Sample Transmittal Letter

A Transmittal Letter can be called as letter of transmittal. This business documents is meant to introduce another document attached with it, such as a proposal, a report or a draft. Mainly transmittal letter contains information about accompaniment, but that is not necessary. The information could be different, than what is part of accompanying document. The contents of a transmittal letter are providing the recipient with information, about intent of second document. The main points are in the documents underneath it. As they are detailed information about functions, features, considerations, and significance of the transmittal letter.

The writers use this document to provide names of accompanying documents, and the information about its purpose. To satisfy the purpose, this business document is used as an introductory page that accompanies the original document. People define its role as a smart document, as it serves the best demonstration the writer wishes to maintain contact with recipient’s for future engagements. As a transmittal letter, is a business letter, therefore its format is professional.

How to write a Transmittal Letter?

As far as confidential information goes, a transmittal letter can contain classified information. It could be about report or other documents, it could be a password of a protected file. This is only used for electric documents. Furthermore, it is an effective way of communication, and is used to draw recipient’s attention toward information provided in documents.

In exact words, a transmittal letter is a short document which is used to introduce accompaniment in different ways. It can either be in tabular form or like a simple letter. The information in a transmittal letter may communicate how the information for report or second document was gathered, and who were the people involved in this project. If you like, it can further indicate the reader to give essential feedback, for example, you may ask the recipient to read the document, and write a comment in the end.

Keep in mind that the transmittal letter is not meant for technical or detailed information. A simple, friendly and brief letter attracts the reader, and grabs attention more easily then a complicated document. You must make sure to include one’s detailed contact information in this document.

The main contents that a letter of transmittal will include:

Introduction is required with names, and addresses of persons receiving. With accompanying documents, names and address of sender, name of the accompanying documents, and other relevant information. When writing, keep in mind that the body paragraph is critical. You only have to include information about methods used to gather the information, presented in the attached document. The last paragraph will be of conclusion, or call to action. You must write clearly about what type of responses you expect from readers.

Try to go over the written letter a few times, to spot mistakes. Another common mistake people make is that t they physically attach accompanying documents with the transmittal letter. You have to treat it as a separate entity, and that may be placed on top of the accompanying document.

Sample Transmittal Letter

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Transmittal Letter

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