Invitation Letter for Grand Opening of a Mall

The formal invitation letter that is sent to residents of a city and executive or high profile citizens in order to invite them for inauguration of a shopping mall is known as the invitation letter for grand opening of a mall. In order to make the opening memorable and exciting, many of important people are also invited to the opening i.e. actors, actresses, local business owners, social workers and government officials and all of them are asked to join the owner of the mall for the inauguration of the business with this invitation letter.

Brief description of invitation letter for grand opening of a mall:

Some business owners and corporate professionals state that the success of a business along with its reputation and credibility in the market is decided with the inauguration or opening of the business. You can understand this by supposing that you heard of a new mall that has opened in your city or you are invited to the opening of a mall by the officials. With this, you can easily understand that you will feel more attached with the business that invited you and asked you to join them for the opening along with hundreds and thousands of other people. This is the reason that when a new shopping mall is about to open, the owner(s) invite high profile people to the inauguration such as actors, actresses, government officials, social workers or just elite class of the city.

With them confirming to attend the opening, the owners of the mall can announce this news in the local newspapers that these people will attend the opening and with this, they can give an open invitation to all the people in the city or area to the opening of the mall. Other than the common people or future customers, the high profile people that are invited to the opening are asked to attend the ceremony with this formal request or invitation letter. Maybe you think it’s a good idea to use customize invitation letters for the guests but it’s better if you use your company letterhead even if the business is not opened yet.

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Sample Invitation Letter for Grand Opening of a Mall

The president

The Angola Corporation

145, second avenue

New York, NY 452391


Dear Mr. Kiel,

As you know, you are our exclusive supplier for many years and we are really happy to conduct business with you. Over the years, our relationship has evolved from professionals to best friends and because of that, I am very happy to inform you that our company is opening a new franchise in the suburban area of New York and our company and I would like you to attend the opening of our new mall. I know you are a very busy person and you always have a very tight schedule but it will mean a lot to us if you can take a few hours and join us in the inauguration of our new shopping center.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Carmen

CEO, Value Mart

Sample Invitation Letter for Canada Immigration

If you want to immigrate or move to Canada on permanent basis or even if you want to attend a college for a couple of years in there, you need visa for entering in the country. Just like many other countries i.e. USA, UK and France, Canada also has very strict visa policies. It may take some time for getting visa and even if you can’t do anything about it, you can use a little side help to speed up the process a little bit. This includes getting a formal invitation letter from one of your friends or family members who is a citizen of Canada. If you attach this invitation letter with your visa application, it can save a lot of time for you along with a little trouble that you won’t need to go through.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for Canada Immigration:

If you want to go to Canada either for just a visit or you want to move there on permanent basis, you will need a little help from your friends or family members that are already living in Canada and have permanent Canadian citizenship. If you have someone in Canada that you can ask, ask them to write you an invitation letter for Canadian immigration. In this letter, the writer will include his or her details along with your details and discuss your purpose of visit along with many other things that you can easily find on Canadian immigration website.

There is no guaranty that such a letter will surely provide you Canadian visa but when there are thousands of applicants applying for Canadian visa every month, you should take every chance no matter how small it is. While asking your friends or relatives to write you this invitation letter, you should also ask them to scan the letter and email it to you. This is important because it is possible that you might not get the original letter in time or it’s lost in the delivery process and you end up waiting for another six months before the visa applications are allowed in the embassy.

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Sample invitation letter for Canada immigration

Hello Theodore,

It’s been some days that we have talked but last Sunday when you called me and told me that you are moving to Canada for study purposes, I was very happy to hear this news. You may find it odd but even if Canada is not that different from Switzerland, I find it very strange and even if I have many friends in here, I always wanted to meet someone from my homeland in this unfamiliar country and happily, you are moving here.

Canadian authorities are very strict about visa and they have very tough policies which mean it can take a while for you to get your visa application approved. Besides everything, there is something that I can do for you which is; to write you this formal invitation letter for Canada immigration. When you receive this letter, attach it with the visa application and I hope this invitation letter will help you to get the visa very soon. Take care and give my wishes to your family members.

