request letter to transfer to another branch for family problems

Sample Request Letter to Transfer to another Branch for Family Problems

Maybe you are used to working in a company that only has a single branch or office but having multiple branches within the company is a very common trend. Along with many benefits, this factor allows the employees to move to another branch while staying within the company. Keep in mind that this transfer is not something anyone can do occasionally but there are strict rules and regulations to follow.

It’s possible that an employee or worker finds it difficult to keep working in a particular branch because of personal issues i.e. medical condition, traveling situation, or something important at home i.e. a sick family member. If this happens, they have the option to contact their manager, explain their situation to them, and request them to be transferred to another branch either in the same city or a different city. This is done with the request letter to transfer to another branch for family problems.

Importance of Request Letter to Transfer to another Branch:

In any office or workplace, there are lots of moving parts and the work of one employee is interconnected and dependent on the responsibilities of other employees and workers. Because of this and many other reasons, employers and supervisors usually don’t allow employees to shuffle in between the different branches and offices. Instead, if someone finds it impossible or difficult to work in a particular branch or if he finds working in another branch more convenient, they can request their supervisor to consider their transfer request.

In the transfer request letter, the employee explains why he wants to move to a different location and if there is anything in particular that is bothering him. By explaining the reasons, the employee makes it easier for the supervisor to understand their situation and help them by recommending the transfer to the HR department or higher management. You should understand that if you want to transfer to another branch because of a family issue or problem, it’s not certain that the HR department will agree with you. In this case, you need your supervisor or manager on your side who can convey your story to the higher management and help you win the situation. Sitting with your supervisor and explaining the situation to him is one option but it’s always better to write the formal letter and make the transfer request official.

Key Elements of a Request Letter to Transfer to another Branch:

  • Name and other details of the receiver
  • Details of the organization
  • Date and subject of the letter
  • Proper introduction of the employee
  • Explanation of the reasons for moving to a different branch
  • Enlisting the facilities, opportunities or benefits one can get after transfer
  • Formal request to transfer to another branch
  • Details of shifting the work to another employee during and after transaction
  • Ideal timeline or requested timeframe to finalize the details

Sample Request Letter to Transfer to another Branch


Patrick McCabe

Manager accounting

CC: HR department

Twin Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Date: 20th December, 2021


Subject: Request for transfer to another branch


Dear Sir,

With this letter, I am formally requesting you to consider my transfer from head office to twin tower branch. I am writing this letter to explain my situation and to allow you to understand why it’s important for me to move a different location.

I have been working here at this branch for the past 5 years and it’s very convenient for me to commute from office to home and home to office. Since last month, my mother is having health issues and she is all alone at her apartment. I tried asking my brother and sister to stay with her until I find a better solution but they have refused.

At this moment, her neighbor is taking care of her but she is not in a good shape either so I can’t rely on her for long term. I need to go and stay with my mother and take care of her. I am very well aware of the medical condition she has and in case of any emergency, I can attend her until she is attended by a doctor or a nurse.

The work I do at this branch is something that is not limited to here only but a part of it involves input from other branches as well including the twin tower branch. Luckily there is someone at that branch who has resigned last month and she will be leaving next week so there is a vacant spot there for me.

I am sure that you will understand my situation and will provide your support as always. I am surely going to miss working under your supervision and will remember you and thank you at every step of my career because of the knowledge I gained from you and the abilities you helped me to gain. If you accept my request, kindly contact the twin tower branch HR department and let them know about the transfer so they can complete the paper work as soon as possible.




Neil Patrick

Executive procurement officer

Twin Technologies Pvt Ltd.

explanation letter for not wearing uniform

Sample Explanation Letter for not Wearing Uniform

Companies around the globe have strict rules and regulations for the work environment. These are also known as work ethics and all employees are obliged to follow these rules. One of these rules is to wear a proper uniform while working on a job. Usually, when we talk about wearing a uniform, we are talking about blue-collar jobs i.e. manual work. For instance, in a production unit, machine operators wear blue color coats while supervisors wear white color overalls and cleaning staff wears green color coats.

