College Recommendation Letter

University Recommendation Letter

When thousands of students apply in each high ranking university, the administration of the university has to make sure that they filter the less important applicants in the beginning of the process so that they can land on the best students that applied for the education. There are many ways to do so as each university has its own filtering process for the applicants but most or almost every of the high ranking university well receives the recommendation letters that the applicants send with their applications. A university recommendation letter is a letter written by the teacher discussing the qualities and potential of a student and recommending him or her for the educational program that they are going to apply in the near future.

Brief description of University Recommendation Letter:

Most of the universities around the world rely on the recommendations made from the teachers and professors of the applicants who apply for educational programs in the institute. This is a very easy way to assess the potential in the students and to make sure that the university only selects the best candidates for the programs. This way we can say that when a student applies for a program in a university with the recommendation letter(s) written by his or her teachers, they have an extra edge over the students that aren’t recommended by anyone from their high school or college.

In the University Recommendation Letter, the teacher introduces him or herself after mentioning the name of the student that they are recommending in the letter. After that, they discuss the qualities of the students that they observed while teaching the mentioned student in the class along with his progress in the session and the tests conducted in the class room. Another important thing the teacher mention in this recommendation letter is their personal assessment about the student. This assessment is purely observatory based on the behavior and progress of the student during the educational session but universities know that the assessment of a teacher is rarely false. This is why when they see a recommendation letter with excellent assessment remarks; they immediately know that this is one of the students they should consider for their program.

Sample University Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

Charles Wilmore is one of my students and I am writing this letter in order to recommend him for the business program that he has applied in your university. I am one of his teachers and I used to teach him literature. This is the reason that when he told us he wants to pursue his educational career in the field of English literature, I was the one he asked to write this recommendation letter.

Charlie is one of the best students that I have seen in my teaching career. He shows dedication to the studies. He has very good concentration power and he has the ability to learn very fast and better than most of the other students. This is why I never worried about him in the class and when the other students were struggling with the complicated literature lectures, he was the one explaining each and everything to them after school.

I hope these words are enough to get him in the line of the final candidates for the program in your university. I hope you will give him enough consideration and will consider my recommendation in order to make the final decision.

Full name and signature

College Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter for a Friend

If a person works in an office where he has personal relations i.e. friendship with his coworkers, he might ask them to write him a recommendation letter as a friend for the next employer that will consider hiring him. This letter serves additional benefits besides the common employment recommendation letter that is written by the employer or supervisor. This letter includes a personal touch from the writer as well as it also includes all the formalities required for a professional recommendation letter for a job hunt.

Brief Description of Recommendation Letter for a Friend:

In this letter, he will discuss how good you are at your job and how the other employers can benefit from your skills and abilities. With this letter, you can make sure that when you apply for a job, your application will not be thrown in the trash and the employer will give you fair consideration before moving to the next candidate. In most cases, the applicants attach the recommendation letters without any demand from the employer where in some cases, the recruiters include the condition in the job advertisement that the applicants are asked to attach their recommendation letters with the job applications. If the employer or recruiter has mentioned that the applicants have to attach their recommendation letters with the job application, you have to do it to but if he didn’t include any such condition in the job advertisement, it is completely up to you if you want to send the recommendation letter from your friend and former boss with the job application or not.

Sample Recommendation Letter for a Friend

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter as the recommendation for my friend Jackson Paul for the position of senior purchase manager in your company. You may feel that I have very good feelings about Jackson and its might be because of my friendship with him but you should know that I have worked with him for almost ten years and we both were in the purchase department working side by side with each other.

When you meet Jackson, it is really hard to see how good of a person he is but when you get to know him for a while, he will prove himself as one of the best employees and friends that anyone can have. You may wonder that if he is that good, why he is searching for a new job and the reason for that is because he had to leave his former position in my company because of the financial problems that his father faced. When his father called, he didn’t care for anything else but to be there for him in his hard time.

I can safely say that Jackson is the best employee a company and any employer can ever imagine. He will not only fulfill all of your assumptions and expectations but will prove to be the most useful asset for the organization. I hope you will consider my recommendation letter and will give him a fair chance.