Yours sincerely

Simon k. Durand

Birthday Invitation Letter

Sample Invitation Letter for a Business Meeting

The formal notification that is sent to the partners, directors, members of board of directors and the executive staff members for an upcoming meeting is known as the invitation letter for a business meeting. The key purpose of this invitation letter is to invite the participants in a formal way along with giving them time to schedule their timetable for the meeting and to prepare for the meeting by reviewing the agendas provided in the invitation letter.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for a Business Meeting:

You may think that if a company is owned by a single person, he is the only one who is running the business but in reality, even if there is no partner in a company, there are still some very important people that help the owner run the business. This includes the directors, executives and high level management staff. These are the people that actually develop strategies in order to run a company. This means that when the owner or owners in a company want to change something or take a very important decision, they are required to include these directors and executive employees in their decision.

This type of high profile decisions are taken in official business meetings and the participants of a business meeting are informed to join the owners or partners in the meeting with the formal invitation. This invitation is just like a letter where the organizer informs the receiver of the letter that he is officially invited to the meeting. Other than the formal invitation, this invitation letter also includes details of the meeting i.e. agendas to discuss, decision to make, problems or issues to understand. This is important because the directors and executive employees are given enough time to prepare for the meeting with giving them the agenda ahead of the actual meeting.

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Sample Invitation Letter for a Business Meeting

Mrs. Michele Keen

Managing Director/strategic partner

United Silicon Private LTD

Scranton PA, 98371

Date: 22 July 2015

Subject: Letter of Invitation for Quarterly Meeting

Dear Mrs. Keen,

As you can recall that last month another client of ours cancelled his order and this is the third time it happened. It’s not very good situation and certainly not the one that can be ignored. For finding out the actual causes behind this situation, finding solutions for it and preparing for the future, an immediate meeting is called by the managing director Mr. Peter.

This letter is sent to you in order to inform you about the upcoming meeting on 28 July 2015 regarding the cancelled orders from our UAE clients. Detailed agenda is included in the meeting for your convenience. Please go through it and prepare for the meeting. Names of the participants i.e. directors and partners who will attend the meeting are also included in the letter. Maybe there is not enough time to prepare for this surprise meeting but it’s the best we could do and you should use these few days to prepare for the meeting.

Yours sincere

Lora Raid, CEO

United Silicon Private LTD

Scranton PA, 98371

Letter of Intent to Purchase Property

Letter of Intent for College

It is pretty clear and very obvious that the students who want to enter in a college in order to continue their studies send a letter of intent for college. This letter of intent shows the intentions of the students who want to enter in a specific college and they let the administration of that college know about their decision of entering in a particular session in the college. This letter of intent for college when received by the administration of the college clears it that a student is wishing to enter in the college and asking the administration to consider him and allow him to enter in the college.

Brief Description of Letter of Intent for College:

As soon a student finishes his senior or high school diploma, it’s time to start searching for the colleges that offer the courses or subjects that he takes interest in and wants to continue his studies in. There can be a lot of colleges that offer the same courses and even if a student wants to attend the best of them, there are chances that he might not get into one that he wishes to enter in. This is where the letter of intent for college comes handy. There are no restrictions about a student sending letters of intent in multiple colleges and this is kind of a safety step that all the students should take.

As a student, you should conduct a research on the colleges that you want to enter and then you should send the letter of intent for college to the institutes that offer the courses of your choice. This way you can let the administrations of these colleges know that you are taking interest in their courses and you wish to attend the classes in there. This letter also serves the key purpose of showing your decision that you want the college administration to consider you for the course.

Sample Letter of Intent for College

June Alley
2094 Brooklyn
New York, NY 76503


Admission and enrolment department
Finlay College of modern technologies
Florida 059321


Subject: Letter of Intent for College

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to show my intentions to enter in your college for the modern laser technology course that I learnt about in a pamphlet distributed in my school.

I have recently finished my high school education and got my diploma and now it’s time to pursue my lifelong dream of studying in the modern technology and become a scientist so that I can work in NASA.

I have conducted my research on your college and I am very proud to say that this is one of the best and most prestigious colleges in the state and I would like to be considered for the enrolment in the next session in your college.

I have attached my credentials including my high school diploma, my recommendation letters from my teachers and principle and the formal application for the enrolment in your modern laser technology class. I hope you will give me a fair chance and let me discover my professional path with studying in your college.