When it comes to corporate jobs i.e. marketing, consulting, counseling, usually firms and corporations don’t ask their employees to wear a particular uniform but there is still a dress code i.e. suit and tie is a must or only wear black shoes, etc. Not wearing a proper uniform might be a serious issue for some supervisors so if an employee is seen without a uniform, he or she might be issued a show-cause warning letter. In return to the letter, the employee writes an explanation letter for not wearing a uniform on the job.

Importance of Explanation Letter for not Wearing Uniform:

Rules and regulations that are created and implemented for the betterment and safety of workers and employees are equal for everyone. It’s not like a lower-level worker can’t enter the office premises if he is not properly dressed while a senior manager can wear whatever he wants. One of the reasons that uniform code or dress code is strictly implemented in the workplace is to keep the environment and atmosphere professional. In many cases, it’s actually a requirement of the compliance auditor that all workers should be wearing specific color coats or overalls so anyone can distinguish between different levels of management.

If you were caught not wearing your uniform on the job, it’s not the matter of life and death. But, strict action might be taken against you to ensure you or anyone else won’t do it again in the future. Once you receive a notice or warning letter from HR or your supervisor asking for explanation of not wearing uniform, you have around 3-5 days to reply to the letter with an explanation letter. This explanation letter is an important part of this whole process because even if you have done something wrong, the employer has no right to terminate you without hearing your side of the story. To tell your side of the story, you write the explanation letter for not wearing uniform. Not only that it allows the other party to understand your situation but in some situations, it can also explain why it wasn’t ideal for you to wear your uniform on a particular occasion or why you should be given another chance.

Key elements of explanation letter for not wearing uniform:

  • Name and details of the recipient
  • Details of the company
  • Date
  • Subject
  • Details of the employee
  • Explanation of the situation
  • Apology for not complying with company regulations
  • Confirming that the mistake won’t happen again
  • Showing obligation to any consequences i.e. fine or penalty

Sample Explanation Letter for not Wearing Uniform


Simon Timothy

Manager HR

ABC Consulting Corporation

Date: 15th December, 2021


Subject: Explanation letter for not wearing uniform


Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you for properly explaining myself for not wearing uniform on 12th December, 2021. I received a show-cause notice from my supervisor and I was advised to contact the HR department with a proper explanation letter before any legal action is taken against me.


With all due respect, I would like to point out that this is the first time I have been in such a situation. I have been working at this company for past 3 years and not a single memory clicks when my supervisor had to call me to give me warning for anything. I take work ethics and company rules and regulations very seriously. After all this is where I belong and the company is responsible for providing for my family.


On that particular day when I got off of the subway, it was raining very heavily. I didn’t know it would rain that day so I left my umbrella at home. As soon I was out of the stations, before I could get into the cab, I was completely wet and my clothes were dripping water all over the car seat. The first thing I did after arriving at work is calling my cousin who lives nearby and asking him to bring me a shirt and pant.


I was well aware of the fact that I wasn’t wearing uniform and I tried to dry my clothes by hanging them in the men’s room but it wasn’t enough. In the evening when it was time to sign off, my clothes were still wet and I had to leave them in the rest room for a day or two.


With this letter, I am formally apologizing for my actions and I ensure you that this will never happen again. Please don’t think of this letter as any justification to prove that I had the right to not wear my uniform because of the circumstances but I am just explaining my side of the story and showing my gratitude towards you for letting me explain myself.



Joseph Timber

Junior machine operator

Division II, unit # 5

Explanation letter for drinking alcohol on duty

Sample Explanation Letter for Drinking Alcohol on Duty

Drinking is not illegal or prohibited in most of countries around the world but it’s still unethical or restricted to drink while operating a machine or during work hours in the office. Companies and organizations have strict rules and regulations where no employee is allowed to drink alcohol or consume any sort of material that can influence their mind and decision-making abilities. Still, it’s possible that every now and then; some employee is caught drinking while on duty.

