When an employee decides to leave a company as he has found a better job in another company, he is legally required to inform his employer about his decision and send him a resignation letter along with mentioning notice period. After receiving the resignation letter and reviewing the service agreement, it depends on the employer and each particular situation if the employer accepts the resignation letter or rejects it. In either case, the employer is also required to send a formal notification to the employee about his decision of accepting or rejecting the resignation letter.

Resignation acceptance letter is a simple and formal notification letter that is sent by the employer or the management of an organization to the employee who has decided to leave the company and sent his resignation. Unlike the resignation letter sent by the employee, acceptance letter is made short and precise and it only includes couple of sentences about the fact that the employer has accepted the resignation of an employee. On the other hand, if the employer decides to reject the resignation under particular circumstances, he is required to notify the employee about his decision in a briefly manner. In the rejection letter, the employer will have to explain the causes and reasons of not accepting the resignation letter and ask the employee to fulfill the criteria for leaving his job before he can ask the employer to accept his resignation letter.

Sample Resignation Acceptance Letter

Employer’s name:
Designation in company:
Company name:
Contact number:
Email address:

Subject: resignation acceptance notification


Employee’s name:
Designation in company:
Department info:

Dear (Recipient’s name),

I received your resignation letter yesterday and I am writing this formal notification to let you know that I have decided to accept your resignation and let you move on to another company.

Besides informing you about my decision of accepting your resignation, I am writing this letter to point out some factors related to the resignation. First of all, as you can recall that you signed a service agreement with this company when you were hired and by this agreement, you are required to provide at least 2 weeks of notice period to the management so that we can find substitute for your position and I appreciate that you have given us 3 weeks of notice period and it is enough for us to find a candidate for your designation.

You are also required by the service agreement that if a substitute is hired for your position within the notice period, you will work with him and assist him to understand responsibilities of your position. You will also help him to explain the company rules and regulation along with introducing him to the clients and explain the currently ongoing projects in the company.

I hope that when you receive this letter and review the agreement you signed with us, you will agree with the terms and conditions mentioned above and help us to fill the space that you will leave after resigning from your position.

Yours sincere,

Employer’s name:

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