Yours sincerely,
June Alley

College Recommendation Letter

Teacher Recommendation Letter

When a person is applying for a teaching job in a school, college or university and he or she wants to increase their chances for getting the job, they use teacher recommendation letters. A teacher recommendation letter is written on behalf of the applicant for the position by the teacher who taught the applicant in the past and now recommending him or her for the teacher’s job in a college or university. In this letter, the writer describes the personality of the applicant along with the skills and abilities that will help him or her on the job.

Brief Description of Teacher Recommendation Letter:

If you have completed your studies and now you want to apply for job as a teacher in a school, college or university, you should send a recommendation letter with the job application. This recommendation letter with describe you in the words of a teacher who once taught you and spent time with you. With the words used by the teacher in the recommendation letter, you can get one step closer to get the job that you want. You can ask your former teachers and professors to write a glowing recommendation letter for you specifically for the job of a teacher or you can also use the recommendation letters given by your teachers during your education years.

Sample Teacher Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in order to give my recommendation for John Gilmore for the position of English teacher in your school. I have spent more than enough time with John both when he was just a student in my school and again when I hired him as a substitute English teacher for 6 months. By reviewing the time spent with him, I can safely say that he is a great student and a great motivational speaker as a teacher.

I have this habit of visiting teachers in the class while they are teaching. This helps me analyze their abilities and evaluate them as the motivator for the students. This means that I have also visited John while he was giving lectures and by reviewing his method of teaching and how he continuously motivates students towards the subject, I am very sure that you and your students will like him a lot.

You may wonder why I don’t appoint him in my school and the reason for that is because he wants to work near his hometown so that he can visit his family on weekends without traveling too much around the states. This is something that you can provide him and I can’t. Other than that, there is nothing keeping me from keeping John in my school.

I can’t say that if you don’t go with John, you will make a mistake but I can say that you will miss to see an amazing person and a more amazing teacher. I hope with these words, you will consider him for the teaching position in your school and will give him a fair chance of winning this position.

Full name and signature

Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Scholarship Recommendation Letter

If you have applied for a scholarship in order to continue your studies in the college or university and you want to make sure that the selection committee considers your application fairly, you should send a recommendation letter with the scholarship application. You can ask your teachers or professors to write this letter on your behalf and in this letter, the teacher should talk about why he or she thinks you deserve the scholarship.

Brief Description of Scholarship Recommendation Letter:

The institutes that offer educational scholarships to the students, receive thousands of applications in the beginning of each session and as it’s not possible to accept all these applications, the committee that has the responsibility of selecting most eligible applicants, makes sure that they actually select the candidates who deserve the scholarship more than others and only the ones are selected who will use the scholarship in order to study in their relative fields. In order to get selected, the applicants use all kinds of methods including attaching recommendation letters from their teachers and professors.

As an applicant, you can send two types of recommendation letters for the scholarship; one that is a generic recommendation letter from your teacher appreciating your efforts and hard work in the studies and the other one that is specifically written for the scholarship purposes in which the teacher describes why you are the best candidate for the scholarship. Depending on the availability, you can send either of them.

Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Amanda Freeman who is a brilliant student of our institute. I am one of her teachers and I teach her Mathematics.

I have known Amanda for more than 2 years and as we are good friends along with being a student and a teacher, I know that her parents don’t have the resources to support her education and pay for the expensive college fees. This is the reason that when she told me she is thinking of leaving the college and start a career in order to save some money for the education, I was against her plan. In fact, I was the one who told her about the scholarship that she is applying at this time.

Besides being eligible for the criteria of this scholarship and deserving it, she is also a very bright student and one of the best academics that our school has seen in the past couple of years. It’s not like she is a geek and only focuses on the studies but she is the member and head of many departments in our school and I am very happy to state that no matter in what field she puts her feet, she is a winner everywhere.

I want to discuss more about Amanda but I am afraid, I won’t be stopping any time soon. I suppose the above written words are enough to fulfill the purpose of recommendation. With the hope that she will get a fair consideration from your side, I am going to close this letter.

