When an individual or a company wants to get a vehicle especially a car on lease from a bank, they are required to make a formal request to the bank or leasing company asking for the car lease. The letter that is written to the bank by the client to make this formal request is known as the application letter for car lease. There are many elements added in this application letter but the most important elements include the type of car, amount of lease, amount of monthly installment, interest rate and duration of lease completion.

Brief description of application letter for car lease:

There are times when an individual or a company wants to own a car but they can’t buy a new car with full cash due to some reasons. It can be because the customer doesn’t have enough cash in hand to buy the car or just doesn’t want to spend that much on the purchase at once. As a substitute, the people who want to own a car contact a bank or leasing company and ask for a car lease. This is a process in which the bank gives the car to the client and gets monthly installments from the client. By the time of lease completion, the car is transferred to the owner or leaser of the car. This process starts when the client or customer makes a formal request to the bank or leasing company asking for the car lease. This is the same request letter that we are discussing here.

Every customer has his own needs and requirements and according to these requirements, different elements are discussed in this application letter by the client but most commonly the customer discuss the type of car they want, the lease capital amount, monthly installment amount and duration in which the lease will be completed and the car will be transferred to the customer. Once the bank or the leasing company receives the letter, they enlist the leasing offers or plans that are suitable according to the requirements of each particular client and these details are then discussed with the client in order to negotiate the terms and conditions of the lease.

Sample Application Letter for Car Lease

To: Senior Manager

Leasing department

Capital National bank, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: car lease issuance

Date: 1 February 2015

Dear Sir,

I am a regular client of your bank with the account number given below. I am running this savings account for more than 1 year and during this time; we have established a good relationship. Now, I need a car on lease and I can’t think of any better bank than yours. So here I am writing this formal request letter for the car lease.

I have attached the required documents with the letter along with the details of the car and lease that will be suitable for me.

I hope you will consider my request as soon as possible and start the process. Please let me know if there is anything else required.


Ryan Jiggers

Account number: 58-1057-105789-104-8757


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