Sample Grievance Letter

Grievance letter is like a complaint letter which is written to the employer, head of the department or the owner of the company about dissatisfaction, on job problems, misbehavior of an employer or employee or sexual harassment by an employee. This is a formal letter and a routine work in business world. Most organizations deal with this type of letters on daily basis where they take effective actions and eliminate that employee’s problems and dissatisfaction. If an employee feels that one of his employer or head of the department doesn’t give him respect that he deserves or some other employee at the work misbehaving with him, he is immediately asked to file a report to the management. Management then form a committee which investigate the whole matter and presents a conclusion is the complainer is right or wrong and if he or she is actually having problems or not. When a lot of people with different ages, genders, religions and colors work together in a workplace, they are supposed to have misunderstandings and disputes among each other and it’s totally normal if they any of them can’t stand the other one. At that moment if the issue between then is not resolved, this problem affects the whole organization and its progress so it’s a immediate duty of the supervisor to take notice of that problem and try to solve it as soon as possible.

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Grievance Letter

Some of these disputes and problems are little and harmless like if someone has ate you lunch, you tell that to your supervisor who then warn all the workers to not to do this type of thing again and as a punishment to the convicted person, he asked him to give money to the victim so that he can buy a sandwich or a hamburger. But there are some problems that are quite serious and affect the whole organization and force other people to take a second and think about it. Problems such as sexual harassment are very serious and sometimes can ruin the whole career of a person. When men and women work together under one roof, it’s possible that they have issues and misunderstanding which sometimes comes out in form of sexual harassment cases. These cases are often filed by female employees against one of their teammate or their employer. When a female worker realizes that his employer is taking advantage of his gender and wants her to do a little more for him, she is immediately required to file a complaint against him by sending out a grievance letter to the administration. Unlike other disputes and issues, this particular issue can take as much time as months and even a year because once the grievance letter has received, it’s now a problem of the court and law enforcement agencies to investigate the whole incident.

General guidelines to write a grievance letter:

  • The first and most important thing is to analyze the whole incident carefully and think if it’s a genuine case and it’s not result of a big misunderstanding. Such as in case of a sexual harassment complaint, you better realize if that person really came on to you or was he drunk at that time and unconscious. Once that thing is clear, you can write the letter.
  • Also you have to realize that what the seriousness of the matter is. If someone just used a bad word, you can’t blame him that he actually assaulted you or if someone just tried to hug you, you can’t say he was going to rape you.
  • Start the letter and without any useless or unnecessary information or irrelevant detail. Straightly come to the point and discuss the problem in detail. Explain it as much as possible and don’t miss anything which means you have to add everything which is relevant.
  • If you have hired a lawyer, discuss that here and if you didn’t, ask for a lawyer too and the company will get one for you.
  • At the end provide a few suggestions to solve the matter or a way of settlement which will help both of you to get over this problem in no time.

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