Full name and signature

College Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter for Nursing School

When a nurse decides to resign from a hospital and wants to apply for the nursing job in another hospital or healthcare facility, a recommendation letter can help her to land on the job that she wants. If you are resigning from your job as a nurse, you should ask your supervisor or head nurse to write you a recommendation letter based on the time that you have spend in the hospital. This recommendation letter will help you during the process of applying and interviewing for the same or better job in another healthcare facility.

Brief Description of Recommendation Letter for Nursing School:

A nurse is a professional who works in harmony both with the patients and the doctors. This way we can say that a nurse is a vital and mandatory part of a healthcare facility i.e. hospital or private clinic. It is much better to work with the nurses that are working in the same healthcare facility for years as compared to the nurses that keep on coming and going for short period of time.

This means that the longer you keep nursing staff in your hospital, the more comfortable you get working with them and the more you can rely on their skills and abilities. Although it is better not to let go any of the nurses from your healthcare facility but even under any circumstance if a nurse wants to leave, he or she will require a recommendation letter from the hospital supervisor or head nurse as this letter will help them to land on another job in another hospital preferred by them.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Nursing School

To whom it may concern,

I am very happy to write this recommendation/reference letter for Michele Kelley who has applied in your hospital for the position of nurse in the cardiology department.

I have known Michele for more than 3 years because before she entered in our school, I was already friends with her because we share the same building. I have known her in my personal life as well as in the professional career when she was studying medicine in our school and I have to say that she is an amazing human being as well as a very brilliant and intelligent student.

I remember that during the studies, she used to come to me after the classes and we used to discuss different elements and perspectives of medicine and healthcare for hours. Being a teacher, I am used to see extraordinary potential in students every now and then but with Michele, it’s something very interesting and uncommon. You can discuss whatever you want with her and you won’t notice how many hours have passed.

When she told me that she had decided to apply for the job of nurse in your hospital, I was very happy for her. Before she could ask me, I offered her to write a glowing recommendation letter. I hope you will sincerely consider the words I have said above about Michele and will give her a fair chance of winning this position.

Full name and signature

Letter of Intent to Purchase Property

Sample Letter of Intent to Purchase Property

Buying real estate property is a very long and complicated process in which the parties can spend days or even weeks before mutually agreeing to the terms and conditions of the purchase or sale. In order to make sure that when a buyer gives an offer to the seller about buying his property, no party will back out of the deal after they start the negotiation, the buyer is asked to send an intention letter to the seller in which he includes his intention of buying the property. This letter is known as the letter of intent to purchase property.

Brief Description of Letter of Intent to Purchase Property:

In the purchase or sale of real estate property, it is very important that you take every step very carefully and always keep record of all the deals and negotiation between you and the other party. When a seller accepts the offer from the buyer and starts the negotiation for the sale of the property, it is really important for the buyer to document all the communication with the other party. This way if either party backs out of the deal, the other party has the legal right to take legal action against him. The letter of intent to purchase property is used in the process of selling or buying real estate property from an individual or a company. Once the buyer sends this letter to the seller and the seller accepts it, they start the negotiation and with the presence of this letter, the seller has the legal responsibility of not talking to any other party until the buyer claims the negotiation as failed.

Sample Letter of Intent to Purchase Property

Thomas talker,
549 Broadway 1st street
New York, NY 534144


Michael Ferguson
758 5th avenue
New York, NY 421898


Subject: Letter of Intent to Purchase Property

Dear Mr. Ferguson,

I am writing this letter of intent in order to inform you about my intentions about buying your house located at the above address in which you are currently living with your family. I have visited the property a couple of times and I and my wife have liked it a lot.

Buying real estate property is not a play and both parties have to take their time and consider all the options and possibilities. This means that after I give an offer to you, if you decide to negotiate with me on the terms and conditions of selling the property, it will take some time and I don’t want to waste your time or mine. This is why I am sending you this letter of intent to buy your property so that once you agree to negotiate the terms with me; no party will back out of the deal after a fair amount of time spent on the negotiation.

In the attached document with this letter, I have included all the details of the property. You should take your time and review the details so that you can decide if you want to start the negotiation with me or not. Kindly inform me about your decision as soon you receive this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas talker

Letter of Intent to Vacate

Sample Letter of Intent to Retire

When an employee especially a very important employee i.e. director or manager in a company wants to resign from his job because he wants to retire, he is asked to inform the management about his intentions before finalizing anything or making any hard turns. The letter of intent to retire is used for this purpose. The employee, who is thinking of retiring, sends this letter to the management of this company and informs them that soon he will be leaving for good.