Full name and signature

Sample Letter of Intent to Purchase a Business

When two parties start negotiating on buying or selling a business, it can take weeks and months to finalize the things and agree on mutual terms. During this time, each party has his fears that what would happen if the other party backs out of the negotiation and all the work done goes to the ground. In order to make sure that once negotiation is started, no party back out, all the parties involved in the deal sign a mutual document called the letter of intent to purchase a business. This letter is sent by the buyer to the seller and once the seller accepts the offer and agrees to negotiate, he signs the letter with approval.

Brief Description of Letter of Intent to Purchase a Business:

When we talk about the letter of intent to purchase a business, there is no legal value of this letter except if the letter includes a penalty for the party that may back out of the deal. For example, when the buyer sends this letter to the seller, he includes that if the seller leaves the deal in the middle of the negotiation, he will pay a certain amount to the buyer. This way the buyer saves the trouble of going through so much time and ending up with nothing. There are certain elements that are required to be included in the letter of intent to purchase a business. This includes the most important elements which is the price on which the buyer wants to buy the business. Next important thing is the duration of the negotiation which describes the time frame in which both the parties have to finalize the things between them.

Another important thing is to discuss the liabilities included with the business along with the assets that the seller will sell to the buyer. The last element is the written consent of the partners of the business. Once all the above mentioned elements are included in the letter, it is signed by the parties so that they can continue negotiation on the buying or selling terms for the business. Sometimes the buyers also include an additional term in the letter which is the penalty that the leaving party will pay to the other party.

Sample Letter of Intent to Purchase a Business

William Dane, CEO
Zebra international Investment organization
Los Angles, LA 837103


Toby K. Debar
Owner/CEO of Golf International
New York, NY 489410


Subject: letter of intent to purchase the business

Dear Mr. Debar,

I am writing this letter in order to present my intentions to buy your business. As you can understand that I have presented my offer to you and you have accepted it for the negotiation but it is very obvious that even if we make it quick, this process can take a while. That’s why I am writing this letter to show my intentions and asking you to accept it so that we can continue our negotiation for the purchase of your company. Please respond to this letter with your intentions within 10 days after receiving it.

Yours sincerely,

William Dane

Sample Resignation Demand Letter

There are various laws and government regulations preventing employers and organizations to terminate their employees without solid and proper reason and this is why when an employer decides to terminate an employee, all the necessary steps are taken with great care. Usually when an employer doesn’t want to create problems for him, the employee and the management of the company, he asks the employee with bad performance to leave the company and resign from his job voluntarily.

This is done by sending a formal notice to the employee explaining why the employer has taken this final step and why it’s important for the employee to resign from his job. It is very unlikely that after receiving such notice, an employee rejects it and decides to take legal steps against the employer. Mostly, when an employee receives such notice, he understands the factors that led to this situation and he agrees with it so that he can leave the company and start his career in some other organization without putting a bad example of his work history on the resume after being fired from the job.

Sample Resignation Demand Letter

Employer’s name:
Designation in company:
Company name:
Contact number:
Email address:

Subject: Resignation Demand Letter


Employee’s name:
Designation in company:
Department info:

Dear (Recipient’s name),

I am writing this formal letter to your in order to ask you to resign from your position voluntarily and I hope after reviewing the factors explained below, you will show respect for the management of this organization and resign from your position without creating further problem for our company.

I have received number of complaints from HR department and many employees in your department stating that you are not respectful to your subordinates and your performance is continuously dropping after your divorce last year. I can understand that it was quite a shock for you when your spouse decided to leave you but you should understand that it’s not very clever to put your job on jeopardy and do what you are doing for quite some time.

You were late on your job for at least 10-15 days each month. You stop taking care of yourself and didn’t notice that sometimes you come in office in the same clothes as the day before. Besides personal hygiene and being late, you were also disrespectful to your subordinates and many times you exchange very harsh words with your coworkers. Along with all these problems, the biggest problem was that your performance is down the hill for at least 8 months and despite of reminding you many times about this issue, you didn’t respond and this is the major fact that led to your termination.

You should understand that I am not your enemy and as you are working for this company for more than 5 years, I have a soft spot for you in my heart and because of that, I convinced the upper management not to fire you but to ask you to resign so you can take some time out and sort out your problems. You should understand that if you resign by yourself, it won’t make a difference on your resume unlike if you are terminated which will create more serious problems for you.

I hope you will understand the situation and accept this situation by resigning from your position in next 3-5 days.

