Sample Sales Letter

Sales letter is an official document which is sent by businesses or companies to individuals to introduce their products and services to customers and general markets. This is a formal letter which is mostly written on company letterhead and sent to a number of customers. This is a standard procedure in the present world where companies advertise their new product in the market and use this letter process as an advertisement procedure to let people know that you have introduced a new product in the market which has these benefits and advantages over same products by other manufacturers. Usually this letter starts a statement in which the writer addresses to the reader about a specific problem and presents the product as its solution. Most readers quickly understand in the beginning of the letter that it’s an advertisement so it’s important that you immediately discuss your sales pitch after a short introduction so the reader doesn’t ignore it. The key idea of such a letters is to tell a person something that he wants to hear.

Although a huge number of people don’t trust this type of advertisement processes but in a past few years, this procedure has proved very helpful to increase the sale. Not a lot of people know that the main theme of a sales letter is to convince the reader to see a demonstration of the product not to force him to actually buy the product. Once the reader is agreed to see a demo to realize the characteristics and qualities of the product, it’s up to the sales representative who tells them just the things they want to see. This way the salesman makes them realize that this is the solution to their problems and no other product has as many benefits as this one.

General Guidelines to write a Sales Letter:

  • Don’t write the letter as a business owner but write it as a reader. Add the things that you will be interested to read about as a reader and this way you tell what customer wants to know not the things you want to tell them.
  • Start the letter with an introduction where you introduce yourself and your company briefly. This is the first thing that the reader will see so make it interesting enough to catch his attention.
  • After that add a body where you tell everything about the products or services you are offering and special discounts that the customer will get if he contacts within the next 24 hour or one week.
  • After that you add a short paragraph about the advantages or benefits a person will have if he buys from your company. Here you also tell them about the sales policies which will be beneficial for you in the long term relationships.
  • There is no need to use difficult words or complicated sentences just to influence the reader because the minute the reader thinks it boring; he loses interest in the letter.
  • At the end, add a few lines of what you are offering more than any other company in the market and what characteristics your products have unlike other same products by other manufacturers.
  • Close the letter with a greeting note such as “Sincerely yours” or “Regards”.

Sample Sales Letter

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Sample Sales Letter

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