Brief Description of letter of Intent to Retire:

In most cases when an employee or a worker in a company wants to retire from his job, he sends a simple resignation letter to his employer and asks him to accept the resignation. On the contrary, when a very important person wants to retire from his job i.e. a director or general manager, he has the responsibility and obligation to inform the management about his intentions before he finalize anything i.e. date on which he wants to retire fully. This way he can inform the management ahead of time so that they can prepare for the changes coming in the company. On one hand, this letter gives the management enough time for finding and hiring replacement of the employee who wants to retire where on the other hand, this letter also allows the management of the company to negotiate with the retiring employee in order to see if they can make him stay or not.

Sample Letter of Intent to Retire

Jason Smith
Production manager
Virginia head office


Jane Wilson

Manager recruitment and HR department

Global manufacturing company
Scranton, 818174


Subject: letter of Intent to Retire

Dear Mrs. Wilson,

I am writing this letter in order to inform you that I have decided to retire from my position as the production manager in this company and with this letter; I am giving you my 2 months notice.

I have worked in this company practically for entire my life and even if it hurts me to make the decision of leaving this company, I don’t have any other choice. I am getting very old and it’s getting hard for me to concentrate on the responsibilities of this job with my full potential. Also, my physical health is not in very good shape either and doctors have advised me to rest for at least 6-8 months. Another element of making this decision is that I have spent my entire life working full time and now it’s time that I spend more time with my family especially my grandchildren.

I hope you will understand my situation will accept this letter and will respect my decision. I have given you 2 months notice which means that you have more than enough time to hire a replacement for my position. I am also offering you my services for the training and development of my replacement as the new production manager. As soon you hire the replacement, you will receive my formal resignation due to retirement letter.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Smith

Letter of Intent to Vacate

Sample Letter of Intent to Vacate

When a tenant wants to leave a place i.e. an apartment because he is moving to another place in the same city or he is going to another city for employment purposes, he is legally required and obligated by the law and the rental agreement or lease to inform the landlord or building manager about his intentions prior to a certain time period i.e. 1 week, 15 days or 1 month. The letter that a tenant sends to the landlord in order to inform him about his intention to vacate is known as the letter of intent to vacate.

Brief Description of Letter of Intent to Vacate:

When a landlord hires a tenant on his property either residential or commercial, they sign a lease or rental agreement together. With this agreement, the landlord can’t ask the tenant to vacate before the lease expires and the tenant is obligated to inform the landlord at least 1 month prior to vacating the property. This time is very important and clearly mentioned in the lease or rental agreement. The landlords use the notice time to find another tenant for the property, arrange for the security deposit and hire maintenance services for the apartment so that it is ready for the next tenant. Once the tenant decides that he wants to leave a rented property, he can’t just inform the landlord and move the next day but he has to send a formal notification i.e. letter of intent to vacate to the landlord in order to inform him about his decision and to give him enough time to find another tenant and arrange for the security deposit.

Sample Letter of Intent to Vacate

Tiffany Charles
Apartment 29, 2nd avenue
New York, NY 019473
Contact number: 097159106141


Jonathan Hill,
Manager building


Subject: letter of intent to vacate

Dear Mr. Jonathan,

I am writing this letter to you in order to inform you that I have decided to vacate this apartment. I am going to vacate the apartment exactly 30 days after you receive this notice which means that I will be leaving on the 28th of the next month. I have attached the document with me new address on which you can contact me in case of any question after I vacate the premises.

As per the rental agreement, I was asked to inform you at least 30 days before leaving this apartment and as you can see the time frame I mentioned above, I have fulfilled this requirement. Kindly visit the apartment as soon as possible so that you can see if there is any damage for which you will need to deduct money from the security deposit. This is important because I will need the security deposit back before I leave this place and move to my new apartment in Manhattan. As per my opinion, there is no damage to the apartment which means I should receive the security deposit in full. If you have any question or something to ask, please don’t hesitate to contact me on the given number.

Yours sincerely,

Tiffany Charles