In most cases, such employees are immediately terminated from their position while in some cases; the employee is given a chance to explain himself. This is a fundamental right of every human being to be able to express himself and explain his side of the story. Sometimes, things are not exactly what they appear on the surface, and finding the story behind an incident might change the understanding. The letter written by the employee who was caught drinking on the duty is known as the explanation letter for drinking alcohol on duty.

Importance of Explanation Letter for drinking alcohol on duty:

As explained above that if someone is caught to be working under influence, they are immediately fired from their position because not drinking or using drugs on duty is basically the first rule that a workplace has. If a supervisor or manager catches an employee drunk on duty, they have the right to terminate the employee but in some cases, this situation backfires when the disgruntled employee files a lawsuit against the employer.

In order to save yourself and your company from such a situation, employers and supervisors usually give a chance to the employee for explaining himself. This is typically done with an explanation letter where the employee confirms that he was in fact drunk and then he explains the reasons for drinking on the job and lastly, he apologizes and promises that it won’t happen again. Depending on the sincerity of the employee and the overall tone of the letter, it’s possible that the employer gives a warning to the employee and another chance to him to prove he is actually ashamed of his actions.

Key Elements to add in the Explanation Letter for drinking alcohol on duty:

  1. Explanation of the situation:
    This is the first part of the letter where the employee confirms that he in fact was drunk on duty and there is no confusion or false accusation from the employer. It’s possible that there is some reason for him to drink on the job and here he can explain that particular reason.
  2. Showing your regret:
    In the middle of the letter, the employee shows his gratitude for letting him explain himself and expresses his regrets. Here he explains how embarrassed he is because of his actions and the way he handled the situation.
  3. Confirming not to repeat the mistake:
    Here the employee again accepts that he intentionally made a mistake and apologizes for his actions. This part of the letter should be written with a polite tone where the words show the employee is actually ashamed of what he has done.
  4. Accept the consequences:
    This is the closure of the letter and here the employee expresses that he will accept any consequence or decision from the employer i.e. termination, demotion, fine or transfer to another department. Basically this is a way to say that the employee regrets his actions and will do whatever it takes to show that he will comply with rules and regulations in the future.


Sample Explanation Letter for Drinking Alcohol on Duty



Thomas Gilbert

Manager HR

Silicon Compliance Agency

Date: 23rd December, 2021


Subject: Explanation letter for drinking on duty


Dear Sir,


I am writing this letter in return to the show-cause notice issued by the HR department for finding me working under influence on 18th December, 2021. I am grateful for having this opportunity to actually tell you what happened and why I misbehaved.


I am confirming that it wasn’t the first time I had a drink while working in the office but it’s certainly the first time I was caught. I am not going to defend myself by finding an excuse to drink in the office because it’s still unethical no matter how bad the circumstances are.


Since last month, I am under a lot of stress both at work and at home. My father is in critical condition and he is admitted to the hospital where the doctors are not very hopeful that he will recover. During this time, my sister met with an accident on the road and broke her legs and she is on bed rest for the past 3 weeks. On top of that, I made a mistake in the office by routing a shipment to the wrong address. You can understand my mental condition when I have to deal with these problems at once and that led me to start drinking during office hours and calming myself a little.


Now that I think about the whole situation, I can confirm that the approach I took wasn’t a good one. I should have talked with someone to express my stress and depression instead of finding hope in alcohol.


I am really ashamed of what I have done and I am ready to express my regret in any way you want. If resigning from my job is what it takes to show you that I am feeling guilty about my actions, then I am certainly ready to do so. But, I would like you to consider this apology and give me another chance to prove that I am a good employee. If you find this acceptable and agree to give me another chance, I am ready to take counseling sessions both at work and at home to express my stress and control my depression in a healthy and acceptable way.


Thank you for your time and patience.



Joseph M. Riley

Assistant Manager IT

23rd December, 2021