Yours sincere,

Employer’s name:

Invitation Letter for Retirement Dinner Party

The formal notification or letter that is sent by the employee who is retiring from his job or from the human resources department to all the employees in the company is known as the invitation letter for retirement dinner party.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for Retirement Dinner Party:

This invitation letter is a very simple letter. You just need to mention the name of the employee who is retiring from the company and ask the receivers to join you and the retiring employee in the dinner party on a specific date that you need to mention in the letter. If you want to add a specific theme to the dinner party, you need to mention it too in the letter. Along with many other things, you should advice the guests or invited employees about what kind of gift they should bring for the retiring employee. If the retiring employee himself writes this invitation letter, he informs his fellow workers about his decision of retiring and invites them to a dinner party that he organized where on the other hand, if the company or the HR department sends this invitation letter to employees in the office, it is informing them about the employee who will retire soon and invites all of them to the dinner party for the retiring employee.

Sample Invitation Letter for Retirement Dinner Party

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to formally invite you to the retirement party of one of our most important and prolong employees Mr. Kiel B. Novak on the 25 July 2015. Mr. Novak joined excellent investment group almost 25 years ago when the CEO of this company Mr. Dorothy started it from scratch and Mr. Novak joined this company as a junior sales representative and over these years in this company, he moved up to one of the most important positions in this company, the post of senior strategic director. We can say that if it weren’t for Mr. Novak, it wasn’t possible for this company to succeed in such short period of time and I personally think that without him, I could took up 5-10 more years to reach the point where we stand at this moment.

I have worked with him for more than 10 years and in this time, he is nothing but a kind senior and mentor to me and I have to admit that his decision of leaving this company permanently has made me very sad. But, even if I have to do it with tears in my eyes, such a great man deserves a well organized good bye party. For that reason, I have organized a retirement dinner party for Mr. Novak so that we can spend couple of hours with him and share his stories with each other.

Kindly consider this letter as formal invitation for the dinner party. Also, please note that family of Mr. Novak will be at the party and we all have agreed to share an interesting story about him after the dinner so if you have something to say, please prepare it.

John Miller

Head of Human resources

Invitation Letter for Guest Speaker

When an organizer wants to invite a special person i.e. a scientist or a scholar to an event i.e. graduation ceremony, they are required to inform the guests prior to the actual event so that they can organize their schedule. The letter that is sent to the guests or the guest speaker for inviting them to an event i.e. conference is known as the invitation letter for guest speaker. With this letter, the organizer and the guest can understand the basic terms and guidelines of the event. As an organizer, if you want to invite a guest speaker in your event, you should send the invitation letter at least 6 months prior to the actual event date. This time is very important because most of the speaker i.e. scholars and scientists usually have full calendar so it is better to inform them and invite them months before the event.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for Guest Speaker:

You might think that the invitation letter for guest speaker is very complicated and it is not possible for everyone to write such a letter but in reality, this is just a simple letter. You may think of the guest speaker as something else but they are human too. You don’t need to do any extra effort with the invitation letter but just keep it simple and include the details that are vital for the guest speaker to know. For example, you need to mention the date of the event where you want the guest to give a speech, the venue of the event and expected duration of the event. You can either ask the guest to speak about his profession or accomplishments or you can also give him a specific guideline to talk in the speech but this happens very rarely and most of the guest speakers are given the choice to talk about whatever they want.

Sample Invitation Letter for Guest Speaker

Dr. Frank William

Supervisor of research

Environmental sciences

Virginia University

NY 87493, United States of America

Date: 08 July 2015


Subject: Invitation for speaking in the environmental conference


Dear Dr. William,

First of all, congratulations on your 5th book on environmental sciences and I must say that it’s a remarkable piece of effort and research. Please accept my gratitude for your efforts for the humanity and now, jumping to the key purpose of writing this letter, I want to officially invite you to the international conference of environmental studies in Barcelona on 25 August 2015. This is an international conference where the representatives from around the world will be present in the conference and discuss different aspects of present and future environment of planet earth. Along with other members and organizers of the conference, I would really appreciate if you can take some time out of your busy schedule and talk to the participants of the conference. I personally think that getting to know your personal reviews and understanding your research with your own words will be an outstanding benefit of this conference. I hope to hear from your very soon.

Yours sincere

Mark Lewinski

Head of research program

Cambridge University

United Kingdom