skills and achievements the applicant has and the awards he has won in the past due to his performance. After that it’s time for someone else to write a few words about this man. This proves that the applicant is well reputed and won’t disappoint the hiring company.

General guidelines to write an introduction letter:

  • This is a professional and official letter so you better keep it that way. Use a company letterhead and compose it on computer.
  • Start the letter with your basic information such as name and contact addresses and then put the name of the person you are addressing to.
  • In the very start of the letter, explain the key purpose of the letter and a little detail about the person you are introducing, if you aren’t introducing yourself.
  • Explain why you are intruding that person and what are his capabilities and skills that make him distinguish and eligible for the job.
  • If that person has won some awards or certificates for his performance, mention that in the letter.
  • At the end, thanks the reader for his consideration and time he dedicated. Use a proper greeting at the end like “Many regards”, put your signature at the end and close the letter.

Sample Introduction Letter:

Here is preview of free Introduction Letter created using MS Word,

Introduction Letter