When an individual or a company asks a mortgage company for loan or mortgage loan, they are required to submit various types of documents and papers related to the loan and its insurance. These documents are known as the enclosed documents for mortgage loan. In order to continue the process of mortgage loan, the client is required to submit the enclosed documents within the deadline provided by the mortgage company. The letter to mortgage company for submitting enclosed documents is the formal letter used by the clients to submit the documents and it’s either submitted via mail or delivered to the concerned employee in the company personally by the loaner.

Brief description of letter to mortgage company for submitting enclosed documents:

As an individual or a business owner, if you want to get a mortgage loan from a bank or a loan firm, there are certain things that you will be asked to do i.e. introducing a guarantor and submitting required documents about your bank accounts and cash flow in your business. These documents are known as the enclosed documents for mortgage loan procedures and they are required by every bank and loan firm in order to make sure that you make enough money so that you will pay the loan back and make the installments on time. The letter that we are discussing here is the official letter sent by the clients to the mortgage companies including the enclosed documents required by the firm.

Most of the time, this letter is delivered to the company via mail but if it’s convenient for the client, he can also deliver the letter personally. This way he can also make sure that he has submitted all the required documents and there is nothing missing that he will be asked to provide again. The content of this letter is quite simple and it only includes a few sentences informing the receiver that the required documents are attached with the letter along with a list of the documents in the content of the letter too. This way the receiver of the letter can make sure that all the enlisted documents are attached with the letter and nothing’s missing.

Sample Letter to Mortgage Company for Submitting Enclosed Documents

To: senior manager

ABC Mortgage Company, main branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: submission of enclosed documents

Date: 23 January 2015

Dear Sir,

As you requested last week, I am submitting all the required documents to continue my mortgage loan application process. I received a list from your loan officer telling me which documents I need to enclose and I have gathered and attached all those documents and papers with this letter.

I have made the list of the documents that you can also find with the letter to verify that everything is in order and nothing’s missing. If there is anything else that I need to do, please let me know.

I hope you will process me loan application as soon as possible.


Max Derby

Account number: 7643-2975374-1984861


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