Proposal Acceptance Letter

Proposal Acceptance Letter is a formal business letter which is written by a department inside or outside the organization to let someone know that his or her proposal has been accepted and the department wants to know more about the details of the project. This is a routine letter in business world and written in a very formal way because it also serves as an official document and proof that the department has accepted your proposal. For example when a department inside the company wants to start a new project to change the process of an ongoing project, the department head is required to send a proposal letter to the administration or management of the company who then consider it for a while, research on its outcomes and possible faults and then if they think it’s a beneficial project, they accept it and send back a letter to tell that department head that his proposal has been accepted and they are permitted to start the project.

Writing Proposal Acceptance Letter

Also when a person wants to do business with your firm or wants to make a deal or transaction of goods or something, he sends you a proposal letter in which he explains this deal and the profit or benefits you will get and once you are satisfied, you give him your feedback in form of an acceptance letter and ask him to sign the deal.

Unlike other letters, this letter is only written from a superior person to his employees or juniors because only a superior person can decide whether to accept the proposal or reject it. Companies work on a formula that it’s better to have to heads on a project than one and better to have three than two which means the more thinkers are here, the better the project will be. That’s why companies always welcome proposal letters from their own employees and outside visitors who don’t work for them but have good business proposals. After getting these proposals, these companies respond as quick as possible to show that person that he is very important so does his views. Quick response or sending a acceptance letter soon is very important to have long term relations with customers or proposal presenters which may be your employees outside parties.

General Guidelines to write a Proposal Acceptance Letter:

  • It’s an official letter and written on daily basis in most of the companies so it’s better if it’s written on company letterhead instead of handwriting it. This way the letter will be more formal and receiver will take it more seriously.
  • Use a proper salutation at the start to address the reader in the letter such as “Mr. Nelson” or “Miss Catherine”.
  • Before coming to the actual point it’s better to write a few words to appreciate that person’s effort that he took some time to think of this proposal and sent the idea to your company which is very thoughtful.
  • After that you tell him that his proposal has been accepted by the company directors and they want to work with him on this project. If there are any faults or mistakes in the proposal you mention them here and a general idea for him to correct these errors.
  • If you want him to agree with you on some conditions, you mention the condition here in detail so that he will have a clear idea about the future of him and his proposal in the company. This way he also decided whether he wants to do this project on the given conditions or want to change anything.
  • Finish the letter with a thank you note just to tell them that you are very glad that you two are going to work together and you are looking forward to that time.

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